Foal Friday: Played like a fiddle

It should be no surprise to see who is the center of attention yet again this week. There’s just no telling a story around here without a certain little pony being right smack dab in the middle of it. And poor kid, ya know, not his fault he’s the star of the show, he’s just out here (very innocently, I’m sure) trying to do Pony things.

Like… open the door to the pump house so he can pull some more insulation out.

He can definitely get this door open, if you give him 5 minutes

But noooooooo, he can’t even have a little (semi) harmless fun like that, because his tattletale big sister has to come ruin it. Like… who does she even think she is, the self-appointed Door Monitor/Fun Police? Ugh.

So rude

But hey, since she’s there, maybe he could just play with her instead?

Ok nope nope nope girls is scary

Ok, maybe not. He’s fun but he ain’t dumb. Sisters… just the worst, right? Perhaps he should try somebody less scary bossy instead.

Ollie: HEY REMI! Remi: Oh geez.
Ollie: Let’s play! Remi: uggghhhh nooooo
Ollie: C’mooooooon!!!!
Remi: Ok fine, just a little Bitey Face

Except… give Ollie an inch and he takes a mile. As soon as you relent, it’s on like Donkey Kong. WELCOME TO DA THUNDERDOOOOOME! Remi falls for it every time. He’s sweet, but he’s certainly never going to outwit a tenacious pony. Get’s played like a fiddle every time.

he already has regrets, but it’s too late now
Remi can hold his own though. Size helps.
Ollie: Ok truce! TRUCE!

Here’s the thing though… never trust the pony kid. Ever heard of Napoleon? Those short ones, man… they’re wiley. Ollie’s not playing by your rules. He’s just waiting for you to let your guard down and then WHAM!

Remi: Dear God, someone help…
Ollie: *CHOMP* Remi: Ok, that does it…
Remi wins!

Ollie can try to make himself as tall as he wants, but that’s just one battle he’s never going to win. Inevitably the big kid will eventually get the upper hand and shut him down. It just takes Remi longer to get there, since he’s more tolerant than the girls. Never fear, though… they’re still best bros. No hard feelings here. Ollie’s all about the game, not the outcome.

Truce for real. At least for now…

Plus, ya know… give it 20 minutes. Remi will forget and the cycle will repeat itself again.

5 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Played like a fiddle

  1. Ugh, Remi is so gorgeous! I really hope the flaxen stays.
    Ollie is so much fun to watch. Hopefully his new owners have lots of playing partners for him.


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