Foal Friday: Still Solo

Circumstances (weather plus breeding schedule – the mares are cycling fast and furious now, lots and lots of lab work to be done!) have prevented Pippa and Patrick from being turned out together yet, so we don’t have any super cute baby duo photos to share this week. Hooooopefully next week! But we do still have some super cute pictures of each foal, so how’s that for a consolation prize?

a little Patticakes face!

Luckily these pics were taken before Patrick had a slight miscalculation in his stopping distance with relation to the fence… he’s now missing a huge chunk out of his star. Whoops. Those darn legs are still hard to figure out sometimes.

still a baby spider, in the cutest possible way

He’s gonna have an adorable face I think though. Well, uh… when his star grows back anyway. Y’all will see what I mean next week.

His ears remain super entertaining and floppy though, which really just add to his extreme adorableness.

the ears flop up…
and the ears flop down

You know you want to just stuff him in your pocket and take him home, and honestly he’d probably like that. He’s a momma’s boy type, for sure, and seems like he’ll be a bit of a squishable attention hound like his sire.

love momma

Pippa, on the other hand, is… not anything like that. She is a fiery little thing, very confident and sure that she knows everything already, Peyton’s opinion be damned. She might be right.

prance prance prance

She’s got all 3 phases of eventing down pat already I think. No assistance required, Pippa’s a pro.

While her personality might be nothing like Patty’s, she’s still just as cute as he is. He’s got that “put him in your pocket” cuteness, while she’s got that elegant filly -lots-of-TB-blood typiness going for her.

that look is something else

Not to say that she’s elegant and beautiful all the time, though. I mean… she’s still a baby horse.


She’s also very curious about new or interesting things. She must know what everything is and how it works. Like her discovery of the sprinkler, for instance.

what are you?

When in doubt, try to eat it. Not a bad life motto to have, really.

Chanel is also waddling around looking like a beached whale, she’s 329 days today and looks like she might legit pop. Hopefully not too much longer til baby #3! In the meantime, we’ll work on a playdate for Pippa and Patticakes so that we can get the ultimate cute factor happening with their powers combined. Stay tuned!

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