Foal Friday: The Perils of Foaltography

If you’re anything like me, one of the things helping all of us get through 2020 is the cute foal pictures every Friday. Few things make me happier than cute baby horses, especially when the rest of the world is trying it’s best to fall apart. Therefore I have to say that the unsung heroes are the photographers and helpers that have made all these pictures possible for us to enjoy this year. Most have been taken by Michelle, sometimes by Belinda, and assisted by family and friends when necessary. And while it might be a fun job with high reward, foaltography doesn’t come without peril, either.

Like in the early days when the foals have more zoomies than respect for personal space, and you may just find that foal growing rapidly larger as you look through your lens.

if this is coming at you, you should be worried

Sometimes it’s even punctuated with a little too much sass, which hopefully stays far enough away from your head.

And then of course the foals get nosy. Really really nosy. You end up with about a million nose shots and you and your equipment may or may not get eaten or sat upon at some point (ok, at many points).

And pictures that start like this…

end up like this, because foaltographers are inevitably also very good foal-scratchers. It’s a prerequisite I think, or maybe just a skill you acquire on the job.

Sometimes you also have to pause from your work to get in on the family portrait.

Michelle, Sadie, and Ellie

Can’t really blame the foaltographer for becoming a part of their work though, I mean… look at the conditions they’re up against. How could anyone resist?

And that’s the biggest perk of this perilous job – the bonus snuggles. Foals are really good at that. Good thing, since that’s the only payment you get in return.

they love Belinda

Thank you thank you thank you to our Foal Friday foaltographers that have made all these pictures possible and kept me going from one week to the next! You da real MVP.

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