It’s the freakin’ weekend

I had a long, kind of heavy post drafted for today but it’s Friday, we’ve got a holiday weekend (mine is four days and I’M SO EXCITED, and I just can’t brain anymore this week. So instead, how about just a few fun things?

First – holiday weekend equals sales! I expect that a lot will pop up over the next few days, but some notable ones for now: Riding Warehouse, One Horse Threads,and Teddy’s Tack Trunk. Riding Warehouse is doing 20% off sitewide, including new items and clearance. The discount is applied automatically when you add stuff to your cart. I noticed they’ve picked up a lot of cool new brands lately, including LeMieux, Mattes, GPA, KL Select, Dreamers & Schemers, etc, and expanded some of their previous product lines. There’s way more Back on Track, OneK, Charles Owen, Acavallo, Ariat… on and on and on. Not that I like, creepily look through their website all the time or anything.

Image result for me no gif
One Horse Threads is doing 30% off of their apparel. Time to stock up on cute shirts.

Teddy’s Tack Trunk has 10% off bathing supplies with code TEDDYBATH through Monday. Which reminds me, I need more Espana Silk. I’m addicted to that stuff now.

Second thing: There is SO MUCH GREAT STUFF live streaming this weekend. I was sad to not get to go to Germany for Bundeschampionate this year since we had such a blast last year, but Clipmyhorse is showing everything online (both live and on replay). I’ve had my face glued to the event horses and the jumpers. My two favorite 5yos from last year, Gentleman and Mighty Carrera, are back again this year in the 6yo’s, and both are in the top 6 heading into the finals. There are 2 Mighty Magic’s in the 6yo finals! Diarado has also made a good showing for himself, with two different offspring winning a couple of the jumper classes already. Here’s Gentleman’s first round in the 6yo’s, which has put him out in the early lead on a 9.5:

Burghley is live sreaming XC on facebook here tomorrow: Burghley Horse International . My face will definitely be stuck to that, Burghley is my favorite 4*.

And then of course AEC’s is livestreaming at RideOnVideo. XC is today!


Last but not least for today, I wanted to offer a big CONGRATS to Sydney on the purchase of Manny! I’m so excited that Sadie’s 3rd colt (and Presto’s half brother) gets to go live with someone I know, and we’ll be able to follow him as he grows up. This should be a really great partnership, Manny lucked out for sure. Some of you may know Sydney as the owner of Two Socks Designs – maker of all sorts of cute stuff from hats to saddle pads to decals.

I could not have hand-picked a better home for him if I’d tried, so hopefully he grows up to be as spectacular as he seems, and they set the hunter and derby rings on fire. I think the Diarado x Sadie cross definitely needs to be repeated!

Happy holiday weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “It’s the freakin’ weekend

  1. Congrats to Sydney!! So cool that we get to see Manny as he grows and becomes ever more handsome and spectacular!
    Gentleman FRH is such a handsome horse.
    Wouldn’t look out of place in a jumper competition. Such a nice canter, too but I wonder if he will be competitive at higher levels. He looks heavier than most top event horses.
    I wonder if Sandra Auffarth will continue to ride him. I like her a lot.
    Wishing everyone in the US a nice, long weekend!!


    1. Yeah I think he’s a little heavy too, but could possibly be a really fantastic cross on a blood mare. He’s gorgeous, a great mover, and has plenty of jump… just needs some blood IMO . I keep asking Alex when he’ll have frozen available for US export! We have a lot of blood in our mare base.


  2. Excited we’ll get to see glimpses of Manny growing up! And I hit up the Riding Warehouse sale yesterday… My last pair of Regals went into rotation, so I needed to replace my live in the trailer pair.


  3. dammit Riding Warehouse! Why did you have to start carrying LeMieux? My bank account wont even now what hit it! matchy matchy pads & polos for DAYS!!!!


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