An Accumulation of Discounted Goods

See how much better that sounds than “all the shit I bought during the Labor Day Sales”?

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Really though, I think I was quite restrained. I did place a Riding Warehouse order of course (which I already got yesterday!) although I talked myself out of a few things.  I loaded up on my usual salt blocks, a new clipper blade for my Listers (WINTER IS COMING), a couple of cheap boot trees because I keep trying to be more of an adult and take better care of my stuff, a pair of foxy D&S socks, and an Equifit boot organizer for the trailer.

With show season and it’s accompanying money purge coming up just around the corner, I talked myself out of the brown TraumaVoid helmet for now. I was feeling a lot of peace with that decision until I went back to the RW website 5 freaking seconds ago to grab the link to it and saw that they’re now on sale. And not only are they on sale, you get a $25 gift card with a helmet purchase. WTF Riding Warehouse. Why are you doing this to me?

It matches my Ego7 boots perfectly and I want it SO BAD.

At one point I also had a black pair and a white pair of the Horze Grand Prix breeches in my cart, but talked myself out of both even though with the sale plus the multi-pair discount, it brought them to $73 each.

I’m having a lot of regrets right now, guys. Help me.

What I did take full advantage of was the Aerie underwear sale. 10 pairs for $35? I’m in. I really like their seamless ones for riding, and they have like 5 different shades of “nude”. No way in heck I’m paying the normal $12 per pair price, but at $3.50 a pop, I’m down. I definitely needed more of those, because I am inevitably always one pair short at a horse show and end up wearing something neon under my whites. I’m that person. But it won’t happen anymore because now I have a bunch.

Other than those two online sales, I was doing really well. At least until Tuesday when I met Hillary for lunch and she said she needed to stop into Dover afterward. The only thing I’m really interested in, when it comes to the Dover store, is the sale rack. Usually there’s nothing great to be had, but every once in a while there’s something really cheap that I can’t pass up.


And this time, as luck would have it, there were two knit show shirts, navy and gray, in my size, marked down from $99 to $19.99. I have the green version of this shirt and really like it, so there’s just no way I was going to be able to resist that. I didn’t even try. I just plucked them off the rack and kept walking, barely a pause in my stride.

I have a weird obsession with show shirts. For some reason I have nine of them, which is more than a little absurd for an eventer. There’s no scenario in which I would need more than 2 per horse show. At some point I should probably go through and sell some of the ones I don’t wear as much.

Did y’all get anything good in the Labor Day sales? It just occurred to me that the next big sale event will be BLACK FRIDAY… I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.

37 thoughts on “An Accumulation of Discounted Goods

  1. I had a cart full of stuff I didn’t really need (except maybe boot socks…) and I managed to escape without buying ANTYHING

    altho i need that brown traumavoid to match my brown tall boots. And then I want them to make a skull cap version so i can put my obnoxious cover on it…


  2. I got a purple pop up tent from Dicks Sporting Goods, which I used immediately at my weekend event, so it’s technically a horse purchase? I’ll be using it almost exclusively at horse events, lol.

    Otherwise, I was in the middle of nowhere with no cell service so womp womp, no sales for meeeeee

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  3. I didn’t buy a SINGLE THING! Shocking. I’m taking a ton of extra call at work to afford the fall show season, so I reasoned that I better not spend any of that money until I’m sure I have enough! Looks like you got some great buys though!


  4. I went shopping on Saturday for makeup, face wash, lotion and some other cosmetics I was running low on. But none of it was on sale. I did but In The Middle are the Horsemen to hopefully read when I fly out to the east coast next week. Nothing to exciting or that great of a sale, but essentials are always nice. Even if sometimes they aren’t horse related.


  5. I didn’t buy anything 😭 I really really wanted to but I somehow restrained myself from even going to their website. The breeches sale tho….. I’m kicking myself now. Altho black Friday may have a really good if not better discount so I’ll just rack up allllll the stuff then lol


  6. Thanks to your influence I have a pair of Dublin River boots coming to me from RW. The price was good for clearance, and then the extra 20% off once they were in my cart meant I HAD to buy them. I love RW but the shipping isn’t great for me. Even if I do the $5 2-day, it takes 4-5 days to reach me in Illinois, more than once. It’s something I keep in mind if it’s a more time sensitive purchase, but I try to buy most of my horse purchases from them.

