Like Fathers, Like Sons

One of the most fun things about getting to witness Sadie’s broodmare career is being able to compare and contrast all of her foals. It’s hard to get an idea of what a mare really produces until she has several foals on the ground, so by the time the third one comes along, you finally start to see a real pattern.

magnificent #3

Some mares consistently throw certain traits, like specific parts of their conformation or movement. Some mares, like Michelle’s other mare Laken, seem to just throw carbon copies of themselves no matter what stallion they’re bred to. And then some mares, like Sadie, seem to throw foals that look a whole lot like their sires, no matter how different they are.

yes, this post is mostly just an excuse to post cute Manny pictures

I thought that her first foal Merlin, by Mezcalero, looked the most like her, but then again Sadie and Mezcalero had a lot of similar traits. They’re both big stout horses with relatively similar conformation. Over time, Merlin started looking more and more like Mezcalero, just with Sadie’s trademark giant floppy ears (one thing that she does seem intent on passing on). Presto, of course, looks a whole heck of lot like his sire, Mighty Magic. I see bits and pieces of Sadie in him, too, but overall his phenotype is much more similar to that of Mighty Magic.

And then this year’s colt, Manny (formerly known as Maddy) looks like a little carbon copy of his sire Diarado. The little pony-esque head, cresty neck, and more short-coupled frame… he’s about the polar opposite of long, rangy, TB-looking Presto. It’s kind of amazing that they came out of the same mare.

for real though, how cute is this chunk?

I’m ready to say, after foal #3 by 3 pretty different stallions, that Sadie is the type of mare who really allows the sire to shine through in her foals. As far as looks go, she lets the sire “stamp” them.

What she’s definitely given to all of them, though, is temperament. They’ve all been very people-oriented, friendly, bold, laid-back, and smart – right from birth. They aren’t the kind of foals that spook at anything, hide behind their mothers, or give people the hairy people. They’re lap ponies, pretty sure of themselves and plenty curious about what you’re doing. Really, they’re born amateur horses.

while his mother was in the stocks getting re-bred, Manny helped himself to a page about gymnastic distances


I hope that whoever the lucky person is that buys Manny will keep in touch as he grows up, so we can keep making these kinds of observations over time. It will be really interesting to see how they compare once they’re under saddle and in work. Will they take more after their sires under saddle, or will Sadie’s temperament have more influence over that side of things? Time will tell.

And yes, Sadie was bred back to Diarado so Michelle can try to get an actual filly this time. Sadie seems pretty hell bent on making colts, though, so we’ll see. Pregnancy check next week!


20 thoughts on “Like Fathers, Like Sons

  1. i think Manny should come live on a farm in TN just saying. he is gorgeous. Tell Michelle to brush up on her sexual differences between a colt and filly next year HA HA HA 🙂 I am glad she is rebreeding her to the same stallion. A breathtaking cross (and i also love the mighty magic cross too)


  2. I wonder what a foal from Sadie would look like if the sire didn’t stamp his offspring as strongly..
    As it is, Sadie sounds like a stallion owners dream. She makes sure the sire shines, plus she adds her amazing character to the package. And her trademark long ears…those are


      1. Huh. But Laken seems to be the exact opposite of Sadie, almost cancelling the sire’s looks out completely.
        Still:genetics are so weird and so cool…


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