That. Is. Hideous.

The re-introduction of the hackamore into Henry’s show wardrobe created a bit a predicament (ha, pun. stop groaning.) with my bridle lineup. All of my good bridles these days are monocrowns, which don’t actually work with a hackamore… there would be one extra strap with nothing on it, flap flap flapping around in the breeze.

are flapping straps worse than this hideous thing? I don’t know…

Luckily I did have something it could go on: my old Royal Sports bridle that I had made for a hackamore several years ago. I hated that thing since the day I got it, and I still hate it, and it’s even uglier now than it used to be. I’ve just kept it around so I can ride in my sidepull sometimes without changing bridles around. I mean, the bridle technically does the job, but it’s hideous and I do not like using it in public, not to mention the fact that the crownpiece does not fit correctly around Henry’s ears. There’s no freaking way I can show up at a recognized event with that gross, flaking, orange-padded, ill-fitting nightmare. I’m pretty sure that counts as horse abuse or something. Granted, the hackamore that I picked up for cheap to use for this little non-bitting experiment is pretty ugly too.The only thing wrong with it is the color though (which ironically matches the hideous orange padding on the bridle perfectly), so my eyeballs were mildy less offended about that part than they are about the bridle itself.

If you like having cheekpieces in your horses eyes and a bridle that is more orange than brown, that setup is totally up your alley. (Fun fact from the above pics: it was so windy that day for the CT that none of the panels or gates could be put up in the cups lest they become airborne projectiles. Texas is great.)

If we’re going to use a hackamore for real, ie in public, I really wanted a true hackamore bridle with a jaw strap – like the Dy’on and PS of Sweden hackamore bridles have – to keep the cheekpieces out of his eyes and help stabilize the thing on his head a little bit. The problem is that those were the only two bridles I could find with that feature, and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money.

Ok that’s a lie, there’s this FRA bitless bridle thing that technically has the strap I want, but what the hell is up with that hideous “hook out” cheekpiece? It looks backwards. It’s making me twitchy. I cannot.


And there’s also the Barefoot Physio bridle, which would have worked, but the brown one has hideous orange padding just like my current bridle. That’s a NO. Bridle makers: STOP WITH THE ORANGE PADDING.


Hideousness is the theme here.

So the Dy’on and the PS were the only two pretty bridles I could find with that feature.

The Dy’on bridle would have worked, and it’s only $150 (sans hackamore and reins) if you buy it from Europe, which isn’t too awful. Of course, then I’d have wanted to put a nicer hack on it, like a Jin, which I could also get from the same shop in Europe for another $100 (then add $25ish for shipping to all that), or a Stubben or a Herm Sprenger. The only thing I didn’t like about the Dy’on is that Henry really needs the full size crown for the ear cutouts to fit, but the full size cheekpieces would put the jaw strap up high, above his eye. I much prefer that the strap sit lower, so that it’s level with or below the eye. The strap is fixed, though, so I wouldn’t have been able to move it to where I wanted unless I took it to a leather person and had them do it for me. That’s annoying for something that isn’t cheap to start with.

Image result for
lower that strap like 2-3″ please

The one that I liked the design of the most, of course, was the PS of Sweden hackamore. It has the strap where I want it, and I love the wide padded crown. It comes with the matching (praise jesus) hackamore already on it, which is nice too. One purchase and you’re done. And it’s pretty (which matters a lot). But – there’s always a but – these went out of production a couple years ago, so there aren’t a lot left on the market in the size and color I want. The cheapest new one that I found from my preliminary search was around $315 including shipping.

Image result for ps of sweden hackamore
but prettttyyyyy

I briefly considered trying to Frankenhack something together that would work, but that sure sounds like a royal pain in the ass to try to get everything to match.


Image result for #firstworldproblems gif

So I tossed an ISO ad up on English Tack Trader on facebook, figuring it was worth a try but also thinking there was just no way I’d get that lucky. Next thing you know, low and behold, not only does someone have a brown full size PS hackamore, but it’s someone I actually know! She used to live near here and reads the blog and rode with my trainer a little bit. She offered it to me for a much more reasonable price than new, and I was sold. Done. Bam.

