Latest edition of latest additions

Considering that my horses have been walking vet bills this year and that I’m currently saving for the tiny house, my purchases as of late have not been very exciting. Unless you’re into animalintex and blanket straps and eyebrow razors (for bots, not for me…) and crazy looking tooth-hole-flushing instruments.

Fun game: buy 400ml dosing syringe. Have it delivered to work. Let coworkers try to guess wtf it is. One thought it was for artificial insemination and I DIED.

But, you know, even on relative “lock down” sometimes there are things that are too good of a deal to pass up. Or a sale email hits my inbox on a particularly self pity-filled day and before you know it I’ve blacked out and bought more pants. These things happen.

The only truly exciting thing that has arrived lately was the closeout Mountain Horse boots that I actually purchased a couple months ago. They sat in customs for legit two weeks, and then USPS strapped them to the back of a 3-legged geriatric turtle to get them here. I mean I’m assuming that was the method anyway, considering how long it took. They got from Germany to New York in 2 days and New York to Texas in almost 4 weeks. Makes sense.


I’ve always liked the look of the Opus High Rider, but they weren’t available in America and I’m not really into paying full price for something off the rack. And then Mountain Horse put the model on closeout, which made them half price, and at $180 I had a hard time saying no. I mean, technically yes I do already have a pair of brown boots, but those are my semi-custom Pioneer boots, which are kinda fancy, and I feel guilty abusing them with everyday barn wear and tear. I know that Mountain Horse boots can take abuse, and since I don’t have to care about keeping them pretty, I could feel free to abuse them at will. Especially at that price.


So I bought a pair, slightly big on purpose so that I could also wear thicker winter socks under them. Both of my current pairs of boots are of the “fit like a glove variety”, which is great until it’s cold and you want thicker clothes. The Opus boots have just enough extra space in the foot and calf for all that, without being too big without it, and so far they’re working out pretty well. I don’t know that I would be in love with them if I had paid $360 for them, the ankle is not as nicely tapered and fitted as I prefer and the zipper feels a bit cheap, but for half price I think they’re fantastic.


They are a lighter/redder brown than my very chocolate Pioneer’s, so I’ve got some variety going on with my colors at least. I also just realized that all three pairs of my boots are dress boots. I guess that makes sense, I do really prefer the clean lines of a dress boot. I still haven’t decided how I feel about the contrast sole. I specifically didn’t order the light sole on my Pioneer’s because while I love the look when the boot is on the shelf, I think once you’re on the horse it just looks dirty, like you just finished walking your course and didn’t wipe your boots off when you got back on. I might get over it eventually (I probably won’t).

I also fell prey to one of stupidDover’s stupidBOGO deals. I always feel a bit dirty when that happens. But they sent out that stupidEmail and stupidMe clicked on it, because it was early in the morning when I’m at my weakest, and I was like oh look, two pairs of breeches for $80 AND free shipping? That’s basically free! I nabbed a green pair and a charcoal gray pair of Dover’s Wellesley breeches.

I guess Dover tried to make their own version of Smartpak’s popular Piper line (which I admittedly hated) with the contrasting piping, and for some reason I was optimistic that maybe Dover did a better job. To be fair, they did. The fabric is a little better (still don’t love it, but it’s better), as is the fit, and I really like both colors. Unfortunately they gap at the waist on me too, the same problem I had with Pipers, although they don’t sag or slide down, so it’s a lot more tolerable. I think if I’d paid more than $40/pair I’d be grumpier about it but for that price they’re totally fine. And I do appreciate that Dover included pictures of some not-model-thin people in the photos of the breeches.


I did have one pity-purchase too, when I was having a particularly frustrating day and just Could Not anymore. If there are two things I love, it’s socks and the f word, so when you combine them I’m definitely in. I grabbed a pair of Milton Menasco dreamers and schemers socks, and I truly have no regrets. They make me smile, which was their whole intended purpose.

I mean it would be better if it wasn’t censored, but whatever

There was also “the thing that got away”… the item I really really wanted and MAY have squealed out loud about when I found it, but talked myself out of buying because I felt especially poor that day.

