It’s been a long week

I am kind of functioning at peak anxiety level right now. Work has been BONKERS in a way that it has never been before. Not just busy but also weird things happening and random problems that seem to sprout up every couple hours and need to be fixed, plus process changes and system changes that may or may not be working. Our customers are trying to wrap up their end of year spending so everyone needs everything RIGHT NOW. I don’t recall a time when I’ve ever been this stressed out at work, and I’ve been here almost 15 years. It feels a little like this:

Image result for everything is on fire gif

Plus the place that I like to escape to so that I can look at pictures of ponies and see all the fun things that are going on – social media – has been batshit crazy as well. It’s like a weird game of “how freaked out can you make equestrians on social media in one week”, and the universe accepted the challenge. The depo debacle, a trainwreck of comments at the ML reappearance, the FEI making helmets mandatory (I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE STILL ARGUING ABOUT HELMETS IN 2019), and then the GM thing. Bam bam bam bam one after the other. Like for real, I doubt the Chronicle’s facebook page has ever gotten this much action in a week. It’s madness.

Image result for angry crowd gif
it’s basically this

And then I had the bright idea to listen to the Hunting Warhead podcast, about the biggest child sexual abuse websites on the dark web, how they got busted, and the people who created them. It’s beyond fucked up. I mean, really though, everyone should listen to that podcast, it’s so important to understand, but jesus christ.

Oh yeah, and my horse is lame. Makes sense since I just finished paying an unrelated $1300 vet bill. WHY NOT GO FOR ROUND TWO. IT’S NOT LIKE I’M TRYING TO SAVE MONEY FOR A HOUSE OR ANYTHING. No profit sharing or bonuses at work this year either. Hope no one wanted Christmas presents.

Image result for fetal position gif

Also this morning I tripped over nothing and fell down while carrying all the horses’ breakfast. So. You could say things are going well for me at the moment.

In between torturing myself with real life, people screaming “it was a different time!” on social media, and dropping shit, I’ve retreated to the holy sanctity of memes. You can always count on a good meme to make you feel better, ya know? That’s the kind of mindless entertainment I need right now. Here are a few of the week’s favorites:

I can’t wait for my Muddy Mayhem calendar to get here

(Hair is currently burgundy as I work my way through my arctic fox colors…)


And perhaps the most relevant:

Might try that in the next meeting. That should go over fine, right?

I’ve also started putting together my big annual Black Friday sales list, which kinda makes me want to a die a little bit in and of itself, but hey why not. If any business owners are reading this, please shoot me a message via my comment page or on my facebook/instagram with info about your sale so I can make sure you get included. This will go live next Wednesday or Thursday and as usual I’ll keep updating it as we move through the weekend. Hope everyone is ready for some shopping (I’m not, because horses)!


Happy Friday!

15 thoughts on “It’s been a long week

  1. Where are the comments on ML? I saw all the other stuff but I can’t find any reporting on her XC run at OJC. Which makes me more than a little suspicious…


    1. When poor USEA posted an Ocala Jockey Club show update from the first day and ML was leading the 4*S after dressage. Things quickly devolved on facebook.

      Nothing happened with her specifically except she was there and thus she was mentioned in update articles.


  2. I think my favorite meme is the last one 🙂 Followed closely by the cat psychologist one. Thank you for brightening up this little corner of the interwebz. We could all use it!


  3. Oh goodness it’s not just me with the work and the horses and the stress? Thanks for making me laugh (as I work from home because leaving the house was too much, contemplating if I can put Bailey’s in my coffee, because who would know….. :D).


  4. If you’re into cyber podcasts – Darknet Diaries is good, and probably a whole lot lighter than Hunting Warhead. Project Raven was an absolutely bonkers episode. Does Hunting Warhead go into Ashton Kutcher’s organization Thorn? I donate to them a few times a year.


    1. I’m almost done with Hunting Warhead and I don’t think it’s been mentioned. My brain is still short-circuiting from all this shit though. I was clearly very naive before at just how prevalent the problem is.


  5. You forgot people screaming all over racing social media, “THEY’RE GONNA EAT HIM!!!” re: the news that California Chrome is going to Japan. My eyes are about to fall out of my head. 😑

    (Not to take anything away from poor Ferdinand, that will always be a horrific travesty, but there are contracts now and I think the Japanese have learned their lesson, much less regarding a truly famous horse.)

    I’m really sorry your world is sucking. Vent all you want here! That is REALLY not fair that things are nuts at work and they’re not even giving you extra money. Great way to encourage effort and productivity, yay!

    And what’s this about the saintly horse? What’s Henry done? Worried. Hope it’s minor, cheap and easily resolved. Come on, Bud, your mom needs a break…


    1. I have totally steered away from California Chrome because I legit cannot take any more lol. I’m at max capacity, over here looking at memes.

      No idea what Henry’s done, there’s nothing outwardly obvious. We’ll see how he looks this weekend and go from there.


  6. My morning included picking up my truck from the dealership, goodbye $2100, oh and by the way the loaner has a very shopping cart like dent in it, waiting for the estimate on that one. And a rock or something flew up and shattered my husband’s passenger window going down the highway so goodbye $400. All before 8am. I can’t even. I don’t wanna even. Thanks for the meme uplift.


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