Sneak Peek

I finished and submitted Presto’s second vlog for the US Event Horse Futurity! These beginning ones still kind of have more of that “historical” aspect – the first one was the breeding one, and now this one is the starting one. I felt like everything Presto had done in his first few years kind of led up to starting him, so I felt like there was as lot to cover. Y’all are used to me being long-winded by now, right? It’s under 6 minutes though, that was a feat.

I’m not sure yet when the Futurity will start posting the starting vlogs on their page. They’re due by mid-March, but I know we’re still waiting on a couple of the first breeding vlogs to wrap those up. My blog readers get special perks though, which in this case includes early access.

Making these vlogs is hard, I feel like I have so much to say and so much I want to include, but I also have to condense it way down to account for time. I tried to hit all the main points though.

I’m excited to get rolling on the actual training vlogs after this. That’s always the fun part, seeing them do more under saddle. And today I’m headed up to visit Presto, so hopefully I’ll have more media. Michelle is even coming and bringing her real camera. Fancy times indeed.

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. Awwww, I love it! One comment: sometimes you start talking quite fast and it can get harder to understand. I’m guilty of the same when I’m really excited about something!

    Also, I think every vlog needs to feature an appearance by the Ball. Highlight of the whole thing!


  2. I’m on the chestnut horse that crashes through the water behind you during his trail class, sorry!!! At least he doesn’t seem too phased?!?!


  3. I think it chronicles your journey with Presto quite nicely. Describes his virtues and weak spots, lays out your slowly but surely plan for him. Great job with both horse and video! (PS: I am a former video news editor used to cutting short stories so if I say “well done” you can believe it). The occasionally choppy audio I don’t have any suggestions for—could be a lot of different things. However, it made me pay closer attention, so maybe whoever looks at it on the competition end will also do so.


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