Since I went timbeerrrr out of the tack room and broke my helmet a couple weeks ago, it obviously meant that I needed a replacement. The one I broke was the navy Traumavoid, and they do have a replacement policy, but due to the age of the helmet it would have only been 25% discount. Plus I would have had to send the helmet in, which adds some cost. I was willing to do that, but first I wanted to see what other MIPS options were out there, especially with all the sales and discounts happening right now. When I bought the Traumavoid it was the only MIPS helmet on the market, so it was an easy choice. Now there are many.

Hello MIPS

The one that had really caught my eye was the Charles Owen My PS. Charles Owen and Champion are my two favorite, most trusted helmet brands (I have the Champion SNELL skull cap for XC), so trying the new MIPS options from those two was my first preference. I liked that the My PS had a slightly wider, lower brim… since I was looking to replace my “daily driver” helmet, having a little more sun protection for summer was appealing. The My PS does come in an even bigger, wider brim version too, which was admittedly a bit much for me (it’s massive). I wanted just a little extra, not A LOT. It also comes in navy, which is important. I had a 15% off code for Riding Warehouse which made it about the same as what I would have spent on the Traumavoid, so I decided to bite the bullet and try the CO. Worst case scenario it didn’t fit, and RW has free returns so if it didn’t work out I could just send it back and go to plan B – the Traumavoid replacement.

I like the darker navy with lighter navy stripes. Technically it could match different navy shades!

But, yay, it does fit, and it’s pretty comfortable. I haven’t had a non-skull cap Charles Owen in quite a while (maybe since my AYR8 10+ years ago?) and I’m impressed with some of the improvements. My biggest complaint about them for years was the non-removeable liners, so it’s great to see them adopt that. I wouldn’t have bought the helmet without it, because Texas = head sweat. The navy is a pretty shade too, nice and dark and not too purpley (my only complaint about the Traumavoid smooth navy was the slightly purpley shade – it didn’t match my other navy stuff very well).

I also got one of the new Equetech XC shirts that Riding Warehouse is carrying now. I got to provide input on which shirt colors/patterns they should stock, and was happy to see some of my ideas in their inventory line-up. They’re a nice relatively lightweight athletic type shirt, I can see myself wearing it a lot. The XC shirts are meant to go under a vest of course, hence the sleeve patterns, but I think they’re cute on their own too. Free round of applause for anyone who can guess which color/pattern I got. 😉

There have been a few other acquisitions lately, most by necessity. I pre-ordered a couple more face masks from Dreamers and Schemers.

I felt like this pretty accurately summed things up

And honestly it looks like face masks are going to be a part of life for a while. They are not a requirement here, but it’s such an easy and simple way to help do your part that I’ll be wearing one in public for the forseeable future. And my company is going to require them once we start coming back into the office, so I’d like to be able to stash some in different places (car, work, purse, etc), plus have extras to rotate through so I can wash them and never be without. If I can buy them from an equestrian small business, even better.

I also spent several days going back and forth on what bit to try next for Presto. From all my experimenting I’m relatively convinced that he doesn’t like tongue pressure, and after talking to reps from Bombers, Neue Schule, and an online bit store, they all agreed based on the description and video. I think part of it is that he’s a fussy mouthed baby who hasn’t figured it out yet, but I also think there’s some discomfort there too. Trying to put his tongue over the bit is a classic tongue pressure evasion. Maybe I’m wrong and I bought him two bits for nothing, but I’d rather explore every avenue than just plow through and tell him to get over it. Having a horse be comfortable and happy in the mouth is obviously really important. I found a UK shop that has really good prices, so I got him a Bombers Happy Tongue and a Trust Innosense. Both have tongue relief but otherwise are quite a bit different, so hopefully he’ll like one of them. Naturally the Bombers is backordered for like ever, because ‘rona.

See the source image See the source image

Speaking of ‘rona problems, remember my Hufglocken Mattes pad that was in shipping purgatory? I ordered it forever ago (December? January?) for Presto and it shipped from Hufglocken’s location in Australia on March 25. It had been sitting at the airport in Sydney waiting to catch a flight since March 31. That’s how backed up stuff is! It finally got a flight on May 7th, after over 5 weeks sitting there at the airport waiting. Totally bonkers. Now it’s sitting in LA waiting to clear customs. We’ll see how long that takes. I’m glad I ordered it well before I could ever possibly need it.

I also did order one slightly less necessary thing… I dunno if anyone has seen The HORSElet yet, but it’s basically an outlet site for PS of Sweden. Mostly it’s past season colors for saddle pads, clothes, polos, etc, and that’s not really my thing so I’ve barely looked at the site, but for some reason yesterday I clicked on the New button. Remember the big deal with me trying to find just the right quarter sheet last fall? I ended up not getting anything, because I couldn’t find what I wanted in my price range, and then Henry ended up hurting himself anyway. But then voila, yesterday I saw the PS of Sweden quarter sheet (which had been one of the top 3 on my list originally) at 60% off. Only $58! I nabbed one for next season, because I doubt I’ll find the style I like for that cheap again anytime soon. We’ll see how long it takes to get here, with the ‘rona. Luckily I won’t need it for like… 6 months anyway. 

27 thoughts on “Necessities-ish

  1. Thanks for the review! I definitely want to try this on before I replace my helmet (hopefully not for at least another year). I like my TV, but it would be nice to have another option. I’ve had some fit issues with CO. The GR8 fits me really well — better than almost any other helmet–but several other CO fit around my head, but are too deep? I really can’t explain it. So, this might be one to try on and see.

    Regardless, I need to be able to ride my horse again so hopefully he’ll get healthy soon?


