The Rainbow Box

I’ve been having some weird dreams lately, y’all. First, a couple weeks ago I dreamed that Michelle and I went on another horsey trip to Europe, looking at stallions and young horses as we always do (or, uh, did pre-corona) except this time we… took Presto with us? For the sole purpose, it seemed, of taking pics of him in front of various landmarks and in the beautiful scenery. We were stabling him at one of the farms we visited last time we were in France, and were in the horse van on the way to take him to meet his sire when I woke up. Clearly he’s my child, I guess? It was bizarre and hilarious.

Last night was another weird one, but to fully explain it I have to back up a bit. See, when I was building that Epplejeck order a couple weeks ago in which I got all the navy glitter stuff, for a brief moment I had something else in my cart. A (badass) rainbow grooming box.

Grooming Box Imperial Riding Shiny Snake

I wanted it bad, but the sale code didn’t work on it and it was expensive enough to where I couldn’t really talk myself into it. Do I need a grooming box like this? No. Could I find stuff to put in it? Heck yeah. Is it beautiful? Of course. Look at it. But I’m also cheap, and if it’s more than I want to pay then I’ll just wait until it’s on sale, and if that never happens then I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Apparently my subconscious is still hung up on it though, because last night I legit dreamed about it. Let me set the stage…

Image result for once upon a time gif

Once again, Michelle and I were on a trip to Europe (this happens more in my dreams than I’d like to admit, clearly I’m suffering from adventure withdrawals). This time we had been to some farms in Germany and were on our way over to France, and I convinced Michelle that we needed to take a detour through the Netherlands specifically so we could stop at a big Epplejeck store. For the record, she wasn’t hard to convince. I stocked up on some things while I was there, but the focus of the visit was really the rainbow box. I saw it on the shelf, picked it up, and absolutely had to have it.

From then on the dream was entirely focused on the box, with the rest of the trip being just something that happened in the background. Like imagine that someone trained a camera specifically on the box, as if it were the star of a movie, and just followed the box around. I saw flashes of Paris in the background, then the Hills of Normandy. Mostly it just sat in the backseat and scenery flew past as we drove. Finally we were going through security at the airport, riding with the box through the little xray thingy, and ended with the box closed up in the overhead bin of the airplane on the way home. My view never strayed from it the entire time after I bought it.

Image result for that was weird gif

So apparently I’m more obsessed with this rainbow box than I realized? Or something? I’m not even sure how to decipher this. I basically watched a movie of a rainbow grooming box in my head all night. Just… staring at the box as it traveled. My dreams are getting weirder and weirder. Send help.

12 thoughts on “The Rainbow Box

      1. Makes sense! It’s a really cool box and I would totally buy it if I were splurging. However we’re getting ready to move so all extra money is going to house stuff. Besides that I haven’t ridden since last May!


  1. The rainbow box probably symbolizes something that has nothing to do with the rainbow box. Maybe Presto. Or your SO. Or something.

    I once had a panic-inducing dream that my horse was desperately ill, and we were trying everything to save his life. Days later I figured out that the dream was really about a job situation that was going bad fast. I ended up quitting the job a few weeks later.

    But for a while I was terrified that my horse really was sick and I hadn’t yet realized it. He was fine, the dream was not about him, he just symbolized how hard I was trying to fix that job situation.

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    1. Yep, that’s how dreams often work. They present something really horrible to make sure they get our attention, but then leave us to figure out what it really is that needs our attention…Usually it’s something that’s been on our minds for some time but we’ve been ignoring it. Nasty “wake-up” call!


  2. That is almost as bad as me dreaming Presto was in my barn the first night he was away from you (and i had no idea he had gone to training). He was destroying my barn so not sorry it was a dream and not reality 🙂 HA you should just buy the damn box!


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