    I also took part in Aerie’s 10 for $35 sale, I’m all about that noise! I got a couple pairs of the seamless to try for my ultra marathons. I got more boring black pairs for under my workout tights because the bright neons scream at people for attention on leg day.

    Also, you totally need that helmet. If it comes in brown AND navy, you need at least one of the colors. I’m pretty sure it’s a law or something.


    1. It takes 3-4 days for RW stuff to get to Texas, since they use UPS Ground from Cali, which I think is pretty fast. Not Amazon fast, but… they ain’t Amazon lol. They almost always ship the same day that I order though, so their stuff gets here so much faster for me than anyone else’s, because of that. Smartpak is usually 7-9 days (although their record for me is almost 60!), Dover is 6-10. Mostly because it rarely leaves their location sooner than a couple days after my order… and even then sometimes they send stuff SmartPost, which I’m pretty certain is some dude literally walking across the country with my box.

      I do already have the navy Traumavoid.. but I also want the brown…


      1. 3-4 isn’t bad at all, especially for that distance. I definitely don’t expect Amazon speeds (they spoil us), but when I pay the $5 extra for the two day shipping and it’s still normal speeds, not so fun. They usually get my orders out the same day, too, which I really like. So I know it is out of their hands ASAP, so my problem must be with Cali UPS not liking me? Don’t even know what I did to offend them. SmartPost ahahaha that’s pretty funny, but I’m sure quite annoying.

        Oh well then see? Your navy needs a twin.


  7. Nice haul! I had a bunch of stuff picked out, then I realized it was time to order supplements so I had to let most of it go. I did grab a $35 RJ classics show shirt with navy lace piping. I finally wore my existing one last weekend and loved it, so I’m excited for that.


  8. I’m so cheap I didn’t even look. I recently splurged on a second saddle pad for the big guy and even then I almost talked myself out of needing two whole pads when I ride only a few times a week. One is enough, right? But it was on sale for $30, so I snagged it. Then I got myself a new pair of half chaps off Tack of the Day a week later. Two new items for me and I was exhausted from the spending. 🙂


  9. I had stuff in my RW cart, including a dressage whip so I don’t keep having to settle for the used-up/busted-end ones lying around the barn, only to learn via Chat that I had to pay $20 in shipping to get it here. Couldn’t figure out why I was being charged shipping even though order total was over $50 so I chatted in. Well… it’s a weird shape so requires special packing and such. Okay, fine, I get it, but for another $20 I decided I’ll have to drive to the local tack shop and purchase one there. And I don’t really NEED the breeches I had picked out either. Thus, I purchased nothing… Putting the money towards lessons!


    1. They’re actually more expensive on TOTD. Riding Warehouse has them for $199 with free shipping plus a $25 gift card. TOTD has them at $199 plus $8 shipping… and no gift card.


  10. Just bought a rolling saddle rack that folds for travel . Have always wanted one and it was 43 % off. The plan is to use it at events.


  11. I had the Prof Choice XC pad in navy & blue in my cart, as well as 2 of the Ovation Stretch belts (LOVE), but had to abandon them — I needed new hiking boots more. If I get around to getting cages for my stirrups I can at least trail ride in them?
    I did live vicariously and help a friend upgrade her riding tights and get some sheepy nose covers from RW for a steal!


  12. I saw the Trauma Void helmets on sale today at Tack of the Day and nearly bought one, but I really want to try one on in person before I commit. I’ve heard so many people saying they didn’t fit well. And crap, I need another pair of boot trees and I keep forgetting to add them to an order! Thanks for the reminder.
    Very impressed with the Dover sale shirts. Those are gorgeous!


  13. That gray show shirt ❤ I've been looking for a show shirt in that style, but I can never find one! Especially not one for such a good deal. I also have a show shirt problem, but I only have 5 so far lol


  14. Man, all of the people with self control have me feeling a bit bad about all the stuff I bought this weekend! I got a BoT sheet (with neck cover) and a cooler for my new TinyHorse, and I snagged a Weatherbeeta pad and Lemieux pad (SO excited that RW carries them now). And then I picked up a fleece girth, shoulder guard, winter turnout sheet and a pair of breeches from Smartpak. A lot of these purchases I was waiting for these sales to buy, but there were definitely a few things I was not planning on getting that just called to me at 20% off!

    Oh and I also did buy a navy Trauma Void from RW on International Helmet Day – LOVE that thing.


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