Foal Friday: GIF edition

What’s better than pics of baby horses? VIDEOS OF BABY HORSES. But, ya know, uploading like an hours worth of baby horse clips might be a bit much to wade through, so I’ve taken some highlights and turned them into quick and easy GIFs. Think of them like little boosters of happiness – a whole lot of cuteness packed into a short little snippet.

These GIFs cover a wide range of time, all the way back to when Remi was just a couple days old. I tried to give each kiddo as much equal representation as possible, although Ellie maybe got shorted a bit, mostly because she’s the youngest and there just isn’t as much video of her. There also might be a slightly higher proportion of Ollie video to choose from because, well… he’s the class clown.


But I tried to at least give them equal representation as much as possible, and give them all a chance to show themselves off the way I think they’d like to. For instance, they all thought it was really really important to show you their zoomies. Zoomies R Lyfe.

“WHO SAYS PONIES CAN’T GALLOP” – Ollie, probably
Remi with a side of sass
Oakley threw in a couple bonus lead changes because she knows how to please a crowd
aaaaand Ellie got distracted by the human

We also have some very high quality bouncing going on. Expert bouncers, this lot, particularly Oakley and Remi.

Oakley’s bounce solo, titled “I SAW A SPIDER”
Remi’s bounce solo – he calls this one “The Teleport”
Their bounce duet
Oakley’s patented bounce-to-nap maneuver
Ellie’s slightly discombobulated drunken bounce #elephantproblems


Some of them also wanted to show off how Capital-F Fancy they are.

am I the only one that imagines ponies going around thinking “pony trot trottrot, pony trot trottrot”. Yes? Ok just checking.
here comes Remi up centerline… and then OUT THE STARTBOX
“Pffffft move over boys” – Oakley

There are a also a few special hidden talents to be found among the group.

like Ollie has already taught himself cross country
Remi briefly considered a career as a baller but turns out those things are tricky
Ellie has displayed some mouth dexterity that looks AWFULLY FAMILIAR to Presto fans

But the babies also thought it was important for you to know that, despite all the highly impressive, expert zoomies and bouncing, they’re still good citizens.

leading Oakley to turnout
Ollie enjoying a nice back rub with a feed bag
And Remi soaking up the adoration of his fans with grace and aplomb. He’s confident he will need this skill in his future career.

Hopefully they’ve provided you with some entertainment to start your weekend, and they know that now you’re super impressed by them. Especially their bouncing. Sooo top-notch. Like… Olympic level basically (nobody tell them bouncing isn’t an Olympic sport).

Next week hopefully I’ll have a “Where are they now?” edition ready to go by Friday. I know lots of people are interested in catching up with some of the past WTW foals in their current homes (myself included).

Happy weekend everyone!

Ollie is literally a cartoon character

11 thoughts on “Foal Friday: GIF edition

  1. Omg… Oakley is my kindred spirit. Spider teleport? Bounce-to-nap skillz? WE ARE ONE BEING I LOVE HER and it’s worse because I decided in the last year I want my next partner to be a pony-cross *sobbing emojis*


  2. This is wonderful and just what I needed after awakening to find my trainer had to put down her 38-year-old Very Special Boy yesterday. I have been crying off and on ever since, cuz I know how heartbroken she is. So this lovely does of foal super-cuteness is just what the Dr. ordered! Thank you for putting these together! They are all just gorgeous. Your friend Michelle sure knows what she’s doing! Remi’s trot… O.M.G.


  3. The bounce-to-nap! Whoever ends up buying Oakley, I hope they are blogging she’s is such a spicy mare already.
    Ollie “going xc” made me squee, I just imagined him doing a course with a little kid on board.
    Can’t wair for next friday!!


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