Treat Yo Self Christmas edition

I definitely got some really cool gifts this Christmas, including but not limited to:

this awesome Edgar Allan Poe print
a tire pressure monitor system for my trailer
Image result for navy yeti mug
a navy Yeti mug for my hot chocolate habit

as well as the usual money and gift cards. I LOVE money and gift cards, because I get to do a nice little Treat Yo Self extravaganza on someone else’s dime. Even if one of those gift cards is being hastily ordered at 7am on Christmas morning by the SO, because that is the kind of next level procrastination I’m dealing with here. That’s okay though, because I’m pretty sure the guilt of exceptional delay caused him to throw more money on the card than he otherwise would have. I will take that, please and thank you. I’ve already got a cart full of stuff at Riding Warehouse, including a year’s supply of fly spray and salt blocks, a pair of brown Samshield gloves, another pair of white Horze breeches, and the long-coveted green Motionlite coat.

hello my pretty

My Amazon gift card is already half-used too, buying a new pair of casual shoes for work, because the ones I usually wear have a massive blowout. I have a very Homeless Chic vibe at the moment if you look at my footwear. Or maybe Horse-Poor Chic. Same thing.

From the cash I got, a large chunk of it went to the barn worker. I was going to give him a Christmas tip anyway, so it saved me a trip to the bank. He’s been working 7 days a week for months now, he’s definitely underpaid, and he always makes sure my boys are very well taken of. He deserved every bit of what I gave him. The farrier got his tip a few weeks ago when he showed up at 7am to tack a shoe back on Henry before a show. I had to hide it in his truck for him to take the money from me, but I succeeded. As far as the vets go, considering how much I’ve spent on Henry in the past 6 weeks between teeth, shots and coggins, and his annual injections, they’ve gotten plenty of my money lately (damn Henry feels AMAZING though). And Presto is getting gelded sometime in the next month, so there’s still more money coming to them.

Most of the rest of the cash is already spent too, upgrading to a new vest. I’ve been eyeballing a new one for most of the year now, and I finally used this as a good excuse to pull the trigger.

the Dainese Balios 3

To back up a bit, up until a couple days ago I was still planning on buying the Airmesh. I already have an Airowear that I’ve been really happy with, and the Airmesh seemed like a good next step. I was kinda grumpy that it didn’t come in navy though, and I’ve never really stopped window shopping vests in the UK, since they have so many more options than we do. I found myself on Redpost looking at a helmet cover for my new Champion skull cap (you’ll hear more about that later. And the first person who asks how many helmets I have now gets punched in the throat.) and naturally I clicked over to the site’s body protector page.

new skull cap cover!

I’ve looked into the Dainese brand before, because they have such a good reputation for their motorcycle safety equipment. A lot of the same technology that they’ve used in that market – especially when it comes to being comfortable, flexible, and lightweight – has been applied to their equestrian body protectors as well. Their most popular is the Balios 3, a BETA 3 approved vest that’s made from little hexagonal tiles of memory retention foam. In all of my online stalking of reviews and British forums, everyone seemed to unanimously agree that it was more comfortable, lighter, and breathable than either the Racesafe or the Airowear. To make things even more tempting, Redpost had the navy on sale. With the VAT removed, it was about half off of regular retail, which was too tempting for me to pass up. You can’t buy the Dainese in the US, so I took a bit of a leap of faith with it, but hopefully it fits and hopefully I like it! It’s definitely not like anything I’ve ever seen before.

Henry’s Christmas present was new blankets. Last week Horseloverz put the HUGs on sale, and at first I was going to order some for Presto for next year since he will definitely not fit in his current 72 by that point. But then I figured he’d probably fit in Henry’s 78’s next year, so why not give Henry’s old ones to Presto, and Henry could get nice pretty new ones! So he got a new navy sheet, blanket, and neck cover for a grand total of $130, and I’m happy because I don’t have to look at those ugly teal ones all the time now, since Presto isn’t blanketed much. Plus if he destroys those I won’t really care, since they’re already 3 years old.

As for Presto, well… he didn’t really get anything. He has everything a baby horse could possibly need, and since his current nickname is MOUTH, he’s been banned from treats for the foreseeable future. Hillary’s new horse moved into the pasture next to him though, and I can already tell that they will be great friends. As soon as Presto is gelded and Inca goes back home, they’ll probably end up being pasture mates. So there… I suppose he got a future friend for Christmas.

a big cute derposaurus future friend!

Hope you guys had a great holiday and maybe even got a few cool new toys, too! Tell me everything, you know I love horse stuff.

13 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self Christmas edition

  1. I love when you buy and test new things for the rest of us hehehehe. I already spent a good chunk of my gift cards and cash too – on exciting things like a new vacuum. Because #corgihair. But I did get a new pair of Roeckl winter gloves which I’m way, way too excited about.


  2. As an under appreciated, under paid, and over worked barn worker… the part about tipping yours made me a little watery eyed because I can feel it like an ache how much that probably ment to him. Every barn needs borders like you. Makes all the blood, sweat, and tears feel worth it.


  3. That Netequestrian website had another huge sale, so I got myself Ariat, Kerrits, and Romfh breeches and a new crop. Aaaaand then some asshole keyed my car, so I had to stop riding to pay for it. 🙄


  4. My Christmas gifts this year were probably 95% horse related (that’s pretty much been the norm for the past few years TBH). An Irideon waterproof jacket, Horze top, Kensington mesh hay bag, navy xc pad, plus hooks and double ended snaps for my show stall setup. But I am most excited about the Back on Track mesh sheet and quick wraps that I convinced my mom to grab last minute from TOTD. I can’t wait to see if the sheet makes any difference for my old man who seems to have more aches and creaks than ever.


  5. I never really get anything horse related. Unless hubby’s parents get my a gift card to the store I work at. Which did not happen this year.
    Books, sweaters and I already cannot remember what else were things I got!


  6. Good haul! I’m in Canada and BoT finally has the coloured items available here, so my guy now has head to hoof hunter green BoT items. And I got a free halter in the deal. I have 1 gift card from a local tack shop to burn, but that won’t be hard!

    Have you used the HUG blanket before? I kept seeing them on and have been wondering if the front closure works as well as it seems to?


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