Everyone thank Teana for saving Henry from that hideous orange monstrosity that he’s been wearing. She’s done us all a big favor here.

And no one ask how many bridles I have now. Just don’t. A bridle for every bit, am I right???

Image result for i want them all gif

36 thoughts on “That. Is. Hideous.

  1. i am shocked you even put that thing on Henry. LOL I know your standards. Glad you found something that works and is not hideous nor required a second mortgage to acquire 🙂


  2. I have the PS of Sweden hackamore and I love it! I don’t use it that often, but I got it because it was the only fashionable looking hackamore that I could find, and I refused to put something hideous on my mare, even if it was just for occasional use.


  3. Yay!! I’m really disappointed to hear that the PS of Sweden bridle is out of production. I almost bought that one a couple of times and now I’m really disappointed that I didn’t


    1. I’ve wanted one since they first came out but couldn’t really justify the purchase if I was only hacking in a hackamore. But if we’re gonna showjump in one, that totally changes things! Lol


  4. Yep, a bridle for every bit AND every horse! I’m about to downsize my collection as I have fewer horses than I used to, and waaaay more bridles.
    That one you wound up with is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it on Henry!
    I have a bitless bridle that’s really pretty, but not sure it’s as effective as a real hackamore. I’ve only used it on Rio and he only toodles. I’d try both on Jamp to see what they do… but I like living. Maybe my next horse will offer some input there.

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  5. I really do hate that PS of Sweden comes out with beautiful bridles and then discontinues them! They had a dressage bridle I really wanted a few years ago and I knew I was going to get some money for Christmas so figured I’d wait till then to get it and no joke! They stopped making it and of course ran out of the full size during Christmas 😦 But so glad you found your hackamore!!!! Hooray for friends with tack you need!!! (Though did you ask her if she bought the PS hackamore bc you were blogging about how great their bridles were? That would be kinda funny if you’re the reason you got one!!! 😁)


  6. It sounds like you need to find a good leatherworker and have them make you what you want with the quality you want. Smith worthington might be willing to add straps, but adding a cheek strap really should be able to be done from a quality leather worker.


    1. I think I still have my blue and yellow pearl PSoS browband that I bought forever ago, I’m gonna have to dig through my drawers. Either that or I’ll take the Boy O Boy browband off of my XC bridle (I kinda like it for XC though, so I dunno!).


  7. i wish you could see my hack setup on indy. its a cob bridle. it doesn’t fit, so much (and definitely always looks like its about to blindfold him conveniently)

    but like, hes not sticking his tongue out in it sooooo ???


    1. The leather on that bridle is quite cheap, and originally had an edge coating that has partially flaked off. It would take a lot of effort to try to remove all the coating, then hope that the leather would take the dye well. The fact that it doesn’t fit properly either (and is cracked/rubbed on some of the straps) made it not really worth the effort. Even in another color it would still be a crappy, ill-fitting bridle.


  8. I have a black headstall that I use on my hackamore made by the Amish in Wisconsin which is very nice to look at and fits my large headed perfectly. You should have gone to the Amish and have them make one custom for Henry for a check of a lot less than you paid for even one of the headstall you ended up buying, totally without any orange on it in whatever color you wanted. But I guess its too late for that.


    1. I actually bought a whole bridle, not just a headstall. The Amish do solid work but for showing I really prefer the fancier look of the PS, and I’ve always LOVED their ergonomic crown. Plus I got it quite cheap, it’s exactly what I want, and I’ll have it quickly… so I’m very pleased with my purchase! I lucked out!


  9. Thank you.
    Thank you.
    I mean that sarcastically 😂😂

    I did not realise there was an actual solution to the cheek pieces moving towards the eye issue. I havn’t seen any like that in the UK.

    I am now going to have to buy a P.S of Sweden bridle aren’t I?


  10. So, if you hadn’t found one on Tack Trader, any idea what you would end up doing? I’m looking for the same thing to use with my hackabit, and the current setup has the cheekpieces way to close to his eyeballs…..couldn’t find anything on eBay. 😦


    1. I probably would have bought one of the few remaining new PS ones from somewhere online, honestly. I really like that design the most. The Dy’on is a pretty good deal though, from Just Riding or Equizone, if you just want the headstall.


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