Ski Pants and Alpaca Socks

Texas is drunk AF, y’all. A month ago it was like 95 degrees. Now it’s 28 degrees and there was frozen shit falling from the sky. I don’t know which circle of hell this is, but I don’t like it. I feel like it’s especially cruel to make us suffer through the SECOND HOTTEST SUMMER IN AUSTIN HISTORY with 90 days at or over 100 degrees. – Ninety. Effing. Days. – and then do this shit a month later. I’ll just go right out and say it, mother nature is being an asshole right now.


Luckily by some miracle all of the precipitation seemed to die right when it got to the farm’s doorstep. Totally dry here. Windy as hell, soooo freaking windy, but dry. Up at my house, NW of the city, we got a good coating of ice and the wind knocked a neighbors tree into a powerline, which apparently sent sparks flying out of it for almost an hour before the city showed up to fix it. Rob said he stood there at the back door watching it in case he had to grab the animals and make a hasty exit. And then the next day the city came swooping through the neighborhood trimming trees, leaving huge branches and tools and trash scattered all over the place in their wake. Cool. But hey, the house didn’t catch on fire and now everyone’s trees are well-trimmed, so there’s that.

Henry and I have similar feelings about this weather

I was outside cleaning stalls and doing barn chores as the front blew in, which made things extra exciting. On my way home from work I had tried to pop into the sporting goods store and buy the coveralls I had my eye on for Black Friday, but the place was totally ransacked. I diverted to plan B, ski pants, which were suggested by Jen. They were only $30 and miraculously there was one pair left in my size, so I figured why not. Let me tell you, those things have been da real MVP these last couple days, especially when I’m in and out of the house a lot to go dole out more hay or check on the horses. I can be wearing my leggings in the house, slip on the ski pants at the door, go do my thing in glorious warmth, then just drop trou at the door when I come back in. They’re easy, and they make a huge difference. It’s like wearing a sleeping bag on each leg.

I look ridiculous but I don’t care

The other thing that’s been a great life choice? My alpaca socks. I’ve had them for a couple years but mostly have just worn them around the house at home. Now I’m layering them under my Blundstones and lord they are fantastic. I like them a lot more than my wool socks. They’re a little thicker, but they fit just fine in my boots. Boy are they soft and comfortable, and my feet are so warm but somehow never sweaty. Perfect for barn work in the cold. I came inside and ordered another pair last night (navy of course).

While I’ve been busy adding layers and experimenting with all kinds of new expletives about the weather (“bitchsicle” is a word btw, and it goes wonderfully with my all time favorite, “twatapotamus”) there are a couple of farm residents that have been absolutely loving it. I’ll give you a hint:

The Baby Idiots (which I think has some legitimacy as a band name) have been enjoying themselves immensely. Their games of tag just go on and on and on and on. Quinnie, their supervisor and life coach, is not thrilled by this, but she just stands there and lets it happen around her. You can practically see her thinking “nope, this is beyond my pay grade.”. They know better than to get too close to her.

I think it’s fantastic that Presto has a friend his age to engage in these shenanigans with, because clearly he’s having a grand ol’ time, and it’s good for him to be running around and getting some exercise. He would probably be a shitty racehorse though, since he LOVES to go juuuust fast enough to stay within biting distance of JB’s ass. I suppose it’s a good thing JB loves to be chased just as much as Presto loves to give chase. They’re super entertaining to watch, I’ll say that much. Two peas in a dingus pod.

Presto’s blanket, though… it’s not had such a great time. Yesterday (which, if anyone is counting, is day 4 of being worn by Presto) it suffered a grievous wound.  Four years with Henry and it suffered nary a scratch. Four days with Presto and it’s got a gaping hole in the butt. It’s certainly not a stretch to imagine how this happened.

This is why we can’t have nice things

The other side also kind of looked like he’d tried to roll in the pond with it… there was a suspicious level and color of mud that doesn’t exist anywhere else besides the edge of the pond. I figured he’d end up in there eventually, this horse is a magnet for mayhem.

