Long Yearling

Guess who turned 18 months old yesterday, and thus is officially a “long yearling”?!?

this crazy little beast

Said kiddo is also in the middle of a growth spurt again (or should I just say “still”, because I don’t actually think he’s stopped growing since April). You should see how much hay he can put away in a day. It’s been raining a lot here, so they’ve been stalled at night, and I’ve been throwing him like half a bale of hay at dinner every night. There’s never even so much as a speck left by the next morning. It’s like a teenage boy, hoovering food in mass quantities yet still looking scrawny.

at least the grass is back!

The good news is that most of his gross sunbleaching from the summer has finally shed out and he’s a relatively normal color again. The bad news is that he’s rapidly getting hairy. I swear when I left on Saturday, both boys were just a little hairy on the top of their rumps. When I got there Sunday they both looked like they were well on their way to full winter coats. And they also both looked hot, since it’s still 90 degrees. Henry might find himself body clipped soon, but I’m just hoping that Presto doesn’t get much hairier in the next couple weeks before we go to championships. The only thing worse than a yearling is a hairy yearling.

I’m kind of excited about him being a long yearling though. It means he’s closer to being a 2yo than a 1yo. Closer to being a real horse. Closer to being able to do more. Lately we’ve been working on the concepts of ground tying and standing at the mounting block – two things that require immobility, which is probably the hardest thing for a distractable baby brain.

The mounting block stuff, he’s pretty good at. I guess it’s interesting (and brief) enough to engage his brain. The ground tying has had mixed success. He’s pretty good until something else catches his eye, and then it’s definitely an “ooo shiny!” moment in whatever direction has caught his attention. It’s getting better though. If there’s nothing else exciting going on, he stands pretty well. As long as I’m relatively close to him, anyway. Small victories.

Still though, for a yearling (especially still being a colt), he’s pretty darn good. The main barn worker even said the other day that he’s one of the best behaved horses in the barn. I’ll definitely take that compliment, considering that aside from my two, the barn consists only of a bunch of older trail and pleasure horses.

Oh and yes, I will continue celebrating Presto’s half birthdays at least until he’s 3. Time moves so slowly when you’re waiting for them to grow up, I’ve got to entertain myself somehow.

13 thoughts on “Long Yearling

  1. Happy birthday Presto! You are growing up so quickly. When will Presto be gelded? Have his testicles gotten manly enough to be removed?

    Amanda, I am enjoying your blog so much. I know it takes alot of work, but you make my day. Thanks!


  2. Happy Half Birthday Presto (I was going to say on IG the other day he looks like he is growing again (Still??) OMG those legs.

    and yes my guys are getting hairy too. Tate looks like a shetland pony already with his whiskers thick coat and fetlocks. Remus just has his yak whiskers BUT he is getting darker which usually means winter coat on way.

    and it is hot here so they must know something we don’t

    Is the show the 29th? I keep forgettin!


  3. Happy Half Birthday Presto!!!
    Honestly with his start to life, you should celebrate every half birthday he has ever. He’s looking more and more like a grown up horse! Also, he probably has better manners than both of my horses.

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