And away she goes!

My first recognized show entry of the season went in the mail this morning, which means it’s officially that time again: show season! Well, ok, there have already been shows going on all winter, because Texas, but it’s the first recognized show of the season. Well, ok, that’s not true either, because the first recognized show of the season is next weekend and I can’t go because one of SO’s friends is getting married. People. Stop getting married.

So that means our first recognized of the season will be Texas Rose at the end of the month. Since I just sent off my TR entry this morning, I kinda cut it close there considering closing date is Tuesday. Typically I don’t wait that late, I know that’s annoying to organizers. I just couldn’t really commit until after our XC schooling. TR is a big ask for the first show, so I wanted to see how he felt. Beast mode seems fully engaged, so off the entry goes.

beast mode

The next entry to go in the mail will be Holly Hill. I was majorly waffling on this one, because Trainer isn’t going and neither is basically anyone else I know. It’s also in Louisiana, which is a far haul with my trailer. But dammit, Holly Hill is my favorite venue and I didn’t get to go to either of their shows last year due to various conflicts. I’ve been dying to run their Training course since I first laid eyes on it two years ago, so I’m going this time even if it means I’m going alone. I don’t get to do that many recognized shows, so I’m gonna do the ones I want come hell or high water (please no high water, my horse is not a mudder).

After that I have no idea what our season will look like. Ideally I’d like to go up to Willow Draw for their One Day, since we haven’t shown there before, but with Presto coming home and me wanting to take him to a couple Future Event Horse shows, there might not be enough room in the budget for a third recognized for Henry this spring. We’ll definitely do the fundraiser derby at Pine Hill in May, and then maaaaaaaaaaybe the schooling HT at MeadowCreek in June if the weather isn’t already 100 degrees. That’s always iffy.

like, really though, it was hot as balls last year

Beyond that I’ve been a little hesitant to try to plan the rest of the year. There may be some major life changes on the docket, and I don’t really know yet what impact that will have. I really wanted to try to do something farther-away (because driving 4-6 hours to events isn’t enough for me I guess?) like Colorado or Kentucky, but I’m seeing that as fairly unlikely as of right now.

I’m guessing that most of our miles will come from smaller shows, closer to home. I’d like to do more Prelim CT’s, and some jumper shows. We need to work on all that. I’d really love to try our hand at a Prelim derby, if one presents itself as being workable. The green number stuff doesn’t look that terrifying anymore. Which is a weird observation in and of itself, coming from me.

Green numbers, not that scary.

Overall I think we’ll adopt last years planning method of “wherever the road may take us” and just see what happens past June. That was liberating.

Anybody else got their show season mapped out (or… mapped out-ish) yet?

21 thoughts on “And away she goes!

  1. I would totally have crewed for ya in Louisiana! Going to an eventing event is on my bucket list. However, that is also the same weekend I’m riding in Oklahoma (also alone). I start the season by putting all the known events in my 8 hour driving radius to on my calendar. Then as shit happens, I slowly start removing them to leave the ones that I can actually go to. Thankfully I am old and selfish so I go to pretty much any events I want to as long as the horses are good to go. I don’t mind hauling and am pretty self sufficient. I typically plan one out-of-area trip a year. New Mexico this summer and California next summer.


  2. 1. Holler if/when you go to Willow Draw, I’d love to come watch!
    2. You can’t nonchalantly drop “major life changes” then move on! ??????????
    3. I’m pretty envious of show planning since my 2 who are most showable are broken right now.


  3. Come to NC. I live across the street from the Carolina Horse Park. That means no stabling needed! You can stay with me (futon though) and plenty of Pony room. Lots of fun horse stuff here. Daily. Serious offer. Bring trainer, plenty of room!


  4. We’ve mapped out April and May so far but as hubby’s new guy is a green baby OTTB and hasn’t been off property yet, we’re playing it all by ear and plan to be extremely flexible. I’d say come to the Essex Horse Trials in NJ but I suspect that is a wee bit far. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Yes! Mine is mapped-out-ish. The final schedule depends on where other members on my team want to go, but I’m super excited about this year. I have actual goals beyond “complete one horse trials” and I can’t wait to get started! Alas, since it’s only March, we’re like to get another 1-2 snowstorms and then we have to wait for the ground to improve before we can even school XC AND I’m one of those people getting married this summer, so my season won’t truly start until July. Which feels at once a long way away and really soon, somehow.

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  6. I really don’t have anything planned out because I’m now on a sassy toad instead of my trusty giraffe. And I wish my closest show was 6 hours away, you turd.

    Also, yaaay show season! Green number time!

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  7. Sounds like you have a good plan even with the unknowns. I definitely am up in the air this year with a coming six year old. There are so many baby opportunities for her I could literally show every single weekend LOL, but I have not yet figured out my exact plan. I want to see how the next month goes and her first show in April and THEN I will have a better idea haha.


  8. Ok this year is a big one for me and my two boys. The season is basically being planned around going to Foshay International the first weekend of Sept. This will be our first ever FEI event so we are planning to do the new intro 1.05m level. So the first show is the long weekend in May that is a training show hopefully we’ll do training / prelim. First actual recognized show will be in Bromont (12 hrs) in June 16th. Then I’m not sure I’m looking to travel to Ontario or Quebec (18-20hrs) and maybe do one or two other shows there to make sure we have qualifying scores in July. And then hopefully it’s off to Foshay! My qualifying score’s only have to be at training level but if possible I would like to try and do one run at prelim feel really comfortable going to our first FEI. As I write this we are in the midst of a snowstorm getting another 15 to 20 cm of snow tonight. Summer seems far away yet on Sunday we change the clocks. Hooray for longer evenings with daylight


    1. I tried to write very casually about doing doing the green numbers. Like it was no big deal. Secretly even writing it kind of Spike’s the adrenaline.


    1. okay thanks for not blocking me Amanda.

      I so much dont have a plan i dont have a pla (Friends Reference)…..i will live thru you. When is Holly Hill and where in LA?? also i dont even know where i am living when show season comes around ๐Ÿ˜‰

      ha glad you have a plan!


  9. I am mapped out -ish. I’ve got three events that I am committing to, as I’m planning to camp the weekend for them and volunteer one day and ride the next. Other than that, other things will come up as they come up. I’m still working on an unknown date for spouse departure for work and that impacts childcare on show weekends, so I’m hesitant to commit more than what I’ve got already.


  10. Lol… no mapping here. I’m still trying to decide if I should micro chip Jamp or just check retired on his USEF membership…
    I’m so excited to read about you and Henry though! Look at all that prelim talk you have going on there! So exciting!


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