Foal Friday: The Quiet Moments

Most Foal Friday posts tend to be pretty action-packed. That’s usually when the foals are at their cutest, after all, and foal antics definitely make for some fun viewing. But the babies also have their quiet and peaceful moments too, and I know that we as equestrians often savor those moments just as much. There are few feelings better than standing outside at the end of a long day, taking a moment to just be still as the sun starts to sink and the air starts to cool, watching the horses graze or having them come over for a wither scratch and head rub. Those moments are maybe less exciting than the playful ones, but feed our soul just as much if not more. So for this week we’re taking a break from our regular, more exuberant pictures to take a glimpse into those quieter, more peaceful moments.

Even Ollie has the ability to be still sometimes
Sadie and her not-so-mini me
Remi and Peyton are rarely far apart
But if they are it’s because he’s with his BFF
If Ellie spots you, there’s always one thing she wants…
Hey, Ollie wants in on the snuggles too
His momma is more interested in what might be in your pockets

And because it’s just not possible for everything to be completely peaceful and quiet, I wonder where Ollie’s personality came from…

Happy Friday, everyone!

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