Quinn’s Dream Job

My 9-5 job isn’t exactly the highest paying gig in town, but what I do have is a crap ton of PTO. Like 32 days. Who can even use that much? There are a few perks to working somewhere for a really long time. So when my friend Megan asked me if I was available to fill in at her tack shop for a horse show in Houston, I jumped at the chance. I don’t get to do it very often, but I love working the mobile shop. And so does Quinn.

I worked my regular job on Mon/Tues, then drove down on Tuesday night. I’m staying onsite in an RV, which is awesome, and Quinn made himself right at home.

Wednesday morning was a lot of setup… there were so many bins of sale stuff that my eyeballs started to cross. The super fun part of unpacking it all, though, is that you also get to GO THROUGH it all. Y’all know me. I friggin love stuff. Especially horse stuff. Extra-especially riding clothes. Extra-extra-especially of the higher end variety.

Well, I unpacked. Quinn watched.

Then I swept, dusted, re-dressed a couple mannequins, started arranging all the other racks, etc. Maybe I’m a nerd, but it’s fun. Really fun. And what was Quinn doing all this time? Still watching from the doorway, probably while silently judging me, because that’s what he’s good at. He rarely moves.

And then I set to work doing what every good friend does… picking out sale items that certain people just HAD to have! Me included of course. Lord help me, if I can escape this weekend and still be in the black, it’ll be a miracle. But a couple other bloggers and my trainer really needed some stuff…

We should play “guess who bought what”! But it was on sale, y’all, it doesn’t count. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works, anyway.

I DO have a pretty awesome collection of stuff in the sale tent though. Winston, Le Fash, Asmar, Animo, Cavalleria Toscana, etc. Belts out the wazoo. Breeches. Sweaters. Casual clothes like shirts and vests. Show coats also out the wazoo. If you’re looking for something in particular let me know, I’m happy to get you some pics and shipping is easy. Being someone’s personal shopper is kind of my dream job. And if you’re looking for a TS alternative I have a decent selection of tan Winston (and a couple charcoal gray) on sale… I have a pair and love them. No Velcro!

Plus, if other people buy everything then there’s nothing left for ME to buy. See my logic here? It’s totally valid.

For real though, if you’re nearby come see me! I’m having lots of fun and so is the corgi. He’ll be on duty all day every day until Sunday, sleeping by the door. And if you’re not nearby but still want to shop, I can help you with that too. Enabling people is my greatest (and lets be honest, perhaps ONLY) talent.

This is definitely a much more physically demanding job than my typical desk jockey position, but my soul is a whole lot happier at the end of the day, too. Hmm… maybe that’s something to think about…

36 thoughts on “Quinn’s Dream Job

  1. Quinn is adorable. And i love that coat with the purple lapels LOL! You in a tack shop is not good for any of us. I WISH i was close to come and see. Horse show in FEb?? DIVINE!!

    Have fun!! And give Quinn a pat or two for me (and a treat)!

    Does he try to leave with all the customers? LOL!


  2. Out of curiosity what size were the gloves? My color is green and I could use a new set of gloves but I have super small hands so I never find anything that fits.


  3. I think that may indeed be something to think about…
    You´re having fun, you´re knowledgable and good at selling (just look at the comments, almost everyone is halfway sold on something already).
    Plus, it would make Quinn happy. That has to count extra, right?
    How is it that you have so many extremely expressive animals, btw?

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  4. I just bought (another) bridle I don’t need. But damn do I want to know if there’s any sale animo breeches in 40!


  5. What is that quilted navy belt in the 4th picture 😍

    Sounds like a very fun job honestly, especially when you usually sit in front of a computer every day! Enjoy the rest of your “vacation”, I’m sure Quinn is loving it too 😊


  6. UGH relating so hard! My family sold our business almost two years ago, and while I’m still employed here, but my dad is officially retiring this year. And I’m not sure I’ll like it so much once he leaves. I’m also not sure they’ll continue to write me the paycheck they do once he goes either… So there’s a legit chance I’ll need a new endeavor. And some kind of tack or apparel shop is definitely something I’ve thought about. Probably something online as I’m not in a busy enough horsey area. Being a personal horse stuff shopper really WOULD be a dream job. Maybe we should team up and start a business?
    Totally can’t wait for my gloves and belt!


  7. Yes, you are very good at enabling. I am now a loyal RW shopper because of you and many of your posts. I am also drooling over the metallic belt ❤


  8. wow you are a great friend. A trip with your dog and living in an RV and attending a horse show. Far out, is that a heaven trip or what!!!!!!!!!!
    hope it went awesome
    mel x


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