Review: Montar breeches

One of the best (or worst, depending on whether you’re asking me or my wallet) things about those massive Black Friday sales posts is that I too discover new companies, brands, and products. This year was no exception as I stumbled across several new-to-me stores, one of which was The Dressage Store. If you like pretty things it’s really easy to get sucked into that website. Fans of matchy sets, this is definitely your jam, but they also have other gorgeous stuff, like Juuls jackets and Kingsley boots. I love unique or interesting things, and this shop has plenty of eye candy in that regard.

One of the other brands they carry is Montar, which I have been low-key eyeballing for a long time. They make everything from bridles to breeches, and it’s interesting enough to be a fun line, but not too “out there” or crazy expensive. I’ve heard particularly good things about the breeches, although never seen any in person, so I was always a bit hesitant. I do believe, though, that most brands can be judged pretty accurately by their breeches, a theory that hasn’t let me down yet. Usually if I like the breeches, I’ll like other things they make, too. And since breeches are an absolute staple, seems like a logical place to start.

I opted for the Montar ESS breeches, which are maybe a bit outside of my normal box. I am a big fan of a mid-rise, and got a bit nervous about their description of a “higher rise”, with lingering trauma from the very old TS and Pytchley days when higher rise meant they legit went almost to the bottom of my boobs. These didn’t look particularly high though, and I really loved the shape of the waistband. If I’m going to have a problem with breeches fitting me, it’s usually because they gap in the waist, so I liked that these had a contoured waistband, slightly higher in the back, with the little V notch.

the waistband is PERFECTION

These also feature a silicone full seat, which I am generally very picky about. I feel like much of the time breech-makers put way too much silicone and it’s way too thick, making the breeches mega sticky… tough if you want to actually remove your butt from the saddle to post or gallop or jump.

Luckily Montar really delivered when it comes to these breeches. They fit pretty near perfect, and the seat gives a little bit more grip without being noticeably sticky. I don’t feel stuck to the saddle at all, just slightly more secure. The best way I can think to describe it is that it’s not a GRIPPY silicone so much as an anti-slip silicone. The waist sits just slightly higher than my midrise breeches, no more than 1/2″ if that, which I quite like. The waistband is as beautifully tailored as it looks, so there’s no sag, there’s no gapping, and everything stays in place. I do think they run a tiny bit longer than some of my others, so tall people rejoice, short people you might have to fold.


The real selling feature of these for me, though, is the fabric. It’s ridiculously comfortable, and kind of feels like just the right mix of other brands I’ve liked. They’re super stretchy like the Horze Grand Prix, but lighter weight like the Aqua X, but smooth and soft like the Serafina. To be honest, I think Montar has perfected the blend. It feels almost like wearing leggings. These things are so comfortable that I’ve worn them for almost every ride since I got them, no joke. I just find myself reaching for them again and again. They wash up great and don’t stretch out. I think I need some green ones now, clearly.

These are a little bit pricier than some of my other schooling breeches, at $179 retail. That puts them in the same price range as Serafina, TS, Pikeur, B Vertigo, and RJ Classics. To be fair, I have/had all of those brands and would definitely declare Montar the winner among them. The fit and fabric is just superior.

This was actually a different day than the other picture but obviously I have a favorite outfit

In the relatively short time that I’ve known about The Dressage Store they’ve posted a coupon code and done a custom boot giveaway, so if you aren’t already following along, here’s their Instagram or facebook. Y’all know how much I love supporting these smaller boutique stores, and from my experience I think this is definitely one to watch! Now they just might have to continue to feed my new Montar addiction…

14 thoughts on “Review: Montar breeches

  1. If you like those, you will like Eurostar. Their Airflow breeches with the perf material are awesome. Suggest getting them from Dressage Deluxe out of the UK – prices are usually pretty good.


  2. The funniest thing to me about buying riding clothes online is imagining what the models must have been feeling like. Like hey, can you put on breeches, ankle boots, but no top, and then strut around for us a bit?


  3. Damn it! Now I want a pair! I normally wear a 30 but in the horze grand prix (your fault!) I had to size down to a 28. Any suggestions for when I inevitably order a pair lol


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