Foal Friday: Guess Who’s Back

Ollie (aka Captain TwoHoles aka Mount Butt-suvius aka Dr. BootyZit) is back from the vet! His disgusting butt abscess continues to heal well and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all anymore. I also think he was really glad to be home. One week alone at the vet clinic with your boring mom for company when you’re as social and uh… outgoing?… as Ollie is – that’s not at all fun by his standards. Plus I think the rest of the baby herd just felt a bit incomplete without him. They were a little rudderless, and the chaos level was significantly decreased.

I know all the toys is in here, how do I open da fun box?
Remi: maybe derr is button? Oakley: there’s not a button you idiot, omg.

When Ollie showed back up, it seemed like the group was complete again. The fantastic four was back in action. Equilibrium had been achieved. Their diminutive leader had returned. And they were pretty happy to see him…

Hey, ow. Dat mean.
“HEY what the heck bro??”

for a few minutes anyway.

There was a lot of really entertaining galloping to celebrate Ollie’s return, which was captured on video, so I figured I’d let that be the star of the show this Friday. Ya know, to make up for the gross infected second butthole pictures that y’all had to see last week. A few minutes of cute baby antics will erase that one right? You’re welcome.

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Guess Who’s Back

  1. I think it’s hilarious how his mom doesn’t give 2 shits about his antics – she’s back there grazing, rolling, and obviously thanking all the gods above that he’s stopped pestering her and running the fool with the other babies.


  2. I love how Ellie and Remi just stand there and then see him coming and are like “OH, jump, act like you’re excited and playing too, he’s coming! Okay, phew, he didn’t notice us.”


  3. I think my favorite part of baby horse antics is how thoroughly unimpressed the moms are. They are just like “whatever. you’re crazy. But at least you’re my crazy.”


  4. Ellie is completely unbothered, Oakley is giving her mom ‘tude, Remy looks like he’s posing for a photoshoot and Ollie is a very fancy prancy and zoomy pony.


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