Knock on Wood

When we last left off with our intrepid baby hero, he had tried to rip one of his feet off. Like… a week before entries closed for FEH Championships. Because horse.

I brokeded my footie

The vet had to nerve block the foot, trim off the flap of hoof, and do some magic to try to preserve as much of the tissue as possible. Presto pretty much took off the entire heel of that hoof, and ripped a flap of tissue up into the coronet band. How, I still do not know, but he was pretty thorough. It took the vet a while to get it cleaned up and situated as he wanted it, and he bandaged it up and advised me that Championships were very likely off the table, and the heel of that hoof may or may not ever grow quite normally again. Depends on how much he really damaged. Good job baby horse.

$250 later

When I left town Presto still had the bandage on, and the vet said he’d take it off in a couple more days and see how things looked, fully expecting to have to put another bandage back on so Presto would be able to walk comfortably. But it looked a lot better upon removal of the bandage, so he checked for soundness and against all odds, Presto was sound. Still a bit tender on the gravel on that foot if he steps on a big rock, but… sound. None of us really have any idea HOW, because it still looks like it would hurt.

current status – big chunk of foot missing

The farrier was able to trim his feet without a problem, and we’ll just have to keep an eye on that one as it starts to grow out. It’ll be a while before he actually has a heel again. You can see there’s still a bit of open wound at the bulb, but the sublayers have already closed up so he doesn’t seem to feel it at all. I’m just keeping it clean and trying not to mess with it too much. Luckily its the outside of a hind foot, so it’s not a place he’s likely to step on or reinjure with his own feet (I said LIKELY, not impossible. If anyone could do it, it’d be Presto…).

trying out Henry’s sheepskin pad to see how my saddle fits Presto with it

The vet filled me in on all this when I got home and said “he hasn’t taken a lame step since I took the bandage off – go ahead and enter him.”. Times when it’s great having your horse at your vet’s house… he’s seen him every day. So the original 3-6 week timeline for soundness (originally the vet gave me a 50/50 shot of him being sound in time for Championships) really ended up being like 5 days. THANK GOODNESS. I will give Presto credit, he is a pretty tough little dude. Looking at the foot, none of us feel like he should be sound, yet he is. I know Henry definitely would not be.

I got Presto out this weekend and walked and trotted him on the lunge line for a grand total of 3 minutes. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t bother him as he went, and it didn’t. The cellulitis that had developed in his giant effing butt hematoma (or as I called it – the 3rd butt cheek) is mostly gone now too… still slightly lumpy, but it’s hard to see. He’s looking growthy again (although for him he looks pretty good) and is covered in bite marks (we’ve given up) but… I think he can go to Championships. Knock on wood, cross your fingers, pet that rabbit’s foot, pick up a penny, find a four leaf clover… ANYTHING. I’ll take ANYTHING. It’s possible that I considered hanging an evil eye from his stall. Maybe I should just braid one into his tail.

Big Evil Eye Bead for Home or Office Protection
is this one too big? 

So the entry is back in the mail (I went and retrieved it from the outbound mail box just in time when he first injured the foot) and I put in my PTO request for next Thursday. There’s no going back now, money wise, since there are no refunds. And that entry was really expensive for a 5 minute in-hand class. Hopefully I can keep him together and he can stay out of too much trouble until then? I dunno. Now I’m just nervous. This animal is walking T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

He’s lucky I love him

Presto has definitely racked up his fair share of vet bills this year. I remember his mother did that in her 2yo year too… hock infection, crazy ass wolf teeth removal that required all kinds of extra shit because they were GIANT (it’s never good when the vet is like “WOW, do you mind if I take pictures of this?”), x-rays, stitches, staples, something with her foot that I’ve blocked from my memory. I’m starting to think 2 is the worst age. At least for this particular line.

He also had his half-birthday a couple days ago. Officially 2 1/2! We’re getting so close to 3, guys… that’s exciting.

13 thoughts on “Knock on Wood

  1. FWIW, Indy somehow got a puncture wound and cellulitis (WHILE on heavy duty antibiotics). After that we put an evil eye on his stall and smudged his stall (and his field) with sage. I’m not saying it did anything but I didn’t have any serious injuries after that. I ended up giving the evil eye to a friend when Indy went to his new home and she didn’t have any major injuries either.

    So maybe it’s voodoo BUT MAYBE IT HELPS.

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  2. so glad he gets to go to the show!! YAY Presto!
    He is growing up so big. and so mature looking

    Too bad the brain isnt there yet (Joking I am joking)!

    What is weather supposed to be for your show? it is still hot as balls here 😦
    Good luck!! And maybe take Presto home and put him in spare room this week??


  3. He is one tough cookie! I cannot believe that he is two and a half already!! And he looks so grown-up in that saddle pic. Unreal…
    Keeping my fingers crossed he doesn’t manage to hurt himself before the championships!


  4. I know you supplement your horses wisely already. I would highly recommend Smartpak’s Ultra Hoof supplement to help that hoof/heel grow out. I have used a number of biotin/hoof/mane/tail/coat…. (Ha) supplements over many, many years and have had fabulous results with hoof and tail growth from that particular product.

    Good luck at Championships! Bubble wrap until then, will you?


  5. The 2 year old year is the one where my mare poked herself hard in the eye while itching her face and subsequently had to wear a fly mask that blocked all light on that side which led to her getting bit by a rattlesnake on her face just in time so she could go trick or treating as Two Face at Halloween because half her face fell off..

    That was FUN.


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