  2. I have not been that diligent about a wearing a mask, it’s strongly encouraged at my office but not yet required, That is changing though, and like you I will probably be wearing one more often and keeping some in different places for convenience sake. I was just looking at some that came through a Groupon email, but really didn’t want to pay for the ones they were promoting. So your post was timely (for me) and I just ordered two with horsey prints from Dreamers and Schemers. Would much rather support them (or other independent seamstresses that have come across my FB feed) than some nameless groupon. So thanks! I actually think masks, mask types, mask designs, etc. will become the newest status symbols, as in “Oh, yours doesn’t have a pocket for a removable filter?”

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  3. I also need a new helmet after a fall (mine actually from a horse however!). I tried on the Charles Owen mips helmet at my local Dover, and the 7 1/8 fit perfectly. However, they didn’t carry the skull cap in store, and when I ordered it in the same size it was way too big, so I guess I’m going to stick with a brim for now. I need the sun protection anyway!


  4. Did you have to size up in the CO? I normally wear a 57 and was most comfortable in the 58. I wanted to keep it because it felt good around my head, but was way too deep. It covered my eyebrows almost entirely. Which was the same issue I had with the Trauma Void Lynx. Well, that and it was too round and gappy on the sides of my head. I have a suede navy TV EQ3 and ended up getting a black smooth TV EQ3 in the event that I ever show.

    I have been using a Beris tongue port loose ring bit on the horse I’ve been riding with good success. I bought a second hand bombers happy tongue that I sold right away because it was sold to me as a size smaller than it actually was and didn’t fit the horse. I’m not sure what size you ordered, but if you had needed a 5 1/4, I wish I would have known you were shopping. I bought a secondhand Beris tongue port d ring mid April from the UK and it has been hanging out at the customs facility in Chicago since April 28th. I assume it’ll arrive in Kansas eventually, but who knows when.

    I just ordered a Mattes halfpad from Hufglocken on Sunday. We’ll see if it comes within the 6 to 10 week window. Who knows if things will be caught up by then. Hopefully your pad arrives soon!

    I looked at the horselet the other day and they do have some good deals! I’m glad you found a quarter sheet for next season.

    For some reason wordpress hates me today.


    1. No I didn’t size up. IME with Charles Owen, they always fit more snugly at first but compress more than most other brands. I made the mistake of sizing up once and the helmet ended up too big after a week. My regular size always ends up being fine.


      1. The 7 hurt my head. Even if it would have stretched out, it would have been too painful to wear until that point. The 7 1/8 was the best fit. I have a size 57 TV and a 58 TV. Both fit, but the the 57 doesn’t fit as well with my hair up.


  5. I bought the same Charles Owen My PS in January. It’s the best helmet I’ve ever owned. I’m really happy to see so many helmet manufacturers embracing the MIPS technology.


  6. Waiting to get my Dreamers and Schemers masks soon! I just ordered the fun turquoise colored skull cap in MIPS technology. First MIPS helmet so I am excited to try it. I have never loved the fit of Trauma Void so I am happy that other brands are coming out with this design now. Waiting for the One K version.

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    1. No, I would say it’s oval. In fact, they actually make a special “round” version of the My PS as well. I know Dover had some, although they seem to be a little harder to come by than the regular fit. CO says the My PS fits very similar to the AYR8 (oval but not SUPER long oval) which I find to be accurate. Are you sure the EQ3 fit too round on you? According to TV, the Lynx is the rounder-fitting model of the two. Did you try the EQ3 with both liners?

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      1. I did try with both liners. I’ve had it for maybe a year or so – I tried the EQ3 when it first came out, maybe it’s been tweaked since then? Not sure. They actually had to send me the second liner because it wasn’t included originally. Unfortunately it just didn’t work. I may keep the CO in mind for future!


  7. How comfortable are the D&S masks? I have to wear one at work and I’ve also been rotating through a few, but I struggle with them being either too big (and I saw D&S has child sizes, which measures similarly to my existing cloth one that fits the best) or put too much pressure on my nose. I usually loop the ear loops around my hair to keep them off my ears (Rockin the bun for the forseeable future…), again because they’re big, but this transfers some pressure to my nose.


  8. I don’t usually comment, but Presto sounds so much like my mare with bits. If you want a dirt cheap tongue relief bit to try, this bit has worked wonders for us! It’s the Shires Blue Alloy Loose Ring Mullen:


    1. I looked at that one but having seen both in person the shape is different, so I just went with the Bombers since several friends have used it and loved it. It was only $60 with free shipping, so not very expensive!


  9. You will know right away if the bombers is right. Penny loved it for a while and my other horse wouldn’t go past 5 strides in it without rearing and having a huge fit lol it’s a love or hate reaction I find.

    I’ve had luck with my active mouth girl with the HS novocontact. Worth a try if neither of those pan out.


    1. All I’ve really been able to glean so far from the bits I already own is that he’s worse in a French link/lozenge link. Which is like… 95% of the bits I have. LOL. He’s less resistant in the Nathe but still constantly tries to get his tongue over it.


    2. I have the My PS Wide Peak, I think I’ve been wearing it since around September of last year – my dad came to watch me in a clinic and immediately dubbed it a “Star Wars helmet” 😂. I live in FL, and I wear sun shirts year-round, but this does help with my sun-related skin fears – I’ve been very happy with the helmet – I love how substantial it feels, and how deep it fits.


  10. What is this horselet you speak of? I keep putting it into google but am getting some obscure, un-related results lol.


  11. I like the helmet! Looks good on too.
    Excited you finally got the quarter sheet! I think that was my favorite of the ones in that style. I wish they had made it in green. Maybe this year?
    Where did you order the bits from? Obviously, I don’t need bits right now, but there was a bombers I wanted to try for Eros eventually and those things are pricey!


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