No Vacancy

I don’t know how this always happens, but it never fails there are a couple months every spring and every fall where I manage to make plans every single weekend. I realized, as I was entering a Pony Club commitment into my phone’s calendar, that I’ve done it again. My next free weekend is April 14-15. Maybe. So far, anyway.

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It’s a mixture of barn-sitting, horse shows, XC schoolings, lessons, Presto-visiting, and then one pesky wedding that is causing me to miss the first recognized show of the season. Why do people keep getting married? And don’t they know they have to do it in the off season? WTF?

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Some weekends I’m double booked, with something different both days, like XC schooling up north on Saturday and then doing a sporthorse conformation lecture for Pony Club on Sunday. I was really hesitant to agree to the PC thing at first, I don’t really feel qualified for… most things… but those moms can be convincing. And now I’m oddly excited about that weekend because 1) I’m gonna make that huge weldon’s wall my bitch

photo courtesy of my friend Jeannette’s facebook, because when I walked up to this thing on the course walk I couldn’t even make eye contact with it, much less take a picture

and 2) I get to nerd out about confo with a bunch of kids who are probably gonna think I’m legit crazy. They’re not wrong. Wait til we get to the part about LS gap alignment, my favorite! I’ve already made worksheets, naturally. If I’d had college courses with subject matter like this, I probably would have done a lot better. Or at least shown up on time.


The other thing I’m extra excited for is the Presto visit. I haven’t seen him in person since his inspection at the end of September, and by the time I see him again he’ll be just a week shy of his first birthday. Can you believe it? He’s almost officially a yearling! I can’t wait to get up there and put my hands on him and string test him and all that fun stuff. I know he’s not in a particularly attractive phase right now but I want to see him in the flesh, with my own eyes, and get a look at how he’s maturing.

current assessment: yak

Plus Michelle’s first mare is due kinda sorta around that time, so maybe I’ll get lucky and see a baby?

As far as horse shows it looks like the first recognized will be Texas Rose at the end of March, in which I have vowed to jump that stupid Weldon’s instead of playing it safe and going the long route like last time. We have a score to settle, Texas Rose. After that we’ll just see what works out. I definitely want to get to Holly Hill since I missed both shows there last year, but otherwise I’m just gonna see what sounds good and works out timing-wise. Trying to keep it fluid and low-stress.

There’s already an interesting proposal on the docket for the fall too… of course I’m really gunning for getting to attend Mondial du Lion in France (already have price alerts on the flights), but also a friend of mine wants to look at horses in Belgium a couple weekends later. So like… I should just stay in Europe for a couple weeks, right? Between MdL, looking at stallions, a little bit of touristy crap, and other horse shows, I could easily fill up that time. Therefore I feel like yes, let’s just make it a two week stay.

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Surely I’m not the only one who’s already managed to start filling up the year? Anyone else have any fun plans?

15 thoughts on “No Vacancy

  1. Yeah I maybe definitely planned my wedding for December on purpose because it’s my off-season. Priorities.
    I’m exhausted just looking at your schedule, but at least it’s all pony stuff!


  2. I’m trying to limit myself to one major horsey outing a month, partially because of monies but also because, like you, I tend to say yes to way too much and end up exhausting myself with all the crap I try to cram into a weekend. Our first schooling show is tentatively scheduled for March 17-18, but I’m hauling my baby up to be closer to me next weekend (that counts as an outing to me because of the 6 hr round trip with a trailer). Then we’ll see how the schedule goes the rest of the spring/summer, but I am definitely planning to trip to RRP this year, as I have at least 3 friends/trainers competing!


  3. That sounds fun, but exhausting. I know myself well enough to know that I need at least a weekend off every so often to just veg or I become a very… unpleasant person. So far the only big thing on my calendar is event camp in July, but I have yet to figure out my show schedule/budget yet.


  4. Ok, any chance you will share your conformation worksheet or can suggest website etc to look for them? I am helping the local PC, the confirmation session is coming up soon and I would love to have new material.
    Weddings ugh if people have to get married and it has to be in the summer what the Heck is wrong with a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday mornings?

    Free Weekends pretty sure they don’t really exist during the summer 🙂


  5. My calendar is surprisingly full for this time of year, but sadly none of it is really horsey. I’m hoping to get down to FL to visit and ride Badger soon though.
    I was asked to give an equine talk to a girl scout troop when I was in college. It wasn’t nearly as intense as what you have planned for the pony clubbers, but they were mostly non horse girls just trying to get a badge. They were actually very attentive and interested though. It was really fun to do, and I wish I had the chance again.
    I don’t know how you survive not getting to see Presto more. That must be so hard!
    Two weeks in France sounds pretty fab! Hope you can make that happen!


  6. PRESTO PRESTO PRESTO can’t wait to hear all about your visit with him. Damn you busy. Better you than me. I need my weekend recoveries too! I do not plan that far ahead either. LOL


  7. I can’t wait to hear about your Presto visit! I can’t believe its been since September! That’s when I took Joey to that show…I can’t fathom not seeing him between now and then. Gotta get that boy moved closer! My calendar is filling up too…I actually had to start writing stuff down because we’re hunting for a clinic to attend and I keep picking ones on dates of other things…haha


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