What Henny Got for his Birfday

So, I kind of accidentally set up a vet appointment for Henry’s SI injections ON his birthday. When I was on the phone with the receptionist I didn’t actually look at the date when she said “next Tuesday”, I just jumped at the chance to a) get a farm call, b) be the first one of the day. So, oops. My bad. Umm… happy birthday Henny?

most majestic 11yo I’ve ever seen

But all was not lost. Just because he got two sharp stabs in the back (sorry bro) doesn’t mean it was all bad. In fact, if you ask Henry I bet he would say he had a great birfday. Let’s break it down “by the numbers” style. All total, he got:

14 – NickerMakers, his most favorite of the “cheap” treats, and one German Horse Muffin. Honestly this isn’t too many more than he gets on any normal day, because rotten.

1 – Quick trip to Drunktown via his favorite recreational drug, xylazene.

high as a kite

50 – ml’s of Adequan ordered, because why not just get the big bottle, am I right? 🙄 For real, that shit is expensive enough to make my stomach hurt a little so enjoy the golden joint lube, horse. Jk you’re a unicorn and I love you, you can have anything you need.

2 – ultrasound-guided SI injections, left and right. Yes they count as a gift. Okay, maybe it’s a gift for both of us.


3 – new fan club members (the vet and his two assistants) who got 0% of his wrath (for some reason he doesn’t seem to mind the giant disgusting horrifying needle of the SI injections) and 100% of his begging-for-cookies faces. The entire time. Even through the drugs he can still beg. He’s a professional.

24 – blissful hours of total R&R complete with room service. He has to stay in his stall for a day after the injections, but the weather was super cold and rainy and gross so he would have been stuck inside anyway. However since he had a “procedure”, he got some special treatment.

90 – seconds of quick turnout for a nice roll in the sandy arena before the vet showed up


1000 – lbs of hay consumed. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but he had a big thick flake of alfalfa and three flakes of coastal for breakfast alone. Oinker.

So, ya know… maybe he could have done without the stabby parts, but it wasn’t all bad?

8 thoughts on “What Henny Got for his Birfday

  1. Oops, bad timing – but: yay, drugs?
    Henny´´s got skills though – begging while drugged? Never lose the weird, Henny. Never lose it!


  2. Not too bad overall! I was feeling bad Juice missed turnout Saturday because of the dentist, but it gave him a day off from our usual harder-working weekend rides and turnout was limited due to weather that day anyway. He probably had some of his breakfast AND lunch waiting for him once he came out of his stupor!


  3. Minus the stabby part, it’s a pretty solid birthday. And it certainly cost you enough money, so that should definitely count for something. Enjoy his freshly lubed back when you can get back on! (But also, maybe use the neck strap that day…)


  4. Bacon had different feels about that needle. She had extra recreational drugs and was polite about her feels, but she still shared them.

    Happy birthday Henny! Maybe the 11 is actually a symbol for two pointy needles?

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    1. I dunno why he’s so chill about that one. When we injected his ankle a few years ago he almost took the vet’s head off even with lots of drugs and a twitch. SI he just kinda flicks an ear back like “bro…”.


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