Sweating Bullets

Yesterday was lesson #2 of our new, buckled-down, every-other-week dressage lesson schedule. It might not seem like much to most people, but a dressage lesson every other week is by far the most we’ve had, like…ever. Usually it’s more like once every few months. Which is probably obvious to literally anyone that has ever watched us dressage.

he’s skeptical of us, too

Henry was not particularly enthused about me throwing him on the trailer mere minutes before dinner time, and he was even less enthused when we arrived and he saw where we were. He knows by now that nothing fun ever happens at the fancy place with the wall of mirrors. This week’s lesson started much the same as last week’s (because does anything that exciting ever happen in dressage? No.) and then quickly progressed to a lot of haunches-in work. My dressage trainer is a protege of Charles de Kunffy, thus is big into using particular exercises to “gymnasticize” or strengthen parts of the horse that might be weak. For Henry that’s his lower lumbar/SI area, and Dressage Trainer likes to use haunches-in work to help strengthen that area. Of course, Henry is weak there, so it’s hard work for him, especially to the right. It’s like bodybuilding for him (we won’t talk about how much my own abs and thighs hurt today).

We did haunches-in on a circle, then on the long sides, and eventually graduated to doing some baby half pass. I have toyed with the concept a few times with Henry before, but not much. This is the first time we’ve worked on it for real. The trot was a struggle at first but he finally “got it” a bit after a few tries. At the canter it was much easier (this is always the theme with Henry), with Dressage Trainer even saying he has some talent for the canter half pass. Granted, it was all very very very rudimentary attempts at half pass, with varying levels of success.

“This is a lot of bullshit.”

I have to say though, I’m ready for this supposed cold front to hit Texas already, because I had sweat flowing freely down my face and directly into my right eye by the end of the lesson. Not that my riding is any worse when I’m essentially blind. It’s just uncomfortable. And our one-handed lengthenings, as I’m trying desperately to clear the sweat from my eye, are not so good.

I also did a thing and entered the event that I swore up and down I wouldn’t, because their XC is on steroids. I’m just gonna jump everything with my eyes closed, I think. That should be fine. $20 and my eternal gratitude to anyone who goes out and burns this thing down before November 11.

Oh, and guess what came in the mail from Germany? Sadie’s official, newly re-issued, upgraded, COMPLETE papers/passport! She’s 100% legit now!

Many thanks to the folks at RPSI/Westfalen and The Jockey Club for helping me get everything sorted out, DNA uncovered, and pedigree fixed! Her papers being incomplete has been the source of much stress, anger, and disappointment over the last 10 years (yes TEN), so to finally have them look the way they should have all along really makes me happy.

14 thoughts on “Sweating Bullets

  1. maybe it will be cooler by November at least? Maybe not knowing Texas. Yes that jump would make me barf even looking at it let alone riding by it. LOL

    Have fun with that. Poor Henry and the dressage. I feel for him.
    and yay on Sadie!! 🙂 She is official. 🙂


  2. Didn’t know Sadie was a Zweibrücker! I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to finally have her officially official!
    I just love how expressive Henny is…


  3. Oh man, lookout! If Henny and Pig are alike at all, next thing you know he’ll realize he’s good at canter half pass and it’ll become his “safe place” 😉😂


  4. See, after that you’ll be good and ready for prelim. Strap a diaper on and keep your eyes open so you don’t miss any combinations.

    Henry is just going to go WEEE over that and you just sit back, leg on and hang on, hussy bus.


  5. It’s posts like this that remind me why I’ll never leave my safe little hunter/jumper world… You’re going to be fine though, Henny could eat that jump for breakfast.
    Love his green bonnet by the way.
    And congrats on Sadie being completely official now!


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