Foal Friday: Where are they now?

Alright here we go! This might be the most requested Foal Friday edition yet, with updates on the past WTW babies and a little bit of information on what they’re up to these days.

The 2017 crop was pretty familiar to most of you, since they were Presto’s playmates. His original BFF was Liam, the big chestnut colt by Emerald out of Lissa.



Liam was sold as a foal to a Grand Prix jumper rider and left for his new home shortly after weaning. The good news is he stayed in Texas, so not too far away, and the owner has kept in touch with a few updates now and then. Liam is still a big beautiful colt, looking even more like his sire as he grows up. He was started under saddle this past winter.


After Liam left the farm, Presto’s new BFF was the other 2017 foal Murphy. Being a QH Murphy technically was not part of the sporthorse program but… I say he still counts as a WTW foal. He was Daisy’s first foal, a little red dun that held is own with the warmblood boys just fine.


Murphy is now owned by a lady in Texas who loves him dearly and he too has been started under saddle. He has a great brain, big personality, and looks like he will have lots of speed for the western events.

I think everyone remembers Manny from 2018, by Diarado out of Sadie. Mostly because of that whole incident where he was mistaken for a filly at first (which Michelle will probably never live down). He was a gorgeous chunky boy right from beginning, with tons of personality.


Manny was sold to a Texas hunter rider (shout out – she also owns Two Socks Designs) and will hopefully be her next hunter. So far he’s done a lot of groundwork and is learning how to be a good citizen. He’ll be started under saddle next year.

yearling Manny showing that giraffe runs in the family
2yo Manny learning good boy things

Manny’s foal friend that year was Mari, also by Diarado but out of Laken.

She is still on the farm, just growing and learning how to be a horse, and is currently for sale to a show home. She may do some YHS freejumping shows this year if any of it works out.



2019 brought us two polar opposites: a sportpony and a jumper with two GP parents. First up was Nalah, by Catoki out of Lissa.



Michelle finally got her filly, and Nalah is being retained for the WTW breeding program. The hope is that she will be able to have a sport career too, amidst her breeding duties, but she is not for sale.



The other 2019 was Nunez, the spunky sportpony that quickly became a fan favorite due to his antics.


He managed to cut his face and was pulled off the market for a while last year. Luckily he healed up just fine with time and now he’s off getting some rudimentary baby horse training. Since he’s a pony and could likely find himself as a kid’s horse at some point, he’s getting some early exposure to kids.


Of course, we also have lost two babies along the way, because horses don’t come without their fair share of heartbreak. Merlin, Sadie’s first foal from 2016, passed away from colic a couple years ago. It was particularly crushing because he had such a fantastic home with an amateur rider and was growing into a really promising young horse.


And Rory, from the 2017 crop, passed away as a foal due to an extreme reaction to an antibiotic.


We’re all sad that we didn’t get to see what they could have become. The breeding business is extra tough sometimes. 😦

And of course from this 2020 crop, you guys know that Remi and Ellie have already been sold, both to an Advanced event rider in Tennessee. Very happy to see 2 of them going to the same place. Oakley and Ollie are still available as of right now.

We’ve almost wrapped up the breeding season, and as soon as we do I’ll have a full list of pregnancy announcements. We’re already looking forward to the WTW class of 2021!

9 thoughts on “Foal Friday: Where are they now?

  1. I LOVE this!! It’s so cool to see how they are all developing and changing as they grow. Holy hunk Liam! It’s so nice that the new owners are keeping in touch and sharing updates. So sad about the ones that were lost, I lost a 2 week old filly this year and it was devastating, for both me, the buyer, and of course the breeder. Breeding is definitely not for the faint of heart.


  2. Holy Mari! She is absolutely stunning!! She made my heart skip a beat- what a gorgeous girl!

    I 100% see the resemblance between Manny and Presto. They are definitely brothers- I even can see a TINY bit of side eye!!

    I was so excited for this post- thank you for obliging us and following up on all the babies. It’s amazing how invested I feel in watching them grow. Just a lot of fun, and of course educational along the way. 2017 was clearly a rough year, with Presto’s problems and Rory…. My heart hurts thinking of it. Side note: I cannot believe I’ve been reading the blog this long. Time flies!


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