12 Tough Questions

Texas situational update: still effin hot. Ground still like concrete. It’s like living in a kiln, so basically… it’s a typical August in Texas. It’s a shitty time to be here. 0/10 I do not recommend. But anyway, things are boring. Well that’s not totally true, my pompoms will be here today and then things will be getting exciting for at least 10 minutes. But until then, we have blog hops to save us. This one is from a Canadian, Alberta Equest, who I am super jealous of right now because I highly doubt it’s 103 degrees there.

Take that, Canada

Q1:  What hobbies do you have outside of riding?

I read a lot. Like… a lot. I’m already at around 70 books for the year. Thank god for Kindle Unlimited. When the weather isn’t scorching I like riding my bike, too, although usually I only have time for that on weekends.


Q2: What is your boarding situation?  Are you happy with it?

I currently board at my vet’s house! So yeah, been pretty happy with that. No boarding situation is ever perfect, but the care here is top-notch and that’s by far the most important thing. It’s also very convenient for vet-related things (perhaps a little too convenient, I’ve had a lot of vet bills in the last few months…). Our boarding situation will be changing again in the fall, which I’m also really excited about.


Q3:  What’s on your horsey-related wish list?

How long have we got? I want a new breastplate for Henry. I’m really liking the Premier Equine merino wool pads that I bought him, so I want some in white for shows. Presto is dangerously close to outgrowing his bridle. My brown gloves are dying. I kinda want some Ice Vibes for Henry. Presto needs shipping boots. A Back on Track quarter sheet would be nice for winter, even if I can’t even fathom it right now.


Q4: What is your most expensive horsey-related item?

The trailer. Hands down. It was almost 10x as much as the horse.


Q5: What was the hardest horsey-related decision you’ve had to make lately?

In the spring, trying to figure out what to do when we got a month’s notice that our previous barn was closing. That was stressful to the max.


Q6:  What’s something you feel you can’t live without in your routine?

This time of year, Henry’s various array of skin care products. He is a walking mixture of allergies, fungus, and itching. I’ve also become creepily obsessed with his Neue Schule bit, I’m 100% certain they’re crafted at Hogwarts by wizards.


Q7: What’s on your horsey-related calendar for the rest of the summer?

LOLZ. Survival. That’s all you can do with a Texas summer.


Q8:  What is one thing you would willingly change about your horse?

For Henry, I’d make him more uphill. Or just… less downhill. It makes things challenging. That or I’d roll back the clock and make him 7 again, instead of 12. It feels like time is ticking by way too fast. For Presto, it’s hard to say yet. At this point he looks exactly like what I bred for, but who knows what he will be like under saddle. I guess at this point I would say that I’d straighten his right front, which toes out slightly.


Q9:  What is something you most want to improve on with you and your horse?

Our showjumping. Surely I can figure that shit out, right? I mean geez, it’s kind of embarrassing that I’ve spent most of my life in h/j yet that’s our worst phase. I have proven that I’m capable of pulling myself together, just… not on a consistent basis.


Q10:  What has been your [current] horses most severe injury?

This question freaks me out and makes me want to knock on every wood surface nearby. Henry’s was his saucer fracture in 2016. Presto’s illnesses weren’t an “injury” per se, but still the worst thing I’ve ever experienced as a horse owner and I never want to repeat it or anything like it.


Q11:  What do you feel your biggest downfall is as a rider?

I’m definitely my own worst enemy, which I’ve been working on a lot. My mental game was very weak, which took a long time to realize, but it’s improving with a lot of effort. I think it’s going to be a constant ongoing continuous effort for me… changing how you’re wired is no small task, but having the right mindset is so crucial.


Q12:  What feeds your motivation?

My love for the game, I suppose. I love the sport, I love how hard it is, and I love the “highs” even though they’re few and far between. I love the relationships that we forge with our horses, and how it really does feel like we’re in it together. But I think what I love most is the day in, day out work, the “brick by brick” process that it takes to get there. It’s hard work, it’s sweaty, it’s dirty… there’s nothing glamorous about any of that. Seeing improvement in my horses over time, though, and continuously trying to mold them into the best partner I’m capable of creating… it’s incredibly addicting and so rewarding for me. I’m more proud of my horses than anything else in my life. I want to be better and do better so that they can be better, too. They’re what drives me want to keep trying and learning and working.

11 thoughts on “12 Tough Questions

    I have only met you in person one time at a horse show in Katy, but I can tell you from reading your blog that your mental perspective has changed drastically, and in a really good way. That is SO not an easy thing to do! You’ve inspired me to be better mentally, too. I’m kind of your opposite and tend to not hold myself as accountable as I should to perform well. I seem to be OK with mediocre. But I have a “fancy” horse and I owe it to her to at least try to help her meet her potential.
    And how on EARTH do you have time to read that much? I love to read and I read every night, but I’m lucky to finish one book in a month. Granted I’m not a fast reader, but still. Share your secrets.


  2. Ice vibes are meh if you’re hoping for icing. They are like tepid at best when on the road and quickly absorb the heat once they’re on and then are hot af. Definitely better in Ireland I presume than Texas but the vibrate function is great so I use the ice part as a gel cushion I guess? My Roma cheap ass ice boots are hands down kuch better for icing after regular rides. But the ice vibes look super fancy and the electronics are without fail and the boots look great especially when you’re out and about lol.


      1. i like my suspender boots for shows (basically a muck tub, but my horse WILL NOT stand in a muck tub) but it’s not particularly practical for at-home, regular use.


        1. I’ve been dying to try Cryochaps. I haven’t seen too many reviews in the US but they spark my interest for ice-boots that might actually work.


  3. These are such great questions. Maybe I’ll hop on them too.
    I’ve heard the above comments a lot about the ice vibes. Honestly my Tough-1 ice boots are my favorite. But they’re most useful if you have a freezer in the barn to keep them frozen. I managed to use one to ice a hock recently which made me love them even more.
    And also dying to know more about the move in the fall…


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