The purple breeches that weren’t

Remember how excited I was last week about the dark purple breeches? Yeah well. They accidentally sent me burgundy. Burgundy is not purple.

Which wouldn’t be bad, because they’re beautiful breeches, but a) I already have a pair of burgundy breeches, b) they do not measure how their size chart said they did, so they’re too small, c) the company (QJ Riding Wear) is in Australia. I emailed them to see what they wanted to do, since not only are they not the color I ordered, they also don’t measure as advertised. They were not very helpful and asked if I thought I could just sell them here. They seemed to have no interest in getting me my purple pair that I was so excited about, or rectifying the mistake. I said I would try, and that was the last I heard from them. No gold stars for customer service. Or maybe I’m just accustomed to how fabulous Riding Warehouse is to deal with and my expectations are too high.

Too bad, really, because like I said, I quite like the breeches. Very very Animo-esque and a gorgeous merlot color. If anyone is interested in them, I’ll sell them to you for a bit less than what they cost with shipping from Australia to the US. They are AUS size 14, which was supposed to have been their equivalent of US 30/32, but the waist measures just a hair under 30 so they’re really more like 28. A slim-fitting 28. They have a sock bottom, silicone knee patch, and silver detailing at the back zipper pockets. I’ll sell them for $75USD including shipping anywhere in the US.

And I guess I won’t be getting the purple, since the company seems uninterested in my plight. Boo.

It wasn’t a total loss of a week for breeches though, because I got my hunter green Ovation Aqua-X breeches in the mail and absolutely love them. The color is stunning with my chocolate brown boots, and I like the new sock bottom a lot. As usual, they fit me perfectly. Ovation to the rescue! Maybe someday they’ll make the Aqua-X in dark purple…

I also bought Presto his first rope halter (or as I like to call them – MANNERS), and ordered him a yearling size in rainbow. Because he’s my unicorn, and I can torture him however I want.

Image result for dark neon rainbow rope halter

I can’t wait to see him give me that patented Presto side eye while he’s wearing that thing. I won’t even be able to take him seriously.

Still trying to decide if I should bother buying him a winter blanket or not. He’s pretty impressively hairy, I dunno that he’ll actually need anything to keep him warm. But then again, it might be nice to at least have a waterproof sheet on standby, just in case…

19 thoughts on “The purple breeches that weren’t

  1. Leveza equestrian in Canada sells QJRW breeches. I’m sure they will ship to USA, and the Canadian dollar sucks right now :’ ( so you might get a really great deal.

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    1. They actually only have the burgundy in stock, but only kid sizes are left in those, too. From what QJ said, this model is almost totally sold out. That’s fine, they kinda put me off of giving them my $ anyway.


  2. well that sucks the royal suckage (Not that i didnt already know from me asking about the sizes via text) I am so glad i did not bite the bullet and order cause if you didnt fit in them I probably would have gotten one leg in them and passed out LOL

    AND OHHH must see photos of wee rope halter in rainbow on poor Presto. πŸ™‚ HA

    If i were you i would order a rain/waterproof no fill sheet for just layering up if it gets arctic there. Remus uses that his no fill sheet more than any of his 100 grams on up.

    Ps you should have gotten the light neon rainbow one πŸ™‚


  3. Hi there, long time reader/lurker. I would be happy to take the breeches off your hands. I think I left my email in the comment submit but if it didn’t work let me know!


  4. That’s extremely disappointing all around. 😦

    My furry pony just has a waterproof turnout sheet and a fleece sheet for underneath if it’s really cold. I know you don’t like fleece, but I’m sure you could find something else to use as a liner.


  5. As an Australian I am not happy about this. Feel free to contact me and I can call them on the phone from here, saves you calling international and I will get it sorted. That is the most ridiculous customer service I have ever heard of mate!!
    Mel x


  6. Ugh, that’s such a bummer. Glad the ovation ones showed up to ease the disappointment somewhat though. And now I know not to order from them.
    I just got the green George Morris breeches and I’m going to have them on the blog soon. They’re just about the same shade as those Ovation ones I think.
    Nice choice on the rainbow rope halter too. Can’t wait to see Presto’s opinion of that!


  7. If it makes you feel any better, I ordered the purple ones from Leveza (who do have wonderful customer service, for future reference) and I’m not wild about them. The silicone is starting to detach at the top of the knee patch after a few rides, boo.


  8. What a bummer, I was looking forward to a positive review so i could hit the order button! I did buy a new pair of breeches at the thoroughbred makeover and just rode in them for the first time today. I quite like them and the price can’t be beat. Sock bottom, mid rise, 4 pockets! Not as techie as Aztec diamond, but definitely flattering. I might just have to buy the whites! i wear 30 in most brands and these are the same, maybe a bit snug… also maybe i ate too many biscuits in Georgia; )


  9. Wow! What terrible customer service!! They made the mistake so they should fix it. They gave you the wrong answer. And now I don’t wanna give them my business either.


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