2021 Baby Bets Contest

Insert some EDM and cue the lights because IT IS TIME for the best part of the entire year – foaling season!

This year we’ve got seven, yes SEVEN, foals due at Willow Tree Warmbloods. The biggest foal crop ever, and extra exciting with two sets of full siblings coming via embryo transfer. It will be fun to see how they compare.

First and foremost lets get to the good stuff: prizes. This year we decided to make it easy and offer a $100 e-gift card to the winner, and you can choose whether you would like for it to be from Corro or Riding Warehouse. Yup, somebody will get a hundred bucks just for guessing the stats on some cute baby horses.

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he’s enjoying the EDM

We’ll do the rules just like always. All you have to do is exercise those psychic powers and comment here with your guesses for the following, for each foal:

  • Foaling Date
  • Foaling Time (doesn’t have to be to the minute accurate, just to the hour is fine – ie 2AM. If it happens anytime in the 2AM hour, you get the points.)
  • Gender
  • Color
  • Face Markings (star, stripe, star/snip, none, etc)
  • Leg Markings (again doesn’t really have to be as specific as sock vs stocking or whatever – “one sock”, “none”, “four socks”, etc will work. I’m looking for how many.)

So your submission should look something like this for each mare (feel free to copy my format to make it easier):

  1. Peyton: 3/30 7AM bay colt, star, two socks
  2. Daisy: 3/25 8AM bay dun colt, star, one sock
  3. ChanelSurrogate: 4/22 12AM bay filly, stripe, two socks
  4. Chanel: 5/1 10PM chestnut colt, blaze, four socks
  5. Stormie: 5/11 6AM grulla filly, stripe, one sock
  6. LissaSurrogate1: 5/12 5AM bay filly with a star and no socks
  7. LissaSurrogate2: 6/1 7AM bay colt with a star/snip and two socks

But filled in with your actual guesses, of course. Everything you guess correctly will earn points. 10 points each for foaling date and time, and then 5 points each for gender, color, face markings, and leg markings… each foal can potentially net you up to 40 points. So even if you get a few things wrong, there are still ways to rack up the points you need to win. If there are any ties, I’ll put them all in a hat and get Michelle to pick a winner.

Submit your entries via a comment here on this post or you can message them to me on the blog’s facebook page. Just PLEASE make sure you leave a link or an email address or your full name in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

The “Due dates” I’ve listed are based on the average 340 days gestation, but keep in mind that average gestation can be anywhere from 320ish to 360ish. I’ve included pictures of both parents and whatever info is important so you can make your best guesses.

Peyton x Leprince des Bois

Last year was Peyton’s first foal and she went at 344 days gestation but if we’re working off of the average of 340 days then that would be 3/28. As far as color genetics, both parents are obviously fairly plain bay, but they also both carry the red gene (and we know that Peyton produced a chromey chestnut last year from a fairly plain bay stallion). For those who want to get really specific, Peyton’s genetic color panel is Aa/Ee (psssst… here’s a foal color calculator if you want to look at the % chances for each color with each pairing) and she carries a W20 gene for white markings which may or may not get passed on.

Daisy x Usandro Tilia Derlenn

Last year Daisy foaled at 328 days, but 340 days would put her “due date” at 4/4. The color possibilities with this one are a little more fun – Daisy is a grulla with a color panel of aa/Ee D/D. Usandro is bay/brown and EE. The only options are bay dun or grulla since Daisy is homozygous dun and Usandro can only produce a bay or black base coat.

ChanelSurrogate x Faustino de Tili

We don’t know the foaling history of the mare (Lark) that’s carrying the first Chanel x Frosty foal, so that’s anybody’s guess. 340 days would be 4/19. Chanel’s color panel is AA/ee and she has two copies of W20, which can sometimes express as more white markings (but obviously not always). Frosty is gray and we think he was born bay. He does have a red gene since his dam was red. Since gray is at play here I’m looking for guesses about the base color only (bay or chestnut).

Chanel x Faustino de Tili

Chanel has had a couple foals in Europe (foal one looks like this, foal two looks like this) but we don’t know any specifics about her foaling history so again it’s anybody’s guess. 340 days would be 5/4. Since this one is a full sibling to the above foal, all the other info is the same. Will they look alike?

Stormie x Usandro Tilia Derlenn

Stormie’s 340 days is 5/16, although with her last two foals she went a few days early. Stormie was originally grulla and turned gray, with a color panel of aa/Ee/Gg/Dd. Usandro is bay/brown and EE. Again since gray is at play here I’m looking for guesses about the base color only.