It was suggested that perhaps instead of a unicorn blanket, he needs one with the poop emoji. I 100% agree. How do I get one of those?

19 thoughts on “Ski Pants and Alpaca Socks

  1. I have no sympathy for your plight. You still have greenish grass. We have over a foot of snow and its 4 degrees out. Having the proper equipment to keep yourself warm while doing chores is paramount. It just makes life way more tolerable.


    1. The cold wouldn’t be so offensive to me if we didn’t suffer so greatly in the summer. Both extremes just seems ridiculously unfair. Usually we don’t get weather like this until Jan/Feb and then it comes and goes pretty quickly. I hope our whole winter doesn’t go like this! UGH.


  2. While my summer wasn’t murderous, winter has also settled in quickly. Stan and I enjoyed a very early 4am moonlit snowy ride in 7°F with a -1 windchill this AM. The fluffy snow was so beautiful though and the old man seemed really pleased to be out.


  3. I’m perplexed at how TX can be having the exact same weather as CT. Yesterday started out at 55 and then it rained, and then frozen shit fell out of the sky. By the time I got to the barn after work it was 29 degrees. And the wind was blowing so hard, it sounded like the indoor was going to blow away ala Wizard of Oz style. Then 19 this morning. Bullshit.
    Also yes, on the snow pants. I have an old pair from Ariat that are pretty great too. They zip up the legs for easy on/off. But not AS warm as actual skier snow pants.


  4. It was 9 degrees when I drove my dogs to the groomer yesterday morning. Monday was blowing snow with a wicked north wind. I am not ready for winter.


  5. My trainer lives in her snow pants once it drops below 40 up here. She wears them every day from the first snow till about April. Though this year we’re trying riding skirts as an alternative when teaching, but we haven’t gotten to the super cold point yet to commit and order one yet though.


    1. I am seriously considering getting a riding skirt. They look cute. Wrapping my quarter sheet around my legs just isn’t cutting it. What brand are you considering?

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      1. Definitely agree! I was struggling with my cooler earlier 😂 I’m considering Klesarven in Norway and HorserelatedGifts on Etsy! The woman on Etsy has them the cheapest I’ve seen, 110$, and the one from klesarven I want is 167$ when you convert it. Though shipping makes it a total of 230$ when you factor everything in. Etsy is insulated and the other is made with wool so it’s a toss up right now which I’ll get. There’s a brand, artic skirts I think, that are just too much right now. I can’t justify 300$ for one.


        1. Thanks. I’ve seen the artic brand ones. But they may have to wait until next year, too $$$. Glad there are some cheaper options. I just got back from Dover and got some fleece lined pants, so I’ll see how they are.

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  6. If you really want to treat yo self to some nice alpaca socks, these are my absolute favorite: They’re pricey, but I’ve had a pair that looks new after 4-5 winters of harsh use. They’re way better than my SmartWool socks. Less bulky and warmer too!

    (To continue with my alpaca obsession, I also have an alpaca/wool comforter. I don’t want to think about how much it cost, but MY GOD it’s the only thing that keeps me warm without making me wake up covered in sweat. Alpaca is the best!)


  7. Welcome to the world of actual winter….I’ve been wearing ski pants (that I ACTUALLY bout to ski in, and DID ski I got a few years) for horse things for several years now. I “replaced” them with Smartpak’s insulated pants after getting tired of not actually being able to zip them anymore (yeah, they’re that old….I bought them before I had hips…). Only I never threw the ski pants in the donate bin, just in case I ever go skiing again.

    Which I would, but I only have enough money for one luxury hobby, and I pick horses. I really enjoy skiing though!


  8. Agreed–alpaca is the absolute best. A friend gifted me a pair of socks and they’re my absolute faves. Will have to wait till I’m in the mood to spend some money to buy some more.


  9. While I don’t like it when Mother Nature is
    Messed up (weeks of no rain and over 90 degrees in canada in the summer), I have to chuckle at your snow pant purchase. I rarely get fully bundled up to do chores unless it is below 0! I don’t pull out the snow pants until it is super cold and the snow is deep!


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