Friday Free-For-All

I tried to make a Friday Five, but clearly I can’t play by the rules so instead this just turned into a Friday Free-For-All of all the randomness that I’ve been really into this week.

Seaver update

First and foremost, an update on my post from yesterday about the Seaver girth sleeve. I tried the modified attachment method that they suggested when I emailed them about my issues (velcro straps through the sleeve loops, and then the cinch straps all the way around the entire thing on each side) and that did the trick! The sensors are so sensitive that if it’s not sitting flat, the data ends up really skewed, and the app won’t display it if there are a lot of anomalies. Yesterday’s data looks pretty darn spot on though, and I was really impressed by just how much it shows. Heart rate, tons of gait data (duration, symmetry, elevation, cadence, left/right analysis, etc both average and at each gait), plus average and individual jump data. Like it literally shows your trajectory for every fence you jump. How friggin cool is that? The heart rate data is amazing too, I like seeing just how fast his BPM returns to normal once we come down to a walk. This will be useful for our conditioning rides, for sure.

new attachment method
page 1 of the jumping data
one of the many gait infographics
Heart rate data!


The Hate U Give 

Image result for the hate u give

I downloaded this on Audible to listen to last weekend while driving to/from the horse show and a couple of y’all commented on how good it was. You were right. It was amazing, and it’s so important, and I’m so glad it’s being turned into a movie. It’s one of those books you just can’t stop thinking about. Also props to the narrator of the Audible version… sometimes I get really annoyed with narrators but she was great. If you haven’t read it, or listened to it, I highly recommend.


Majyk Equipe’s new saddle pad line


I have been a devoted Majyk Equipe brand from the very beginning, so I’m always excited when they roll out new products. They have yet to disappoint. Now they’re branching out from boots and getting ready to debut a line of saddle pads AND some girths! I’m 100% into this. I have yet to find the perfect short girth for my jump saddle, and I’m always interested in new saddle pad technology, especially coming from a company like ME that is always so thoughtful in their design. Really want to get my hands on the impact pad (the spine relief in the back!), and their Luxury pad comes in navy and golden yellow. I mean… are they making products specifically for me? I wouldn’t complain if they are.



what Sadie looked like last year around day 330

Everyone’s favorite resident elephant is at day 324 of her pregnancy today, if I’m counting correctly. That means she’s made it over the “safe” 320 day thresh hold, which is always a relief. So far, so good, knock on wood! Right now she looks about normal for her in this stage of pregnancy – ie she is freaking ginormous and looks like she ate a house. Presto’s newest half brother or sister should be here in another 2-3 weeks!


Leprince des Bois


On the same breeding vein, I just found out that we actually can get Leprince des Bois frozen semen in the US. For some reason I thought we couldn’t and now I’m geeking TF out. Who is Leprince des Bois? Oh ya know, just a proven 4* horse that was ridden by Kai Ruder and then “retired” to cart a junior to the win in the German young rider’s championships the following year. I’ve loved him forever, so the fact that we CAN get his semen here is very very very interesting news indeed. I might need one of these someday…



We’re smack dab in the middle of spring in Texas, which means wildflower season! This is, admittedly, one of the few things I like about Texas. My entire jump field is coated in orangey pink, and the roads to and from the barn are layered in bluebonnets. Okay, granted, there’s also so much oak pollen in the air that you’re basically choking to death, but at least there are pretty flowers to look at? If you ever want to visit Texas, late March/early April is the time. Like, the only time. The rest is terrible.



And last but not least, a quick Grem update! She’s still adorable, still super fluffy (her butt is the fluffiest, omg), and still rules the house with an iron paw. She’s less snuggly and more… insane… than she used to be, but still overall a good cat as far as cats go. She has more toys and stuff than any of the other animals in the house, that’s for sure. She’s rotten, and she likes to destroy things. But her butt is so FLUFFY AND CUTE, so… it’s ok.


7 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All

  1. Followed your instagram story and saw you managed to get the Seaver working. Very interesting and I don’t think you can ever have too much knowledge on your horse! Personally for me I’d love to track the symmetry on my horse who I’m constantly paranoid about! I’ve looked and they retail at £289 over here in the UK so maybe I’ll start saving whilst you update us.


    1. Yeah luckily I got in on the Kickstarter pricing which was about 50% of retail! It’s a neat gadget, it’ll be fun to play with it and see how it works for us.


  2. The Seaver looks pretty awesome now that it’s working! I’d never pay 400 euro for it, but I’ll read all about yours! Ha!
    A little jealous of your wild flowers. It’s snowing and raining all at the same time here right now.


  3. That Seaver looks awesome! Has anyone used it on a gaited horse? I’m so curious about how it would pick up their gait(s).

    Looks like I need to check this book out! Because I need more things to read….:|


  4. I hadn’t heard about The Hate You Give but just read a couple reviews on it. Looks like I will be crying my way to Oklahoma in a couple weeks. Thanks.


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