Happy Holidays!

We’re flying out to Utah today, so I’m taking a rare long weekend away from the blog!


Naturally I’m sick with friggin black lung or something, because it just wouldn’t be a family vacation if I wasn’t sick. No joke, I’m the person who once got chicken pox on spring break and food poisoning over Christmas. It’s my one talent.

Henry had a pretty light week, capped off by a bareback and bitless ride yesterday in which we played with our lateral work. I never would have thought that this horse would have a half pass, much less one that still exists when bareback and bitless. Sometimes he legit feels like a real horse with some real buttons. When did that happen?

I always have a Lion King inspired “everything the light touches is our kingdom” moment with these pictures

I’m such a sap that it was hard saying bye to him. We’ve never been gone for Christmas since I’ve had him, and it’s become tradition to go out on Christmas Day and give him a nice mash. I have one waiting for him when I get home (because it was almost 80 yesterday and ain’t nobody want a hot mash when it’s already hot), and he has no clue what day it is, but still. Plus I won’t see him for 6 days, which is a lot when you’re normally riding and seeing your horse 6 days a week. But hopefully he enjoys his little vacation, and I told him to make good life choices while I’m gone.

no promises

I am kind of looking forward to having several days where I don’t actually HAVE to do anything though, and this will be my first non-horse related vacation in… I dunno… years? I mean, Utah ain’t got nothing on Bundeschampionat, but it’s a different kind of fun.

OH – and for everyone who liked the Henry glass yesterday, Michelle made a Presto glass too! HOW FRIGGIN CUTE IS IT???

Last but not least random thing for today: a quick screenshot of Usandro freejumping earlier, in case anyone was wondering if the pony got hops. Affirmative, he gots ’em. Once he’s finished with the quarantine and collection his owner is going to do a nice photo shoot for us so we have some current pictures to share for mare owners. And if you don’t own a mare but think you might want a Usandro foal, I know a few super nice mares (of all sizes) available for custom foals and can totally help make that happen for you. #enabler


I still have to pack and get everything set out for our dog sitters, because I’m nothing if not fantastic at procrastinating, so I hope everyone has a happy holiday, whatever that may be! See ya Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Happy Holidays and safe travels!
    I know just how you feel, I hate leaving my herd. Especially Rio. Cause you just never know with his age and health… Ugh…. Anyway, hopefully you feel better soon, and Henry makes good life choices!


  2. I could be talked into breeding my mare one more time….. Esp when I see that pic! Is that his registered name? I’ve been unable to find him, just his sire.


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