See, the SO and I are grumpy a-holes, so on Halloween we went out for mexican food and then walked across the parking lot to World Market. The entire adventure was specifically designed to get us out of our neighborhood during peak trick or treating hours. So we ate chips and queso, wandered around WM smelling soaps and looking at all the foreign candy, and then as we’re wandering up the very last aisle, what do I see?


That is, I have to say, the best damn christmas stocking I have ever seen in my life. I was thisclose to buying it, but talked myself out of it when I remembered that we haven’t been brave enough to put up any christmas stuff since we got the cat. She is walking chaos, destruction, and mayhem. I feel like dangling stockings from the mantle would basically just be a written invitation for her to destroy everything up there, and then I would be mad at her for pulling down my $25 unicorn stocking. So… I didn’t buy it. And now I kind of regret it, but I also know I was right and the cat would totally ruin it.

What new pretties have you guys added to the collection recently? I hope they’re more exciting than mine.

17 thoughts on “Latest edition of latest additions

  1. Those socks are awesome!! I own a few pairs of D&S socks and love them.
    I love those mountain horse tall boots too. Soo pretty 😍.
    I am waiting for Black Friday to purchase the mare I lease a new bridle. I am giddy with excitement to purchase the Solo Seven
    I have been borrowing a friend’s Micklem Competition bridle and my mare goes well in it. Sadly, the Micklem is beyond my budget. Luckily the Seven bridle has all the features that I am seeking, plus it is prettier & at a better price point.


  2. I rarely buy anything but lately I found myself with extra cash from selling my Bates saddle and splurged a little. I got Eeyore a gorgeous cooler in navy with bright orange trim, myself two pairs of FITS winter breeches (one in a gorgeous deep green that I adore now) and a new helmet as mine expires in the spring and my local tack shop had a ROMF night last night and the entire store was 15% off. I was extremely sad when the OneK I was drooling over (matte navy with navy crystals OMG it was GORGEOUS) did not fit my head no matter how much the sales lady tried to change liners and use fit tape. My head is extremely narrow and no matter what she did it tipped side to side. Womp 😦 The Samshield was a little better, the CO did not fit at all and eventuality I ended with a matte navy sans crystals IRH that fit like custom.


  3. That is the best stocking. Maybe you could hang it in the barn instead of your house.
    I nearly fell prey to that breeches sale too, but talked myself out of it because I have so many. But if they don’t fall down and sag, maybe next time I’ll pick some up to replace the pipers that I semi hate and wear anyway. It’s ok if I replace, right? As long as I’m not ADDING.
    I maybe ordered not one but two pair of Celeris boots during the 31% off sale. And they’re both totally crazy. I really do think I need an intervention. The other fun ridiculous splurge happened months ago, but they just arrived. I ordered the Mattes mer system and matching saddle pads (of course) from Hufglocken. You would hate it because it’s fleece, but it’s really kind of awesome. I haven’t brought it out to the barn yet, as it’s warmed back up to the 30’s and 40’s. But I will soon and report back. I really like that it buttons to the saddle pad. No straps to be annoying anywhere!


  4. I just ordered a wool lined pad from Premier Equine (navy with natural wool) and a navy saddle pad to put my half pad over. I ride twice a week on a borrowed horse, makes sense, right? Let me defend myself a little by saying that I just started riding in an English saddle again post baby and my saddle pad collection is sad. I love my LeMieux half pad, but all of my pads that go underneath it do not stay off their withers and it is driving me batty. My week has been insanely frustrating for only working 3 days this week and once the wool lined pads were put on the 20% off promotions list today, I just couldn’t resist the temptation anymore. Merry Christmas to me! Even if it is a little early.


  5. Allison, that is exactly what I was thinking! 😄 My BF was fairly horrified when I was talking about saddle prices… I told him, mine was cheap, it was only $800 (this was many years ago – they’re now $1300, which of course is STILL low-end for a saddle). He was like, “That’s CHEAP?? YIKES.” Oh honey, you have noooo clue….

    After splurging on stuff for showing (and paying for the shows) I’ve bought almost nothing lately. I did do the Dover BOGO and got a girth and boots. That deal was too good to pass up, for sure! I also set up a Wish List there since Christmas is coming (just little things, I keep the major spending ALL to myself).

    I can only imagine what a hit the syringe was at the office!


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