Captain Unimpresto

It has become a little bit of a game to see what kind of new stuff I can come up with to entertain Presto. Ok maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just entertaining me. But I swear I do have actual reasons for doing all these weird things to him, which I’ll talk about more in depth on his next vlog. I’m not just a crazy person.

This past Saturday, he met a tarp for the first time. 

Yeah, he was just as terrified as he looks.

We started with it folded up on the ground, which he just pawed into oblivion, and then I opened it up to full size on the ground, which he again just pawed into oblivion until he was standing on a wadded up ball of tarp. Well ok then, lets up the ante.

Over his back it went, first folded up small, and then unfolded to full size. No reaction. I flopped it, I flapped it, I waved it around in the air behind him… yeah nah, that’s just a boring tarp, ma. Ok fine then. I fashioned him a cape (securing it in front with a hair band, so I could quickly yank the whole thing off if needed) and sent him out to walk and trot around me.

And that’s how Presto became Captain Unimpresto, the superhero. He just needs a mask or something spandex to complete his outfit. 

I then completely ruined his newfound awesome alter ego by cruelly forcing him to stand tied up at the barn the entire time Henry got new shoes put on, even though he’d already gotten his trim. I might be first on his list for vigilante justice.


It was good for him in lots of ways… having to stand there for a long time, watching Henry get hot shod (“um.. bro… did you know you is on fire?”) and the farrier’s kids had tagged along and were running around so he kind of got a glimpse into his own level of chaos, just in tiny human form. Presto was mostly just irritated and stood there glaring at me most of the time. Clearly I was ruining his Saturday, he could be out like, fighting crime or something.

Henry jumped on Saturday (which was kind of a mess on my part – remember how I said my eye was coming back? HAHAHAHAHAHA I cursed myself.) so on Sunday I opted for an easy tackless ride in the field. It’s been a while since I rode him in just his neck rope. His brakes and lateral work are pretty good off of just leg and seat, but the steering leaves a little bit to be desired sometimes, especially out in the open like that. And I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t know what I’m asking, because he most certainly does, I think it’s because he’s got a demonic Thelwell living in part of his brain and he just can’t resist being at least a little contrary when given such an easy opportunity. 

when we agree on the direction of travel
that moment when the demon Thelwell starts to take over and my planned15m circle will quickly devolve into a 25m rhombus

My legs and core were definitely feeling it the next day. I can’t wait for my bareback pad to come in so I can get at least one solid bareback ride in every week, it’s nice to have bareback work back as a semi-regular part of the repertoire, I find it really helpful. 

What were you guys up to last weekend? Anyone else raising a baby superhero? Maybe we can start a support group.

20 thoughts on “Captain Unimpresto

  1. I bought my first (and second) premiere equine pads! I’m excited to receieve them. Real talk though, has PE let you know how much their sales for those particular pads have increased since you shared them? I’m so curious hahah


  2. We got new flowers under the fences this weekend and Cinder walked right up to them and tried to eat them. She ran around with them hanging out of her mouth as tried to get her to let them go. I don’t think she’s as much as a baby superhero as a baby super villian.


    1. I’ve always been mystified as to why some horses insist on eating artificial plants? My OTTB will eat artificial flowers as fast as he can possibly get to them. The barn had to remove their flowers from the jumps that are in the turnout pasture, thus inconveniencing everyone who wanted to practice jumping over flowers.


  3. I had a giant box for recycling that Tesla was giving the hairy eye to. So we had to touch it, and walk on it, and walk calmly as it got dragged along, and finally I left her with it in the round pen. Later when I peeked to check on her, she had moved into it LOL.


  4. Took green OTTB to an obstacle clinic this past weekend, with Pool Noodles, Tilting Bridge, Water Box, Giant Inflatable Snowman, Tires, and more.

    It was interesting how badly I guessed which ones would get the biggest reaction, and which would be ‘easy’. I guessed that he might never do the Tilting Bridge, and he did it right away and didn’t care. I thought the easy one would be Backing Up Over Big Poles. That one was where we hit bottom. Got lots of improvement, but he has not yet really mastered them and doesn’t want to. Poor boy. Working on it! 🙂

    Some friends came as well, it was a really fun and educational outing!


  5. I ordered 5 premier equine saddle pads 🤦‍♀️😂 they should be waiting for me when I get home from the barn….I’ve spent so much money because of your blog Amanda 😂I can’t wait for you to get your bareback pad! I love mine, hopefully I’ll have a chance to use it again this weekend


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