THT: Coming Together

For once I feel like I come here with updates of solutions instead of problems. For now anyway. Knocking on wood for the second post in a row. Well ok, ants did try to invade the kitchen on Sunday, which was met with full-on warfare. Did I go get 5 different types of ant killers/repellants? Yes. Did I use all of them in various ways? You bet your ass. It was mass genocide. I’m not messing around. They haven’t been back since though (probably because they’re all murdered).

I did go dig my little Laughing Buddha out of a box because after the past few weeks I feel like I could use a little good luck

Anyway, the good news is: water leak is fixed! I had to be kinda rude in an email to finally get a response from the warranty contact, but then he did send a team over on Saturday. I knew it was leaking from the water line coming in, so they were able to peel back the underside barrier on that side, find the leak, fix it, and replace the wet insulation in about an hour. So, yay, water in the house again. Annoying that it took a week to get fixed but relieved that it was relatively easy. I had visions of them having to crawl all underneath the house (which isn’t easy with the tires and shit in the way) and peel back/replace everything, which would have been a nightmare. Definitely glad that wasn’t the case.

The timing was good too, because yesterday the skirting guy arrived to start closing up the bottom of the house. It’s taken longer than I wanted to get someone out here for that – closing up the underside to keep critters out was a top priority – but it was ridiculously hard to find someone to come do this. Or to get people to call/email me back at all. Then he had to order the skirting, which took another couple weeks. I guess it’s kind of fortuitous how it worked out though, because if we’d gotten the skirting on right away we might never have seen that water leak, which would have been really bad.

He got half of the skirting done yesterday and will be back today to finish and build the stairs off the back porch. That’s the last of the major, expensive things on my list (hopefully, since my truck needs tires ($) and we’re carrying two house payments ($) until the house in town gets fixed up ($) and rented out). Over the winter I’d like to put a little very low-key landscaping around the front but that won’t be as big of a project or nearly as expensive, nor is it as important.

So now I can start to focus a bit more on the furniture and decor again. The couch is purchased of course, although it wont be here for a couple more months, so that really just leaves a coffee table, a bookshelf for the reading nook, a couple wall-mounted shelves for the living room, and some rugs. And furniture for the back porch, which I’m leaving to SO to pick out. I already got the one thing I wanted for back there, my hanging egg chair. I don’t care about the rest.

Speaking of which, last week when I dropped the dogs off for their grooming appointment, I decided to hit up HomeGoods to kill some time. I’ve never been in that store before and it was a little dangerous. Mostly in the pet section when I saw that they had miniature hanging egg chairs for cats!!!


Not gonna lie, almost bought one. Still might, eventually.

For Black Friday though my priority item is a coffee table. We want a lift top, of a relatively specific general size, black or gray. I have my eye on a few already, so I’ll spend some time digging through the sales later this week and see if I can find a promising one.

It feels like everything is starting to settle and come together, finally!

3 thoughts on “THT: Coming Together

  1. If you see something you want at Home Goods, get it. In my experience things go quick and they don’t necessarily tend to get more. A “once it’s gone, it’s GONE” type of deal.


  2. Glad the loose ends are getting resolved. Home Goods is dangerous, and overwhelming. Thinking if I brought one of those adorable chairs for my (ingrate) cats they would never use it – in my presence at least. So cute though!


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