Monthly Training Vlog?

As I’ve said many times on here before, I am a big fan of the US Event Horse Futurity. Not just the idea behind it (promoting US breeders and helping bridge the gap between breeders and trainers/riders) but also the execution – they post monthly vlogs of each entry so you can learn about them and follow along with their training. I found last year’s vlogs to be super educational, particularly Maya Black’s and Doug Payne’s, seeing how they introduced these young horses to new things and how they handled any issues that arose. It was also fun to see the horses progress from month to month, and how different they all were.

The introductory vlogs for the new 2020 Futurity class (which I also love, because the intro ones are done by the horse’s breeder and they explain their reasoning for the breeding and take us through the horse’s baby years) have started hitting the facebook page, and I’ve been eating them up. It also got me thinking… would anyone have any interest if I did something like this for Presto? He won’t be doing the Futurity next year unless a) I win the lottery b) Maya offers to take him for free (hahahahahahahaha), but I do get people asking me questions all the time about him and his training.

If I made a monthly training vlog, would anyone watch? He’s not a 4yo, obviously, so he’s not going to be doing anything super exciting, but he’s about to get started under saddle so maybe some people might find that interesting? I was thinking it would probably include a lot of stuff I mention doing with him here on the blog, but with videos and a lot more detail.  I would do an intro one first (this is a good example of an intro vlog), and then monthly updates thereafter, showing where he’s at and telling you what he’s been doing.


It’s something I would obviously be interested in watching with other people’s horses, but I know I’m an extreme baby horse nerd and relatively atypical, and maybe I’d be the only one who cared. So before I devote hours into making videos, I want to get a gauge for how many people would actually be interested in watching something like that. If so, any specifics on what you’d want to see, or questions you’d want answered? If not, is there something else you’d like to see instead?

12 thoughts on “Monthly Training Vlog?

  1. Definitely would enjoy the monthly training vlog!

    What a great video of Arden Katniss’ journey. It is wonderful that they are so forthcoming about everything this filly went through early in life. And what a well-done summary of Katniss’ family background. Interesting to find out what her mature height will be.


    1. some of the intro vlog’s are so well done! It’s interesting to hear people explain why they chose which stallion/mare, more detail about the parents, what their goals were for the breeding, what the horse has done so far, etc.


  2. I would definitely watch! I love stuff like this. It’s a great way to get into the nitty gritty of breeding and training that you don’t often get as an ammy, and watching other people troubleshoot sticky spots is SO educational. (Plus I love watching babies learn, but don’t have the temperament/energy to do it myself, so watching other folks do it is perfect. 😂)


  3. I would definitely watch Presto TV! I don’t watch a lot of stuff like that as my attention span is about 35 seconds of late, but I would absolutely want to follow along with all things Presto.


  4. I would be delighted to have a Presto vlog every month!! Even though I’ve never started a youngster or even trained a horse at all (and won’t be), I would find it fascinating. He’s very popular with your crowd here and we feel like we “know him” so that helps!

    I’ve watched two of the Futurity introductory vlogs so far, Katniss’s and Mandi’s. It’s very interesting to compare them and to what you’ve done with Presto so far. Katniss has been backed and slightly ridden but then put away. Presto hasn’t (really) been backed though I know you’ve sat on him. But Mandi, wow, they’ve already got her jumping logs! The latter kind of makes me nervous (I am just not a fan of doing much riding of 2-year-olds, period) but I suppose the trainer knows what she’s doing. As you discussed recently, there are lots of different approaches and then you modify per horse, too. At any rate I’ll definitely keep watching!


    1. Okay, never mind, I’m a dunce. I was confused and thought these horses were Presto’s age. Of course they are a whole year older! So yeah, jumping logs now is certainly on-point!


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