I have a few random things to update on today and sat here forever trying to think of a clever title but couldn’t get any further than the fact that they’re all semi-unicorn related. My brain completely stopped working after that. So there ya go, enjoy your completely not clever but at least relatively descriptive title. I’m tired. How is it only Tuesday.

First of all, an update on our Unicorn virtual race. Bobby is getting his ass stomped. The end.

But really though, we’re both stupid competitive (or perhaps just stupid?) to the point where we might have killed ourselves a little bit last week. I found myself making laps around the neighborhood while carrying my mail, and speedwalking around the parking lot while waiting for a table at a restaurant. Did I abruptly leave my desk one morning to walk around the office complex because Bobby was doing the same while on a conference call? MAYBE. MAYBE I DID.

I logged 11 miles on foot within the first few days, but Bobby was still out in the lead. The morning after we got home from XC schooling I met my dad so we could go for a bike ride, since I’m a much stronger cyclist than I am a runner. Granted, it’s been like a year since I’ve been on my bike. What originally started as an “easy 10-12 miler” somehow morphed into a medium pace 23.89 miles. Because the only person I know who is more I will die before I quit than me is my dad. He just kept adding more, asking how many miles Bobby was at. My legs were kinda busted at the end, but it gave me a pretty sizeable lead. Bobby had also planned to go ride HIS bike on Sunday, but he chose to sleep in instead. Fatal mistake, my friend. Fatal mistake.

I don’t really have time to ride the bike during the week, since I’m at the barn every day, so I’ll keep plugging away with the walking and running and save the bike for the weekend. Bobby will no doubt be able to eat into my lead throughout the week, since he runs so much. He logged 4 miles last night but I clapped back with 3 this morning. I mean… I do have to let him catch up a little bit, to keep his spirits up. I’ve gotta keep him just close enough to let him think he might actually have a chance. He doesn’t.

Meanwhile Hillary is watching both of us kill ourselves to beat each other and has already called dibs on our horses. She’s smart. Be more like Hillary.

I had a few people message me asking which app we’re doing – it’s Yes.Fit, and they have lots of different races you can sign up for. Some are really short, some are a lot longer like the 121 mile Unicorn one, and all of them have cool medals and shirts. If you decide to sign up for one you can use code 7MzLFJU6 for $5 off. I have to admit, it’s a really fun group activity, if you’re really competitive and into self-torture.

Where we are currently on the Scotland route map. Bobby is the green one waaaaaaaaay behind me. Also am I the only one seeing that town called Scone? I am very interested in that town.

On Sunday afternoon we all met up at the barn to go for a hack. Bobby had Cannavaro, Hillary had Dobby, and I rode Henry and ponied Presto. It was the baby brigade, for sure. This was going to be Bobby’s second voyage out to the field with Cannavaro, and he planned on trotting a few circles out there at the end.

Headed out!

But he was SO good, and SO quiet, not only did he trot, he also cantered and jumped! It was pretty freaking adorable, Bobby was grinning ear to ear. After 12 years of pretty much only riding Halo, it’s hard to get used to and learn to trust a baby OTTB, but Cannavaro just never puts a foot wrong. He’s a unicorn for sure, and it’s really fun to watch him and Bobby start developing a relationship. It really could not be a more perfect match.

Trotting his first vertical. He still wasn’t that impressed.

And last but not least, in really exciting BABY unicorn news, Peyton is in foal to Ramiro B!!! This will be the second eventing foal for Willow Tree Warmbloods, and Peyton’s first. Ramiro B died at the end of last year but has left quite the legacy with a ton of upper level event horses (plus a few 1.60m jumpers thrown in for good measure) and a very high strike rate among eventing sires.

My favorite event horse ever, Ballynoe Castle RM, is by Ramiro B out of a mare that was 93% TB. Cooley Master Class (2018 Kentucky winner) is by Ramiro B out of an 88% TB mare. Cooley SRS (2nd at Badminton in 2018) is by Ramiro B out of a 70% TB mare. Peyton is full TB, so I’m pretty excited to see what this cross produces… in 11 months.

Horse gestation is way too long.

17 thoughts on “Unicorns

  1. LOL to speedwalking the parking lot. And walking around while on a conference call is sheer brilliance. I need to do more of that.

    Ooohh man. That baby is gonna be SOMETHING.


    1. You wanna make a whole bunch of people look at you funny, just wear breeches with running shoes and walk 500 circles around the restaurant parking lot. While carrying your purse. And sweating profusely.


      1. *snorts* I wish I could have seen that..did they shift their chairs away from you when you entered so they wouldn´t catch “the crazy”?
        Congrats to WTW, cannot wait to see that foal! Who else did they breed, can you share that? Will Sadie be a momma next year? *fingers crossed*
        Also: Yay to the baby gang. Especially a buch of such great-minded babies! Henny might be the biggest diva among them…


  2. Oh, one other question: What are your thoughts on A Fine Romance? He had to be euthanized a few years ago, sadly, but he did put some pretty talented off spring on the ground…though not many made it to 4 or 5* events (A Little Romance being the exception, she was in Rio and Tryon, too, iirc).


  3. I relate so much to your unicorn race. Last night I was planning on biking just to rack up more miles. Husband wanted to run instead and I got REAL crabby about it haha. BIKING TONIGHT FOR SURE. GET ALL THE MILES. WIN ALL THE RACES.


    1. I have to give the app/race some credit, it got me back on my bike, which made me remember just how much I enjoy riding my bike. I went rogue a few times to hop through the grass and weave up and down the gravel path, just because it was fun. Running is still stupid AF, but I do love that bike.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I give it credit for re-motivating me to stay active. I was doing so well in late winter but the last few weeks I have just not felt like doing anything, so this is really helping give me another reason to get out and run/bike!


  4. I’m enjoying “watching” this road race… We’re doing a walk challenge at work, and while I’m way ahead of most everyone, I did hop on the treadmill last night just to make sure.
    Cannavaro is definitely a unicorn, but he needs a barn name, because I always have to scroll up to remember how to spell his name.


    1. Yeah, I’ve tried so many barn names on him but he’s just a royal Cannavaro. We’ll see, maybe Gryffin will stick or maybe something else will.


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