I am so good at riding 

Yep, it’s true. Because riding is so easy, and clearly I have mastered it.

For those who would like to see that picture a little bit bigger:

That’s the fat green ass of talent, right there, y’all.

Or really that’s what happens when you pick all the way to the base and lean up the neck and your saintly horse is like “omg for real stop it”. Somehow I didn’t fall off, I think only because Henry decided to wheel around left instead of right. I still ended up sitting on my right stirrup somehow. It was graceful.

So, uh… as you can see, we had a jump lesson this weekend. And despite that truly brilliant moment, it was actually a good lesson.

sometimes I am semi-competent

I’m still working on getting (and keeping) that good uphill canter all the way to the base, which I’m fairly certain is something I will be working on forever and ever and ever. With Henry it really requires riding every single step, working on getting the hind end to take a slightly longer step than the front, and thinking about slight haunches-in around every turn to always keep the inside hind under him. It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It requires every brain cell I have. It was a lot easier to just lope around smaller fences on the forehand. But every once in a while we get it right and it’s like OOOOHHHH THERE IT IS.


And then, ya know… it’s usually gone again by the next jump. Baby steps.

Trainer put the jumps up a bit bigger for this lesson, since it’s our last jump lesson before Texas Rose in a couple weeks. We jumped a bit over Training height, which is what I always need. Gotta get to the show and think the jumps look small. I’m glad that these days Training does always look small, and Prelim doesn’t look particularly huge either, which is good for my confidence. I make less stupid mistakes when I’m confident.

I said LESS.  Let’s be realistic here.


Sometimes the horse just plain jumps me out of the tack


I’m really happy with some of the lesson video, and not at all happy with other parts of the video. I still see a whole lot to work on, and I’m kind of hit or miss with my efforts at this point. But I guess that’s to be expected when you make changes… there’s a strugglebus of a learning curve. Sometimes you’re inside the bus, sometimes you’re underneath it.


I’m looking forward to capping off our season (as paltry as it may have been) at Texas Rose, then spending a few months trying to keep polishing everything up. This year was about moving up and not killing myself in the process, and it required a lot of “next level” finesse and work when it comes to my riding. Next year I’d like to… ya know… be at least a little competitive at the recognized shows.

Or at least not almost go flying over my horse’s head. That’d work too.


16 thoughts on “I am so good at riding 

  1. seriously i may have watched the video ten times last night at dinner with my husband and my dad. LOL I love the intake of breath on whomever was videoing. HA

    I really thought you had fallen so glad you stayed on (which of course you would, me I would have been in a heap on the ground easy peasy)!.

    Glad Henry is making you think. He looks amazing (When you ride him) HA HA HA HA. Still giggling. Thanks for this.


  2. You both look great!
    Remembering to ride every stride is always hard at the beginning but it soon becomes muscle memory, and it’s always nice to jump something a bit bigger than what you’re going to jump at the show it really does make the jumps seem smaller!


  3. It would be so easy for me to follow you in a jump lesson.. all anyone would have to do is take the top rail off every single jump… and maybe move that wall. And kill the oxers. Yeah, no sweat.


  4. see, i’m jealous bc somehow i *never* manage to stick those moments. ever. #notfair

    also i know what you mean about canter struggles. or, maybe, i used to. we had started to get to a really good place with isabel’s canter but i still had trouble recognizing when it was *right* vs recognizing when it was not quite there. charlie’s canter is naturally already pretty good, but i still have issues with getting him up in front of my leg into that magical happy engaged canter…


    1. My issue is that as soon as I get the “right” canter nailed down, the gold standard changes. His shitty canter now used to be his great canter. The jumps get bigger, the horse gets stronger, etc etc, and so the canter keeps evolving. It’s a never-ending quest for perfection. Which is… riding in general lol.


  5. Way to stick it! I am so not a fan of those Oh shit! moments, but damn do they make you reevaluate and be more determined! I know you’ll get that majikal canter tho! Can’t wait to hear about Texas Rose 😀


  6. Y’all look so good! He clearly understands how to use himself, and carry himself and the rider. You are doing a great job! 🙂


  7. I know exactly what you mean about changing the canter, and figuring out how to work from that canter- right there with ya! I think you guys look awesome though, and totally ready to kill it at TRHP!!!


  8. Well, I’m impressed with the fact you and your horse are so in tune with each other you both have the right leg lifted. Almost like some sort of synchronized swimming…but on the ground…clothed…in front of a jump…with a horse. Whatever! Rock on!!!


  9. Some horses definitely make you work for it. I told a friend the other day that Jampy is the hardest easy horse I’ve ever had. Because overall, he’s a really easy ride. You push the right buttons, he generally does the job. But ugh, the buttons! They stick really hard. You have to basically stand on and SPUR the crap out of the buttons. And also watch out for the monsters, because once you get the button pushed in, a monster appears out of nowhere, and you need all new buttons…
    But I digress… You and Henny have come really far in the last year! Look at you all, Prelim doesn’t look scary. I’m sure you’re going to be great next weekend, and next year you’ll be kicking booty and taking names.


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