Blogger Secret Santa!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is Tracy’s blogger Secret Santa gift exchange. She is organized and systematic, qualities that I definitely do not have, and I really look forward to it every year. Mostly because I feel like it’s kind of fun to try to figure out good gifts for a horse person that you probably don’t know in real life, but kinda “know” via their blog. It’s a challenge and I like it. Plus buying stuff for horse people is way more interesting and easier than buying stuff for normal people, let’s be honest.

Grem with her bounty

This year my gift showed up before I’d even gotten the last item for my own recipient, which left me feeling extra good at this whole adulting thing. Some of y’all are seriously on top of this. It’s admirable. Mine won’t get there until the 22nd (says USPS, if you care to believe those dreamcrushers), but hey… at least it wasn’t late?

Anyway, my own gift arrived last week and I considered waiting until Christmas for about .5 seconds, but then nah. Grem was very excited to help me open it and examine the contents – peppermint SmartCookies, a navy surcingle belt, and some lotion. All very solid gifts! Especially considering that I know I’m challenging to shop for, and I was 0% helpful when filling out my secret santa form, just putting “Surprise me!” in there. I’m the worst.

how cute was the card?

My Secret Santa was Ashlyn at Pembrokes & Ponies, which was totally fitting since she’s a fellow corgi owner. She did a great job picking out stuff for us, and we love everything. Henry has already mowed through half of the treats


and I wore the belt foxhunting last weekend!

someone really should clean that mirror

It’s possible that Grem absconded with the lotion and I lost it under the coffee table for a few days, but it’s been recovered. For now. Who knew tubes of lotion could sub as cat toys?

Thanks Ashlyn, you nailed it!

9 thoughts on “Blogger Secret Santa!

  1. Solid gift right there! I love doing this exchange, but I’m the total ass who first shipped to her recipient today. #notwinning
    I’ll pay extra to get it there before xmas though! Consequences right?


  2. Blogger secret Santa is my favorite! My person was extremely on the ball and I got my gift the week after Tracy sent out assignments.
    It took a while to get all of the things in for my person, but I shipped it last week before I left on my Texas trip for the long weekend.


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