All Horses. All weekend.

The payoff for making it through a cold soggy week was a relatively glorious February-in-Texas weekend. Temps were in the upper 70’s, it wasn’t too terribly humid, it alternated between overcast and sunny, and there was a breeze but no gale force wind. 

these two remain BBF’s

On weekends like this I find myself wanting to do All The Things, both with pony time and with projects. On Saturday morning we went out to breakfast and stopped at Lowe’s on the way home so I could get some jump painting supplies. I grabbed a gallon of white paint, found a deep blue in the Oops section for cheap, and grabbed tape, trays, and brushes. I also picked up a few more poles, since I intentionally left some of mine behind at the old barn for them to use.  

Most of my jumps were gifted to me, and I’m extremely grateful to have them, but they arrived in my possession in need of paint/some repairs and I had not actually done any of that yet. They were useable as they were, and I was in a pinch, so they went straight to work. And they’ve been that way now for… years. I was way overdue. 

some of the 19 poles.. you get the idea

It took me longer than I was hoping, but I got all the poles painted white at least. Some will get stripes put on later. I still have to paint the standards, and repair a few of them. Painting jumps does not make my top 10 (or 100) list of favorite activities, but they do already look so much better.

I also got another jump school in on Henry and I feel like we’re definitely back in our groove. My eye is returning and we’re both feeling more confident again. He’s forward and hunting the jumps, and I’m riding more positively. I’m looking to add a couple more jumper shows to our calendar in the near future, if I can find something that works. 

After I was done with Henry I also worked both of the babies in hand a bit. JB is learning the “send” commands and verbal whoa, and basic desensitization (fly spray is murder). He is way more sensitive and reactive than Presto, but also wicked smart and picks up on things pretty quickly. I’ve really grown to like him. He’s going to be that semi-weird, sensitive, one-person-horse type that I tend to enjoy (ahem Henry). 

Dis MINE, do not use on JB, he CANNOT HAS!

Presto was a little rude going to turnout the other day so he got a tuneup on moving his body based off of my body language or hand signals. Then he just… held his halter for a while. As one does. He gets salty any time I give JB attention and not him.

Later on when I let them in for dinner Presto put on quite the circus act/arabian impression, because he always has to investigate everything and the jumps having moving around/changed color was exciting. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures, to show how at this stage he can look really different depending on what angle you happen to catch him at. 




I forgot to take “after” pics but both boys were looking a little ranchy

It’s supposed to be low-mid 80’s today, and then do the patchy rain thing again for the rest of the week. It’s keeping the grass green, at least, but I’m also getting a little tired of things being squishy. Thank goodness this place drains pretty well. 

Hope everyone else had a productive and horsey-filled weekend! 

3 thoughts on “All Horses. All weekend.

  1. We are flipflopping weather too. Rain all last week then dropped to low 20s with wind chill of 10 on Friday then back to almost 60 on Sat and 60 yesterday today is 60s again with rain AGAIN coming in then dropping to cold by weds night again. Freaking boomerang ride of weather lately.

    I love the oops part of Home Depot or Lowes. We get a lot of paint there 🙂 we got a gorgeous lilac color for one of our bedrooms there last year. 6 bucks could not beat it 😉 HAHA

    Glad you had a horsey filled weekend…..I did too for me 🙂 Was at barn yesterday and rode in a lesson. I need to at least trace clip Remus (he is so hairy this year) and pull his mane. Didn’t do it. UGH…..if he shows up at your place you can do it all for me 😉 HA


  2. I love/hate jump painting. It always takes far longer than I plan, but I love the finished product! Mine need a bit of a facelift so I’m hoping that will be a spring project this year!


  3. Ugh, I really need to fix manes too. I started on Eros’ last weekend, but he hates it so I didn’t finish. And still haven’t… Shiny is basically a western cow pony now. It’s fine. Everything is fine!
    Jump painting is only tolerable if there’s pizza and friends to help. But they do look so much better afterwards! Sounds like a great weekend!


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