Let it… snow?

Yeah, um, whut? The meteorologists big fat failed on this one. It was 85 Monday, then a cold front was supposed to come through, drop us into the 40’s, it was gonna rain a little on Wednesday, then be back up in the 60’s again.

so what is that on the corgi?

In case is anyone is unfamiliar with the southern half of Texas, it basically doesn’t snow here. And if it does, its a very very light dusting that doesn’t stick yet the entire city shuts down anyway because people here freak out even in regular precipitation. You should see the widespread panic when they call for anything frozen – last year people raided the grocery stores just because it was supposed to get down to 20 degrees, with NO precipitation. Like there was no bread left at Walmart. Every 5 years or so we get some white stuff that actually hangs around for a few hours. In all the time I’ve lived here (21 years) I’ve managed to scrape together enough snow to make a snowman (albeit a sad tiny one) a grand total of 3 times.

But I can’t remember it ever snowing, really SNOWING, without it being forecasted like doomsday for at least a few days in advance. The weather guys didn’t jump on this until  it was happening, and then they said it wouldn’t accumulate since it’s been so hot recently.

my backyard says otherwise

South Texas is WHITE. All the way down to Houston!

Snow in Wimberley (KXAN Viewer Photo)

I’m sure it’ll all be gone by mid morning but for me this was a fun little unexpected treat. I was driving home from the barn when the first big snowflake hit my windshield and I was like “WTF was that? Is it… is it SNOWING? Nooo… OMG IT IS! TAKE A PICTURE EVERYONE HOLY CRAP!”. Texans. We don’t ever see these things.


And what had I been doing at the barn? Trying to let my horse run around and stretch his legs, since that “little bit” of forecasted rain on Wednesday turned into a 36-hour soaking. Which, for the record, I am also 100% ok with because the fields needed it. But despite not having been out for 2 days, Henry was uninterested in participating in shenanigans. He rolled, he grazed under the fence, and he snorted a lot, but he never left a slighty peppy walk despite my encouragement.


Until, of course, I ran a few steps away from him. Then the game was on.

Yep, I was the crazy person trotting around the ring in tandem with my horse, giggling madly the whole time. Serious work that us eventers are up to right now, guys. Maturity level off the charts. This went on for a lot longer than it should have.

And then it started snowing, and then I got home and Elf was on, and now Texas is all SNOWY, at least for a few more hours.

Image result for clausometer gif

I may or may not have listened to Christmas carols on the way to work.

23 thoughts on “Let it… snow?

  1. It’s finally snowing here today! We generally get our first snow day (the beauty of working in education) a week or so after Halloween, so the fact that we haven’t had one yet is bizarre. Unfortunately this snow decided to start today and will probably not get us out of work since the bulk is supposed to come later tonight. Boooo.


      1. i knew your schools would shut down when you said it was sleeting last nite LOL! that town. I dont think it snowed at all when we lived in Austin (NOW Ice that was a different matter)!


  2. My sister is in Kyle and she sent me some snapchats of her dogs playing in the snow. They looks pretty happy, despite being so snow covered that it didn’t look like they could see. It was pretty comical.


  3. I always giggle about Texans and their snow. Although better you guys than us 😉 I still have PTSD from the time we got like 2 feet and I couldn’t leave my house for days (cause tiny car = useless in snow, and hubs had the truck, haha).


  4. You like the cold white curse?
    I was walking to class yesterday with tears streaming down my face from the wind, wondering why I live somewhere where the cold literally hurts my face so much I’m involuntarily crying after my 8 minute walk from class to my apartment. I also haven’t had a lesson in a month+ because my trainer doesn’t have her indoor arena lights up yet and I’m completely and totally fine with not riding in the cold. (I’m a wimp)


  5. When I was working in Texas we were in OKC for a competition and got stuck there because it had snowed and was so icy in the Denton/Aubrey area (and north of that). There were reports of like 4 or maybe more trucks and trailers that had overturned or jackknifed because they’d tried to brave the ice, and I think that year the snow and ice almost reached Dallas. I was really shocked. Not expecting that of Texas lol. But it is amazing how a little bit of snow can really get you in the Christmas spirit!


  6. It gets the same way here in NC when they call for unusually cold (20s or below) weather or the dreaded word…snow. We’re supposed to MAYBE get up to an inch tomorrow and the grocery stores have been raided and everything has been cancelled (including my CT tomorrow….waaah). Last year schools were closed because it was too cold. I’m from Chicago and even after 10 years here, this behavior is just maddening.


  7. When I lived in San Antonio in 2013, I remember we were forecasted for ice and similar situation, bread, milk, everything sold out at the stores. I used to keep Chloe at Ft. Sam Houston so I’d have to drive over to feed her every morning and I was like, “oh, I’ll just leave half an hour earlier in case people are crazy so I won’t be late for work.” Um, yeah. It took me 3 hours to make what is normally a 20 minute drive because of all the accidents and road closures. I think I heard there were over 200 accidents that morning and it was a 3 hour wait to get a tow truck. And for what? PATCHES of ice on the road. Not full blown iced-over roads, PATCHES. And that was the worst day I ever had in Texas. 😊


  8. I live in Virginia and we don’t seem to get as much snow as we used to. But when we do get the perfect amount, like 6-10 inches or so, we hitch up our foxhunter to the sleigh, it’s so fun!! Im hoping we get to go this year! You’re missing out if you’ve never been on a horse drawn sleigh with sleigh bells ringing and snow and ice freezing your face off!


  9. Here I am in Maine, without ANY snow, and bitching that we are supposed to get our first storm (OF MANY) tonight. Once it starts (we are predicated for a small 3-6″), it will keep piling up and won’t leave until April LOL! Enjoy!


  10. Ugh, I hate snow. But I suppose it might be fun and exciting when you only see it once a decade? We got some Saturday but had the opposite weatherman glitch. They told us 8-10 inches and we got 2. Not complaints here though!
    Rio and I played that game the other day too. So fun, no judgement!


  11. Snow! We had a dusting of it here for all of 5 minutes around the beginning of the month. and ever since it’s been a heavy deluge since turning the fields and the arena into a sloppy mess. I’d rather have a proper snow covering that hangs about than two weeks of nearly non stop rain. Hope you got some enjoyment from it even if it was brief!


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