Sir FloppyLips

Presto’s brain seems to have rebooted since the first post-castration update last week. He’s back to acting like his normal self, ie a menace, pest, and master of sideeye.

All 3 of those things in one picture

I think it helped that by Wednesday his sheath was quite swollen, which took him down a few notches, and he spent Wednesday and Thursday feeling a little sorry for himself. Poor kid’s sheath looked like two big ol’ stallion balls, temporarily earning him the nickname of Ol’ SaggyNuts. I had to enlist the barn worker’s and Hillary’s help so he could get lunged and cold hosed twice a day instead of just once, which seemed to do the trick. They started going down quite a bit on Friday, and by yesterday there was only a little bit of swelling left in the sheath.

Wondering why we’re all so obsessed with his junk all the sudden

Knocking on lots of wood of course, but hopefully this means we’re on the back side of all this. He’s healed well, the swelling is almost gone, and this weekend his personality returned back to normal. I am starting to breathe a little bit easier again, at least as easy as I ever do. Before we even started all this I was a concerned about a lot of things, but especially the swelling. Presto’s dam would always puff up like a damn balloon if you so much as looked at her sideways – she swelled a lot, and took forever to go down. Presto has injured himself significantly less than she did (guess that whole spent-the-first-month-trying-to-die-every-day thing maybe bought us some credit there?) so I wasn’t sure if he would take after her or not in that regard. I had visions of a watermelon-sized sheath or something. Because that’s how my brain works.

in the past week I’ve taken like a hundred pictures of Presto standing at/near the washrack

Aside from feeling a bit sorry for himself on the two most swollen days, he’s seemed none the worse for wear. I do think he’s ready for me to stop cold-hosing his crotch all the time, but he’s been surprisingly good about it. I spent all last summer hosing that horse every day, but he’s never particularly liked being hosed on his hind end. Aside from raising his feet every time the water hits his legs at first, he’s stood remarkably well for all of this, and he hasn’t gotten mad. He still comes up to meet me at the gate every afternoon, even knowing that I’m gonna go take him to lunge for 10 minutes and then squirt him in the weiner with cold hose water.

Hi there

If anything, he’s seemed to enjoy the extra attention. Which is just… weird, considering what the attention entails. Since we had to lunge a little every day, I took the opportunity to sharpen his voice commands, and make the transitions happen quicker and more often. It kept his brain engaged, and I figured it was good to reaffirm all that stuff even more right now, before we start picking up ground driving again in the spring. We made the circles bigger, and smaller, and worked on a little bit of “leg yield” at the walk. The best thing, though, is that I noticed that his lips jiggle when he trots.

It’s hard to see on the video, because it’s difficult to lunge a baby horse and video at the same time, but once I noticed the jiggly lips, I was highly amused. His nickname went from Ol’ SaggyNuts to Sir FloppyLips. Clearly he’s real worried about his life, y’all. Between the ears and lips he is really entertaining.

Da nose goes in hurr

I also sticked him again, because he is getting awfully close to the point where I’ll no longer be able to see over his withers. I was worried that he’d hit 16h already, but no – 15.3 1/2. If he could hold off on 16h until after he turns 2, that would be great. I ain’t about that giant life. I’m in major denial that he’s going to be over 16.2h and I’d like to keep that daydream alive for a while longer, thanks.

Yesterday he felt good enough to chase his donkeys around and turn the manure bucket over when the barn worker’s back was turned, so I think it’s safe to say that things are pretty much back to normal.

18 thoughts on “Sir FloppyLips

  1. Giant baby giraffe. His floppy lips are great but I like the random side eye he gives you throughout the video. Just checking in to see if he can get away with anything. Don’t turn your back on that one.


    1. He’s always hoping I’ll stop paying attention long enough for him to do something exciting. Although last time that happened was when he jumped the mounting block.


  2. hah i hope he finishes at at 16.2 for your sake! much bigger than that and it’s not as fun.

    after you posted this amazing flop lip video i started watching spicys lips more. when I worked him he always used to purse his lips like an anxious housewife but YESTERDAY… yesterday he had presto style jiggles going on. happy days.


  3. Geeze. He’s going to be tall. Sorry.
    Glad he’s healing up so well! I love the floppy lips. My junior hunter uses to stretch his nose way out when he jumped. Like the extra effort might help? It was the cutest.


  4. Aw, so glad the healing process is going smoothly! Riley had that floppy lip thing at the trot and I SWEAR we got extra points for relaxation in dressage tests because of it.


  5. When my mare was about a year older than Presto she got bitten by a snake and it required a ton of daily, sometimes multi daily care scrubbing out a rotting, gaping hole on her face. She LOVED the attention. She’s not head shy and will come running up to me to this day (at 12) I kind of love horses who ignore the fact that they were hurting, they care more about the human one on one time. It’s my favorite personality marker.


      1. Probably the only thing that will fit in that trailer when he is done growing is his ass! HAHAHAH
        His sideeye game is very strong!! 🙂 So glad he is doing okay after his ahem….denutting job:)


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