Wednesday’s Wares

Not quite done Christmas shopping? Wait a little too late to order something custom? Did you forget to buy something for yourself too? Stumped on what to get for the person that has EVERYTHING? Maybe we can fix that today.

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First, if you forgot something amidst all those Black Friday sales, or if you’re just not quite done shopping, keep an eye on Riding Warehouse’s 12 days of savings. Every day something is on sale – Ariat, Professional’s Choice, Dublin, etc. And since RW is super fast about packing and shipping (and shipping for orders over $50 is free, or $5 for 2 day!), you can rest assured that whatever you order will get here in time.

But what if, amidst all the holiday chaos, you’ve forgotten to Treat Yo Self? I mean, I personally never forget that part, but theoretically it could happen. If you’re finding yourself in need of a nice new Pretty for the new year, head on over to Lund Saddlery’s latest Kickstarter. Not only are there NEW PRODUCTS up for pre-order (dressage bridles, bridge breastplate, the Eventer series, etc) as well as current favorites (BUY THE CALFSKIN LEATHERS – TRUST ME), but everything is discounted from the regular pricing and shipping is free! Not to mention that your dollars will help fund the development and launch of Lund’s next big project – badass, affordable tack trunks and lockers.


Now, as for that super annoying friend who makes you say “they have literally everything, what the heck can I get them?” – I ask you this… but do they have socks with their horse’s face on them? Odds are, probably not. Do they need socks with their horse’s face on them? Um hellyes who wouldn’t. I got mine from Etsy shop TipsyTz, which is currently on vacation, but there are LOTS of other sellers on Etsy that can make you some custom printed socks (look for dog ones!) for an extremely reasonable price with a quick turnaround.

the single greatest purchase of my life, aside from Henry himself

And last but not least – did you mean to order a custom gift for someone but lost track of time? My friend Nicole, who used to make custom bonnets under the company name of Firefly Bonnets (and broke my damn heart when she quit making them), has a few pre-made bonnets that she is offering for HALF PRICE. That puts them all between $25-60, a total steal for these bonnets which easily rival the quality of DLC. Check out my facebook page for more info on these – they will go fast!

Happy shopping!

22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wares

  1. Lund’s Kickstarter will be the death of me. I need the figure 8 bridle, want the all leather 3 point, and for some reason also want the black bridge breastplate (despite the fact that I have no dressage saddle, or any immediate plans to change that…)

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  2. Ugh the only thing I can REALLY justify buying are the rubber reins. Even though I’m eyeing those calfskin leathers (I don’t need them! yet….) and that 4 pt breastplate. Even though we don’t need a 4 pt…. Well, hopefully Lund will have another kickstarter! I have a helmet cam and an XC vest I still need to buy myself for xmas lol

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  3. I need all the Lund things, but my RW stuff just got here yesterday, and I still have to buy a saddle, so I really should not.


  4. i will get a Lund Bridle one day and now i am interested in the 3 point breastplate in leather (I LOVE my lund breastplate but that navy is a pain in the ass to get the hair and dirt off of it. UGH. I am not buying one more thing for me right now though. I STILL have bought no real xmas presents for anyone BUT MYSELF (Says me who bought a pair of boots on sale yesterday from SmartPak. SIGH Casual boots i don’t have a pair…soooooo treat yo self?) LOL

    go away Amanda you are soooooooooooo bad for my budget 🙂


  5. If ONE MORE person mentions the Lund stirrup leathers I’m….well, I’m probably going to “lose” my brand new Voltaire ones and order the Lund ones, honestly. Sigh.


  6. I wish I could let myself buy the Lund leathers, but I just can’t give them my money. That aside, the tack lockers are a pretty neat design.
    I LOVE the Henry socks! There’s an add that keeps popping up on Facebook that does them too. I just can’t decide which of the animals to put on the socks… Maybe I need lots of new socks?


    1. I ordered some Grem socks from one of those facebook ad companies and 3 weeks later they still aren’t even in production yet. Went on etsy, paid half the price, and had my Henny socks in a week. Craziness.


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