Guess who’s officially a teenager today?

Yup, it’s Mr. Hesalmostsweet aka Happenstance aka Henry aka Henny aka Handsome aka Boo.

Since we’ve got a tradition of birthday hats/headbands by now, he picked one that had an appropriate amount of sass to match his personality. Well he really wanted one that said “worship me and give me cookies” but I couldn’t find that so we settled for the next best thing.

Where does the time go, y’all? I can’t believe he’s 13. I’m not ready.

Also, man I really didn’t notice how terrible his halter looked until these photos. Ignore that.

This afternoon we’ll definitely celebrate Henry with lots of cookies, some peppermints in his dinner, and a nice long canter in his sidepull so he has ample opportunity to spook and be wild and pretend to try to buck me off. All his favorite things!

8 thoughts on “13

  1. Happy Birthday Henry!! Make your mom (AKA your servant) bow down to all your wishes today 🙂 And i know his #1 wish would be to pop that damn ball Presto plays with hahahah

    He doesn’t look a day over 8 😉 Remus is going to be 17 (SEVENTEEN!) in a couple months. How?? LOL


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