Foal Friday: Ollie’s Glamour Shots

He might be the last of the Glamour Shots series, but he’s certainly not the least. While all the babies this year were cute and fun in their own way, it was impossible not to love Ollie. Smallest in stature and largest in ponytude, he kept us entertained with everything from leaping into round bales to opening pool house doors and removing insulation, to whacking the other foals with pool noodles. Ollie is definitely a fan favorite of the 2020 crop, as well as the class clown.

if you see this in your viewfinder, TROUBLE has arrived!

Due to time constraints Ollie wasn’t braided for his pics, but honestly… it kind of fits. He’s a fun loving kind of guy, and his mohawk matches his personality.

He also seemed to really like having his picture taken (surprise, surprise) and insisted on some super arsty shots to include in his portfolio.

I think he liked having a lady with camera (thanks Belinda!) following him around. He thinks this should be happening 24/7. *cue Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”*

And while it’s easy to get distracted by his squishy little cuteness, always be on the lookout for that sasstail. It means things are a-brewing. Naughty things.


That’s a wrap on Glamour Shots, the final installment of our last series for our 2020 foals. We’ve got ONE MORE Foal Friday post next week to wrap up their season, and then we’ll just be playing a waiting game until the 2021 kiddos hit the ground… which luckily a) there are 7 – SEVEN! – of them, b) we’ve only got a few months to wait.

Happy Friday!

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