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It’s a new year, time to clean out my Stuff Room (I guess some people would call it a guest bedroom, but why lie?)! I’m waaaaay overdue for another clean out, so I’ve got quite a few things that need a new home. Most of it I love and don’t want to sell, but just don’t use for various reasons. I can take Paypal or Venmo for payment. Shipping is not included in the prices, shoot me your zip (here or via my contact page or via facebook message) for an estimate. I am not organized enough to hold things for people, so whoever pays first is who gets it. Sometimes it takes me a few days to get things boxed up and shipped out, so if you need something quickly please let me know and I’ll make an effort to get it out ASAP. When things are paid for I will mark them SOLD here, so if there’s still a price showing, that means it’s still available.


Tredstep Solo Grip full seat breeches white size 30 NWT.  – $90


Winston Equestrian breeches, white with gray knee patches size 30. Some typical boot mark staining around the knees, not visible with boots on. Good condition, not worn much. Very similar to Tailored Sportsman or Pikeur Ciara but higher end. – $100


Mrs Tutton’s (high end Australian brand) short sleeve navy and white pinstripe show shirt with navy pleather piping and collar detail. SO CUTE, I love this shirt, but I just don’t ever wear short sleeves. Australian size 12, so 36ish. – $40



Ovation Euroweave knee patch breeches, tan size 30. Worn 4 times. I hate tan and only have them because of foxhunting, but I was gifted a new pair and since I don’t need more than one, these can move along. – SOLD


Ovation Aqua X suede full seat breeches charcoal size 30, only worn a few times. I just really never wear full seats, one of many reasons why I would make a terrible DQ. SOLD


Green Horseware competition jacket, NWT size Medium. I originally got this to satiate my desire for a green coat, but finally caved and bought the green Motionlite instead before I ever wore this one. I have problems. – SOLD

the lighting in my house sucks
it’s actually this color

Tailored Sportsman white show shirt, medium long sleeve with mesh vents. I have SO MANY show shirts (really though, I have 10), some need to go. – SOLD


Noble Outfitters Madison show shirt size large, white with teal. Super cute and comfy/breathable but I find that I almost never reach for the teal, it’s just not my color. I’ve only worn it twice. – SOLD


Valentine Equine white long sleeve shirt with built in stock tie. I’m a bit too fat for this shirt and it’s extremely upsetting, since I had to custom order it to get long sleeves but I messed up my sizing. I love this shirt, so that makes me sad. Australian size 10, fits US bust size 34ish. – SOLD


Black dressage Ogilvy gummy half pad. Definitely some sun-fading around the edges, and it’s the older style gummy where you can’t remove the cover. It’s still in really good shape for an every day pad though (I was showing in it too), and not as thick as the typical Ogilvy. Only selling because I bought a navy one, which should be a surprise to literally no one.  – SOLD


Equine Couture white breeches size 30 NWT with silicone knee patches. – SOLD


Total Saddle Fit black calfskin leathers size 60, in excellent condition. Used for like a month before I got a different style. – SOLD


Kavalkade Ivy bridle, brown cob size. Yeah Presto wore this once. It was meant to be his FEH bridle for 2019 but he’s already in a horse size bridle now, so joke’s on me.  As you can see, it’s not even broken in. Comes with rubberized web reins with stops. SOLD

Airowear Outlyne vest, navy with gray, size L3 (there is a size chart here). Good condition, never fallen in. BETA 3 approved. Only selling because I got a new one! SOLD


Long lines – brand new, never used, 30′ long. Somehow I find myself with two pairs of long lines?? No clue how, maybe my stuff is starting to multiply on its own. SOLD


Navy with hunter green scrim sheet size 72. Remember that hot minute when Presto fit into this? HAHAHAHA. For real though, he wore it once (this is a theme here), at FEH Championships. Clearly it’s good luck. – SOLD


31 thoughts on “Stuff for Sale

  1. You have such great taste! Sadly my horse is more Sadie sized. Do you have any of her things left in your house tacklocker/guest room? 😀


              1. Thank you!! ❤ Sometimes my mailperson oddly leaves packages at the end of my 1000' driveway instead of at the house, and I am paranoid a box will get plowed up in a snowbank until spring.


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