Presto has a sister! (and Baby Bets contest results)

Well, a half sister anyway. How freakin cute is this little nugget?


Madeline WTW was born on Tuesday evening at the extremely reasonable hour of 6pm. That makes Sadie 3 for 3 with foaling during daylight hours! Clearly she isn’t reading the mare handbook, but it’s really convenient actually. Guess she wants to make extra sure that no one misses anything?

Last night they got to go out in the paddock and explore/stretch her legs. Sorry I couldn’t pick just one or two of my favorite pics of the ones Michelle sent, so here are… 8. Not sorry.



These two ❤


she is SASSY
She literally floats



Not gonna lie, I have some serious “grandma” pride right now. Baby is ADORABLE. She definitely seems to have Diarado’s head for sure, and the same big sloping shoulder and super long legs as Presto. The rest we’ll have to see as she unfolds and fills out more. Michelle reports that she is very friendly and people-oriented, too. Typical for Sadie’s foals, they’ve all been comfortable with people from the very beginning. I love Madeline’s two little diagonal white socks and star, and those big fuzzy ears. This is the most white any of Sadie’s foals have had so far. She’s also very very bouncy. Like I’m not sure that she realizes she can actually canter without bucking. And yes, I spend way too much time watching them on the cameras.


Sadie is hardcore living that mom life, can’t even pee in peace

Sadie as usual is being a fantastic mom. She was noshing on hay within minutes of giving birth (just like last year) and doesn’t mind all the humans coming in to mess with her baby. I think she’s got this broodmare thing down pat now. I love my “little” mare so much, and it makes me happy to see her enjoying her life and being so good at her job. She’s special to me, she’ll always be my first homebred and my best girl.

As for the Baby Bets contest, this year REALLY went down to the wire. After Laken’s foal, Amelia was way out in the lead with 15 points over the next closest competitor. But Anne B rallied hard with Sadie’s foal, guessing EVERYTHING correctly except for the foaling date – she was only one day off. That’s some mad skills right there. And no one actually guessed the foaling date correctly on this one, believe it or not.

So, we ended with Amelia and Anne in a tie, with 30 points each.

Edit – we’ve had a bit of a complication. Will update winner info later!


Many thanks again to Riding Warehouse for sponsoring this contest, can’t wait to do it again next year! And of course thanks to so many of you for participating. Baby horses are so fun.

But for real how freaking cute is Madeline?

24 thoughts on “Presto has a sister! (and Baby Bets contest results)

    1. Yes I did. Unfortunately he recently suffered a very severe colic and didn’t make it. We’re all pretty devastated by that, he was making up into such a nice horse and his owner loved him.


  1. Aaawww!!! It seems Sadie´s babies come out with a healthy dose of self assuredness.
    This is one bundle of sass!
    And she looks so tall…even next to her tall momma.


  2. BABY! I absolutely love diagonal white legs. It gives them a level of flash that all four whites just doesn’t hold a candle to. And what a perfect little star! What a cutie pie!


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