Lissa Surrogate One x Utrillo vd Heffinck

We don’t know the foaling history of the mare (Ginger) that’s carrying the first Lissa x Utrillo foal, so that’s anybody’s guess. 340 days for her would be 5/20. Lissa’s color panel is AA/Ee. Utrillo obviously is gray and we think he was born bay. Since gray is at play here I’m looking for guesses about the base color only.

Lissa Surrogate Two x Utrillo vd Heffinck

Pretty much exactly the same story as above except the surrogate’s name is Blazen and her 340 days would be 6/11.

I’ll leave entries open through 3/15, so that gives you 2 weeks to get your guesses in! The contest winner will be calculated and announced after the last foal is born. Obviously I have no idea exactly when that’ll be, hopefully early June, so you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Glass Case of Emotion

Man… how are we back at Monday already? That did not feel like a particularly restful weekend, mostly because I was riding an emotional rollercoaster following along (ok, and weighing in sometimes) with all the discussion about this new MER rule, and the revision, and then the arguments about the revision, and then more details about how this all came about in the first place. Frustrated, disappointed, resigned, irritated, discouraged, disconnected, discarded… a lot of dis-.

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I mean it makes sense that a lot of us are so emotional about this, because the potential implications are huge and we all feel passionate about the sport we love. To many of us outside of the east coast it looks like a Mt Everest that has been plopped directly in our path. Anyway, I read a lot of great things and I read a lot of extremely disappointing things, but I filled out the survey at least so… I guess we’ll see how the dominoes fall. All I know for sure is that if I see one more east coast pro rider say “ThAt’S wHaT mOdIfiEd iS fOr” I’m going to have an aneurysm. The Modified division pretty much does not exist outside of the east coast so that’s a useless statement. I’d have to drive 14 hours each way to get to the closest available one. Welcome to one of the challenges of not living in area 2 or 3. Want to help make the T to P move-up safer? Instead of making us burn up our horses with endless travel and a million T runs, organize a push to help make Modified available in every area. I’m also still not over the one saying that maybe if people want to event at Prelim or above we need to move.


In between being angsty at people on the internet, I did actually get a few things accomplished. The jumps that SO ordered for me (because he set fences for me once and hated my old semi-ghetto jumps so much that he literally went home and ordered me a couple new ones) finally came last week, although they required some assembly. Ok “some” isn’t accurate, they required all the assembly. Basically it just came as four PVC 4 x 4’s, 16 PVC feet, 8 tracks, 4 caps, and a baggie of screws. I kind of expected them to at least be pre-drilled, but no, it was all just cut to size. So, we built them ourselves. I guess I’m not really sure what I expected to show up, I never even thought about how they would ship standards (or not) but I was surprised that literally nothing was put together or pre-drilled. It gave the SO something to do though and made him feel like he accomplished something, which he did, since now I have 4 new standards. Now I can have more than one oxer! Exciting times indeed.

After spending so much time watching Ingrid and Piggy to cavaletti exercises lately I keep jonesing for those super cool square cavaletti ends that they use. They seem so useful, and so easy, and so stable. They’re also so expensive though. I saw a British company that’s coming out with some made out of a hard foam rubber type material and they look interesting. Still not particularly cheap, like 2/3 the price of the plastic ones, but it’s an interesting idea.

Kind of makes me wonder if I could find 12 x 12 x 4 blocks of the stuff and make a hole in it myself. I haven’t really started the hunt yet but it’s on my list.

Otherwise I spent the weekend checking some things off my list that have just kept getting pushed off. I finished the breeding info sheet for the Red Hills 4*, made Presto’s next vlog for the US Event Horse Futurity (will these vlogs ever take me less than like 6 hours to put together?), got the Baby Bets Contest post drafted and ready to roll (IT’S THAT TIME!), and organized more stuff that I want to sell. I’m more motivated to actually put in the effort to sell things now that I’m trying to pull more money together to keep Presto in training.

Aside from all that I also rode Henry plenty (I can’t tell if he loathes or loves being the center of attention once again… maybe both) and spent some quality time with my new spin bike. So far in the 5 days I’ve had it I’ve done 4 spin classes. It’s fun, in a really painful I-think-I-can-taste-my-own-lungs kind of way.

note to self, clean your lens

This week I’ve got a lot of meetings at work and I’m taking Thursday off so I can go up and visit Presto. The next item I need to start thinking about knocking off my list is the blog rebranding, which admittedly I’ve had precisely zero motivation for. It’s a lot of work, and it’s not even fun.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and eventers if you haven’t filled out the survey about the new MER rule proposals yet, no matter how you feel about it, please please please please do so! This will probably be our only real chance to weigh in and it’s only fair that we all give our opinion.