Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Ideal Day

I love a good blog hop, especially if it means I get to live in Fantasyland!

Viva Carlos wrote: In a silent fit of anger at my job I began day dreaming about what life might be like without my job, not what I would spend my money on (ponies naturally) but how I’d actually spend my days…

I am assuming for this particular exercise that I am somehow independently wealthy, since I am jobless but still able to spend money on ponies? And since I’m independently wealthy, I obviously now have lots of ponies and my own farm. Obviously.

Image result for duh gif

5:30am – Wake up and head to my lap pool for a swim. I like waking up early, I can’t sleep past 6 anyway, so I’d still get up at my usual time. Also I love swimming, especially early in the morning, but hate people near me, so the only solution is my own private lap pool at home. I’d be in it every day for sure.

Image result for indoor lap pool
Don’t mind me, just taking my morning spin in my indoor lap pool. Also I got really lost in google in the process of finding this picture… these aren’t as expensive as I thought they would be.

6:15am – breakfast and an hour or so of wasting time on the internet/blogging. This is one of the biggest perks of living in this day and age, the ability to mindlessly surf the internet and waste ridiculous amounts of time.

7:30am – wander out to the barn. The morning would be reserved for riding.

11:00am – Get distracted and start piddling. Spend an hour trying to fix a gate or brainstorming a new XC fence or dragging the arena, or… shit, maybe I’m just out in the pasture doing donuts on the Mule for fun.

you really can find anything on the internet

12:00pm – Wander into town to hit the feed store or tack shop. Grab lunch with friends.

2:00pm – Back to the farm to spend the afternoon working with the babies! Because obviously I have my own little mini breeding operation now, with a couple of foals every year.

Related image
This scenario seems likely

4:00pm – back in the house to shower and waste more time on the internet, finding out what happened all day while I was outside living my best life. I think Independently Wealthy Me would have a corgi rescue, so I could easily lose an hour or two playing with them, too.

Image result for group of corgis gif

6:00pm – Have food delivered. Probably Indian. Maybe Mexican. Nah, lets say I had Mexican for lunch, so let’s go with Indian food for dinner. Delivered to me because I am lazy like that.

6:30pm – READING TIME. I love reading. Everyone go away and be quiet so I can get lost in a book.

Image result for reading nook
Damn y’all, my reading nook is fancy.

8:00pm – Night Check! One last look at all the ponies/dispense some cookies and pats. Also, now my day is bookended with horses, as it should always be.

8:30pm – Go to bed. Keep reading until I fall asleep surrounded by a dozen corgis.


Damn, I really need to find a way to be independently wealthy…



22 thoughts on “Viva Carlos Blog Hop: My Ideal Day

  1. Sounds like a perfect life to me!

    I immediately went on a little internet quest about at-home pools after your mention of that. I had no idea I could have an endless pool installed on a preexisting concrete basement floor! Official retirement plan is set. Step 1. Install pool. Step 2. Wake daily to go enjoy it and exercise.


          1. Oh for sure. You can vary the schedule so only two people at a time doing each activity. So some may want a quiet morning snuggling corgis and pugs, while someone else might ride early. It would definitely work out. Obviously, since we’re so wealthy in this dreamland, we’d have staff to deal with the campers.


  2. I’m a morning person like you and also wind down around 830. I’m a bad ass like that. Switch babies for senior horses and I’m all for this day. Someday I’d love to have a retirement farm so I can love on all those oldies.


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