Ooooo shiny

I feel like I’ve spent Presto’s entire life obsessing over his condition. He’s been a scrawny, rangey, skeletor-type kid since the word go, and I kind of feel like we’ve always been playing catch-up, in a way. I don’t know if it’s all his thoroughbred, the fact that he’s been pretty fast-growing, or if this is just him, or if there’s some kind of lingering effect of all his digestive-system-related problems early on in life, but keeping condition on this horse has always been a challenge. Over the years I’ve run just about every test on him that you can imagine, never quite satisfied. He’s never looked BAD, but he’s just never looked truly GREAT either. I have an actual spreadsheet where I’ve logged and broken down all of his feed and nutrition information over the years, trying to find just the right formula.

The only solution is more cookieeeeez

To be fair, it does seem to come and go a bit with his growth spurts. He always thins out when he’s growing, and because he is such a blooded horse, he doesn’t naturally have very much in the way of natural muscle bulk. I’ve always hoped that this would improve with age, and it definitely has, especially since I started riding him lightly.

I also don’t believe in throwing a ton of concentrated feed at a horse, especially a warmblood baby. That’s just asking for issues. And when he was boarded, while he did have access to grass and hay, it wasn’t nearly as much as I would have ideally wanted. I did what I could, buying him premium feeds and extra fats and extra hay and making sure everything was balanced, but y’all know how it is when you board – there’s only so much you can control.

Remember when I struggled to keep weight on Henry at a few boarding barns? LOLOLOL. He is a literal air fern here.

Now that Presto is “at home” I’ve had a lot more leeway with what I can feed him, and he has 24/7 access to grass and/or good quality hay. I also switched both of my horses over to a top of the line feed, and added flaxseed oil to Presto’s. It definitely helped some – Henry’s grain amount has been cut in half, and Presto has held his weight better. Still though… never quiiiiiiite the kind of condition that makes you feel really pleased. You know what I mean.

I’ve never been much of a supplements person, I always start at the roughage and then add a super high quality (and low NSC, high fat) feed, and I strongly believe those two things are by far the most important basis for a horse’s diet. I have a bit of a grumpy grumbly old man response when it comes to supplements, a distrust that runs deep enough to where you might hear me mumble something that sounds a lot like “snakeoil salesmen” and “show me the non-biased research”. Henry and Presto both have been on various powders and potions over the years, me trying things out here and there, but none of them have made any real noticeable difference. The barn owner is a long-time user and big fan of the Platinum Performance line, which admittedly I have always heard really good things about and her horses definitely look great, but with boarding two horses that supplement line has also always felt a bit hard to swallow budget-wise. They aren’t cheap.

Not that either of my horses have ever given one shit about my budget

There have always been a couple little niggly things with each horse that have continued to bother me a little though. Henry’s a walking Mr. Sensitive. Like if you look at him wrong his hair will fall out, or he’ll break out in hives, or his butt will start flaking off, or he’ll have an allergic reaction to like… dirt or whatever. Tres sensitive. And with Presto, it’s always been just that little lack of truly great condition. Not-quite-shiny. Not-quite-thriving. You guys know what I mean, when a horse seems 95% of the way to “great” but you just can’t seem to bridge that final gap.

The BO and I got to talking about supplements one day when she had let one of her mares’ supplements lapse and noticed a difference really quickly. The more we talked the more I was kinda like… ya know what… I’m in a place right now where I can afford to drop a little bit of money on one of the few things left that I haven’t tried – let’s just see what happens. I mean, worst case scenario I was out a couple hundred bucks right? WHAT THE HELL ELSE IS NEW WITH HORSES.

I wish Presto had been closer yesterday when I took this picture so it was clearer, but you get the idea

It’s been about a month now and honestly? They both look great. Presto especially. He’s on Platinum Performance Equine and Platinum Balance, and Henry is on Platinum CJ. I haven’t noticed quite as much difference in Henry yet… I do think his skin and coat look nicer/shinier, but granted there was not as much room for improvement with Henry, he already looked pretty good. Presto though… wow. Despite already having a good start to his winter hair, his coat is looking the best it ever has. He is SHINY, the hair itself feels different, and he’s rounding out a bit. Not in a fat kind of way, but in a topline kind of way. My skeptical side wants to pipe up and say that he’s rounding out because we’re heading into the time of year where his growth rate slows down, and he’s getting older, but even if both of those things are entirely responsible for the change, he’s still shiny AF. I can’t even tell you the last time I gave this horse a soap bath, nor have I touched him with a shine spray. Shit, he only gets groomed once or twice a week. He’s about as filthy and au natural as you can get right now. I was watching him yesterday though, while the crew was there to level the house, and I was like DAMN. Who dat horse???

low quality GIF, high quality shine

Kind of can’t wait to see what he looks like after I bathe and clip him.

