Sweet Sweet Sparkly Dopamine

Epplejeck broke my heart in December. When I ordered my fleecey neck rugs from them I also tried to order a set of these absofreakinglutely gorgeous navy sparkle boots

but after I placed my order they emailed me and said they were out of stock and weren’t sure when they’d be getting more.

Image result for world's tiniest violin gif

I’m not a quitter though, so I’ve gone back to their website at least twice a week to check stock. Since one does not just casually pop onto a website, check a single item, and then pop back out (at least I don’t), naturally this has also meant that I’ve spent a lot of time perusing the rest of their site, which… is always dangerous. Once you start wandering into danger zone categories like breeches and gloves (for some people that might be saddle pads), you know trouble is looming on the horizon.

And the thing about Epplejeck in particular, being a lower to mid-budget European shop, is that they have A LOT OF FUN STUFF. Not just brands we can’t get here, but things that are maybe a bit more out there or less conventional than most of what you see here. For instance, Epplejeck even has “Theme shops” – there’s a unicorn shop, a leopard shop, an orange shop (they’re Dutch, after all), etc. Shops by discipline (a cross country shop, you say?), shops by horse type (got a foal or a Friesian?)… it’s pretty darn thorough.

There’s also (are you ready for this?) a glitter shop. I feel attacked.

Image result for shiny gif

It took me many visits to the site, stalking those boots, to actually fall that deep into it where I discovered any of this. But once I did, well… it spiraled. There isn’t a ton of stuff in the glitter shop, but if you search the site for “glitter” you get over a thousand results. I also discovered that they like the word “glitz” and “shine” to describe glitter. Yeah, I fell deep into the rabbit hole. In my defense, they also make just about everydamnthing with glitter. Like literally all of it. In any color you want. Also, things you put in your cart on that site stay there for a long dang time, so what started with just tossing these sparkle tights in the cart to sit there and wait until the boots came into stock

it’s hard to tell in the little picture but they’re dark navy with silver glitter in the fabric

seemed to spiral a bit more with every visit. Especially when things were 20% off. They love a good sale, something we have in common.

The tights soon found themselves joined by navy glitter gloves

And then I reasoned my way into a glittery navy helmet for dressage. (ride along with me on my reasoning: I always do dressage in navy and white, but the only navy helmet I have left is my daily use MyPS which has been scraped under enough tree branches by now that it’s starting to look a little roughed up, thus I clearly needed a nicer-looking navy helmet for the dressage phase. Why are you laughing at me. Stop laughing. That’s rude.)

Riding Helmet BR Omega Glitter

Anyway, that’s how I found myself with three navy glitter items in my cart, none of which are the brushing boots that have been the actual purpose of this quest all along since they still aren’t in stock.

And because I’m truly a great friend I shared the site with Hillary, who is buying a few things for her new little guy. And, ya know, I just casually threw it out there that if she wanted some things we could order together and split the cost of shipping. Win-win. And then there was a coupon code. Nothing was expensive at all to start with (I swear Europe has way better “cheap stuff” than we do). OKAY UNIVERSE, YOU CAN STOP TRYING TO SELL IT TO ME I’M ALREADY SOLD.

Plus my anxiety has been a bit high lately anyway so I needed a little hit of dopamine. Sweet sweet sparkly dopamine.

Image result for dopamine gif

We’ll see how long it takes to get here. I was pretty pleased with my first order from them, and interested to see the quality of these items. Of course, I’m STILL stalking their website, checking back all the time to see if those sparkly boots are in stock. So far no luck but you can bet I’m gonna jump on it ASAP if/when they ever do reappear. I’m sure by then my cart will have mysteriously re-filled itself again, too… weird how that happens.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Sparkly Dopamine

  1. when you get the boots can you take exact height and width measurements? I want them but I” mafraid they won’t fit my super hard to fit hony


  2. I have been stalking Epplejeck’s website for over a year. Just wait until their buy 2, get 1 free sales come out! I have never ordered, but my helmet is needing to be replaced. I want something fun. Most helmets here in Canada in my price range are boring & plain. If you want fun, you pay extra or so it seems. Your posts/product reviews are probably what is going to push me over the edge to making my first purchase. You are such an enabler. I love you! ❤️


  3. I got so excited when I saw a “Wide” shop but sadly it only has blankets and at the moment I don’t have a legit need for them.

    It’s hard to find cute things for a big clydeX but I definitely have better luck with overseas shops than here in the US.


  4. What brand of helmet is that?? Don’t recognize it. But it sure is purty! The judges will be blinded by so many sparkles, they won’t even notice Henry being “tense,” hahahaha.


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