If ever a horse was MADE for me…

Can I borrow a bag of money from someone? Like permanently? With no intention of paying it back?

Image result for money please gif

I was doing my usual mindless facebook perusal on my phone yesterday morning when an ad posted in one of the OTTB groups caught my eye. It was long, but it was pure gold.

I cannot say YES enough. He totally fits me! Where do I sign up for this horse? Quirky, weird, opinionated, a total slob, and kind of annoying? That sounds familiar! He’s a bit robust for a track horse too, kinda like Henry. And then I saw the pedigree.

Ah, yes, double Danzig. That explains a lot. Henry is Danzig too. Plus there’s Roberto x 2, Fappiano x 2, Alydar, Lyphard, Herbager, Blushing Groom, In Reality… it’s been a while since I’ve seen a pedigree that I liked this much for eventing.

And then, to cap it all off, there was this picture included in his ad:

Add levitation to his list of skills!

I’m think I’m madly in love with Stevie.

28 thoughts on “If ever a horse was MADE for me…

  1. Yep. He sounds like he was made for you.
    I do wonder if Henny would appreciate him though.
    The add could be describing Henny, the similarities are amazing!
    Judging by the pics finding a saddle for him might be a fun thing though…not.


  2. I bought my OTTB through Mary!! That site is so dangerous. Praise the lord I am poor otherwise I would have for sure picked another one up from her already . It helps that the tracks she advertises out of are closer to me!


  3. That is definitely a great sale ad! I LOLed most of the way through that. A GREAT description. I have to admit I like quirky ones, but a certain type of quirky. Which perhaps makes no sense but that’s what it is lol. He does sound like a great one for you, though! Maybe we could start a Go Fund Me…..or something lol


  4. I like him, sounds sorta like my Bella (alyrunj) she’s a bit of a bitch, I say she gets that from alydar who’s her grandsire (I think) lol. One day she’ll use her brain for good and not evil lmao


  5. If you find one of these that in mare form, lemme know, my current quirky mare is easing into retirement. She still likes to try and bolt out from under me just for shits and giggles and tried to run off with me hanging on to the lunge line this week.


  6. Oh man! He’s built like a brick shit house, I LOVE it. I’m such a sucker for TBs with bone. You should totally buy him. I mean, isn’t the resale value of grays really good right now anyway? πŸ˜‰


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