Friday Randoms

With all the Safe Sport stuff that’s still being fervently discussed this week I feel like I really could have done a whole post chock full of just really disturbing quotes I’ve seen from people on social media, but alas I’m trying to burn them from my memory. You know it’s bad when convicted pedophiles are chiming in and people are supporting them. All I’m gonna say is that if you look around and find that your allies are a bunch of a kiddie diddlers, you might need to rethink your position. If nothing else, all of this has certainly proven just how important (and long overdue) a program like Safe Sport is. I used my barn commute time this week to listen to the Believed podcast, about the Larry Nassar case, and I’m still over here like holy crap. If you haven’t listened, you should. It’s INSANE how he got away with it for so long despite being reported numerous times, just because he was a well-liked famous doctor. It’s a situation that sounds all too familiar.


In better news, Presto’s foot seemed to be about 95% better as of last night. Looks like he just managed to bruise it, thank goodness. He got two nights of an animalintex wrap and then last night I left him in Magic Cushion and a boot, so we’ll see how is today. I’m feeling more optimistic about the FEH show on Sunday. Fingers crossed. Of course, he’s still got huge chunks missing out of him (thanks Henry) and is very much in the middle of a growth spurt, so it’s not like he’s beautiful. But hey, I’ll take sound.

I tied him out on the tree just as the barn owner was feeding dinner, HE WAS PISSED. Also please don’t ask me how big he is now, I don’t want to talk about it.

Since it’s looking like he’ll actually make it to the show, I’m excited to try out this new braiding wax that I got this week as a tester. There’s clear and there’s black (for sun-bleached manes – it’s tinted with charcoal) and it’s much lighter and more pleasant than any other wax I’ve seen. It seems sticky enough to give you some grip and tame flyaways but not so sticky that it leaves the hair looking gloppy or greasy or clumped together. I chose the lavender scent and it’s really nice. We’ll see how it works!

Grem is into it

I’m in a little bit of denial about how soon we leave for Coconino (12 days) but I’ve started getting my shit together a little bit. As in… I’ve thought about all the things I need to do. I haven’t actually done any of it aside from having Henry checked out by the vet and doing some maintenance. I’ve got to get through the FEH show this weekend and then XC schooling next weekend before I can commit more brain cells to Coco.

Henry continues to be a grade A asshole to Presto and Dobby in turnout, so if he doesn’t chill soon he might find his ass in a smaller paddock by himself. I was trying to give him more space to stretch his legs, but if he can’t keep his random fits of rage under control then he’s gonna lose privileges. He’s lucky he’s cute because he’s a pretty terrible animal.

He thinks I’m a pretty terrible human, too.

And last but not least, send all your good vibes to Willow Tree Warmbloods today for pregnancy checks! Some of the mares weren’t catching with frozen so we went a little outside the box to find a really good fresh option that we felt excited about, and I’m hoping that he got the job done. If he did, I’ll introduce him.

is this young gun a baby daddy? we’ll find out today!

We’re pretty much at the end of breeding season here, with this heat. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll have some pregnancy announcements!

15 thoughts on “Friday Randoms

  1. The generational gap is REALLY apparent over SafeSport – I feel like all the old guard can’t wrap their heads around it while the millennials (most of them) and Gen Zers are like “f* yeah, about time.” Also – my mare didn’t catch with frozen, seems to be a tricky year to get things knocked up.


    1. I wish it was that simple, but I’m seeing people in their 30’s that are really on board with blaming the victims as well. It’s a weird hero-worship type thing we do with trainers sometimes, and things people are willing to overlook or blame on others is kind of shocking. It’s just not that much to ask to not sexually abuse someone else, especially a kid!


      1. That’s why I said “mostly” – some people just don’t want to accept that their heroes are flawed. These same people were all upset when the whole thing with Matt Lauer went down and didn’t want to accept it at first. I have no doubt that more titans will fall in the coming years. I also get SO annoyed when people in the comments drop “well I know of a certain professional in XX state that has exhibited the same behavior.” – REPORT THEM FOR GODS SAKE.


  2. 1. I have friends who think that being accused/convicted of something that happened 30 years ago is ridiculous. It makes me sad and angry.
    2. Does this mean no Lordanos baby? That makes me sad, too.


  3. I cant do group turnout anymore. Spicy would probably be fine but emotionally after everything that’s happened… sorry Spicy. You get a smaller paddock to yourself. Too bad for you. (we tried him out with someone which resulted in him getting 4 stitches above his knee. He hadn’t even been home 24 hours. So I feel like I am justified.)


  4. I cant do group turnout anymore. Spicy would probably be fine but emotionally after everything that’s happened… sorry Spicy. You get a smaller paddock to yourself. Too bad for you. (we tried him out with someone which resulted in him getting 4 stitches above his knee. He hadn’t even been home 24 hours. So I feel like I am justified.)


  5. how did I miss Presto hurting himself?? Glad he is better. Also, sorry about the breeding issues this year! 😦 That sucks. Hope they catch this time. No babies would suck next year!!

    And oh Henry. behave. Ha


  6. Back up, where do we get lavender scented braiding wax in black? Inquiring minds with double maned horses that delight in sporting flyaways want to know!


  7. Interested in what you think of the braiding wax! I’ve been kicking around the idea. Oh and Larry Nassar – SICK SICK SICK.


  8. Wow, parts of Presto are looking like a real horse! Maybe most of him! 🙂

    “Believed” was an education – a sad one. Even if a listener thinks they already know at least something about how things can go so wrong, “Believed” was a whole other level of community and family denial.

    And clearly it isn’t an isolated thing. The sm furor in the horse world shows that the backlash hasn’t really changed over the generations. Even when confronted with the facts, so many people do not want to believe ill of their heroes, regardless. It’s hard to forget the names of who posted some really shocking statements.

    I can’t get over people thinking that problems swept under the rug 30 years ago should stay under the rug. Don’t they realize that it is because the victims were never heard and the problems never dealt with that they are emerging now?


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