The Platinum supplements have earned themselves an extension for sure. I’m not quite 100% sold on it for Henry yet but the difference in Presto over the past couple weeks has been pretty undeniable. I’m finally feeling pretty pleased with his condition. I don’t know if it’s the Equine or the Balance or the combination of both. I don’t know if it’s the extra vitamins or extra fats (he was already getting a lot of both between his feed and flax oil) or if the digestive assistance is helping his body utilize the rest of his diet better. Maybe a combo of everything. Either way, I’m not going to question it. If this is what it takes to give him that last little bump towards THRIVING, count me in. Bye money.

13 thoughts on “Ooooo shiny

  1. Presto DOES look amazing, I’ve noticed a difference in your recent photos! I thought it was due to the seasons changing and the work you’ve been doing, but hearing you added supplements… oh yeah, I’d be inclined to believe they’ve tipped him over the edge from good to GREAT. He’s just more balanced-looking, less gawky and definitely super-duper shiny.

    I’ve heard of the PP line and seen their ads but it’s always better to hear a direct review from someone you trust (yes, it’s true, I’ve definitely done quite a few things in my horse life that you’ve suggested or recommended – take that, oh guru). I was curious about the ones you chose so went to the website.

    Question: why did you decide to give P the Equine + Balance, instead of the GI one that I think combines the two? I’m not being snarky, I’m just wondering if you think they work better apart, or what.

    I’d like to put my lease horse, who’s no spring chicken (21 or 22) on a joint OR a “whole horse” product, so I’m gathering intel on what people prefer.

    Glad Mr. Henry the Air Fern is thriving so much in his Mom-engineered environment, too!


  2. I put Nay Nay on the Platinum Equine in May and the difference in him has been incredible. It’s expensive, but he looks so good that I can’t take him off and try anything else. So, on it, he stays. Granted, I changed a lot in his diet around the time I put him on the Platinum, but my vet really encouraged it (Nay has a soy allergy so he is on alfalfa pellets, rice bran, Platinum, and Redmond’s Daily Gold plus free-choice hay)


  3. I noticed how shiny he is in the video you posted the other day with the donkey. Something is definitely going right! I used the platinum performance allergy supplement (can’t remember what it’s called… too lazy to look) on my thoroughbred with the weird hives and it did seem to help him.


  4. I hear you on the boarding vs. self care situation with making sure they have what they need! Presto looks FABULOUS. And I’m so happy for you that keeping Henry’s weight in a good place is much simpler these days.

    I’m pleasantly surprised how awesome my animals look after a year of being home. I never really stuck with supplements either until bringing them here. But I gotta say. Their coats and hoof quality are SO improved on what I have them on. And I can’t really complain about their body conditions either. I took Dr. Kellon’s NRC Plus course earlier this year and learned a ton about balancing their individual diets. Hopefully I can maintain them looking this awesome indefinitely.


  5. I have been feeding Platinum for almost 20 years. They have solutions for most problems and I have used several of their formulas over the years. I agree. Pricey! Presto looks fabulous. You will get addicted to that look and want to build the cost into your horsey budget to keep them looking so great. Their customer service is really good if you want to just call them and talk about nutrition and helping your horses.


  6. I noticed Presto’s coat improvement for sure! I put Rio on Platinum Refresh this year and he sweat better then he ever has. Pricey, but 100% worth it because it actually WORKED.


  7. I noticed yesterday how shiny he was, compared to Quinny and JB. I just thought he had bern freshly bathed/brushed and they hadn’t.
    His coat really looks amazing and he has been filling out for a few weeks now. He looks really, really good….I also like that he doesn’t look wuite as bleached out anymore.


  8. I’ve used PP in the past and all my horses were SUPER shiny – Brego was like a piece of satin! I think it’s all the flax, TBH. I added the hoof supplement and saw no difference, but the base product definitely seems to be good.

    I do wish it came in something other than individual foil packets though. It just seems so wasteful!


  9. if i was going to fuck with supplements ever, I’d do platinum performance. everyone I know who’s used it has had really great results with their horses looking/feeling fantastic.

    spicy kinda looked like dog turd all summer, but i think that’s just because he is my first foray into a horse on pretty much field board and his coat is cooked. what made the biggest difference in the coat quality was keeping up with the DAMN ULCERS.


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